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09 Mar 2020
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TOPIC: kingpin botanicals review

kingpin botanicals review 4 weeks 2 days ago #50385

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I swear by this guys stuff. He knows what's up or what's not up.
He's definitely dedicated to his trade.
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kingpin botanicals review 4 weeks 2 days ago #50374

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hey all! I had the opportunity to try and help support one of 'our own' kratom kingpin worked very hard to start a business, kingpin botanicals. same gentleman that's been reviewing other companies on youtube and facebook. don't get me wrong, im happy to support many vendors that are here and established. many you develop a personal connection with. but its nice to help a new vendor get their footing. especially one that spent a lot of time and energy supporting others. I purchased 2 strains, and he sent 2 others, about an ounce of each.. just cause he said I HAD to try them. well he was right.

kingpin house blend

this was by far one of my favorites of the bunch

gave a slight head high, eased tension in my neck and head. great strain if you feel a headache/ allergy pain coming on. its by far one of the best strains to give you a relaxed/ mellow mood. by far the best anxiety slayer. for me at least. my husband liked it too. but he only really gives me a thumbs up or down. this one was a big thumbs up. lasted a touch over 4 hrs for me.. easy on sunday morning kinda vibe.. (yes I know im old!) great mood boost, good pain relief and mellow energy.

chill nerd

perfectly said! nice end of day gotta chill out nighttime strain. you can taste some black maeng da in there( or another black strain), that sooty flavor. great nightcap in a toss and wash! no alcohol needed! good very mellow mood, relaxing, sleepy, turndown the covers and watch tv in bed strain or you will fall asleep on the couch. no energy.. of course.. not its job.. great pain relief and mellows you out getting ready for bed. does exactly what i wanted it to.not sure how long it lasted, but it sure did put me to sleep. and stayed asleep.

green MD

a freebie im so glad i got. he said thiss was one of his most popular, beat strains. that wasnt BS. one of the best green MDs ive ever had. gave me a rocket and im ready to roll mood. ready to work! cant wait to get some before i get back to work. great long shift keep you moving strain. excellent for mood, energy, and pain relief. made me super alert and focused. oh how clean did my house get that day! lasted almost 5 and a half hours. which is rare for me these days, on a small dose. this strain was one of the best gifts ive gotten in a long time!

red MD

the other freebie. great strain!

nice subtle head high ( have a feeling its in the kingpin! ) nice aloofness. like whatever ..its all good, i dont care! mood chiller. chills me the F OUT.. which is a good thing! especially times like these. this was a dont worry.. be happy.. in my head. that kind of vibe. great in giving you a chill mood. didnt make me sleepy, just relaxed me. great if you just got home from the grocery store~ which i used to love to do! pretty long legs for a RMD.. almost 5 hrs..good mood chiller/ destresser, good pain relief

to sum things up, i was pleasantly surprised how good all the strains were. his prices are reasonable, and the shipping was fast. hes also got extract as an option. and he can enhance any strain of your choice. nice touch. bags are great and durable. very fast response too.

you can drop him a line right on his home page, email or phone. his payment options are diverse.

if you want to try great kratom at good prices and support a new vendor, give them a shot! i bet you wont be disapointed. :cheer:
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