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22 Jun 2020
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Smiley Time Herbals Review 1 month 1 week ago #51157

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Here’s a review I meant to finish up a few months back, life has been busy .....but managed to pull this almost done review into completion.

Green glow
-Nice fine grind
-Smooth taste , not very bitter
-Soft and mellow kratom smell
* Great moodlift
* Clean energy
* Moderate pain relief
One of the first things I noticed is how appropriately named these “strains “ are .
Which goes to say that there was a lovely glow about my whole demeanor after dosing GG. Happy and positive inducing kratom .... positive energy , nice pain relief and very good moodlift . Lasted beautifully for approximately 4.5 hrs . Very nice . Will be ordering more ! I did order more (:

Red glow
- Super fine grind ( nano)
- Soft smell
- Mildly bitter , yummy
- Positive and happy vibes
-Moderate pain relief
-Awesome moodlift
-Laid back but attentive energy.
Red glow is a solid red that just makes you feel good . Melts away tension and allows for better breathing . Midday or early evening is a good time for this variety , or morning if needing to find some relief with mild stimulation. A Great red !

Gold Kali
- Super fine grind
- Light/ fresh smell
- Tastes pretty darn good .. bit of mouth numbing going on
-warm pain relief
-relaxed energy without sedation
-Nice amount of moodlift
This is a nice warming strain. Great moodlift and relaxed energy with a nice amount of pain relief . Great on its own but mixed with white smile .... magical fire is achieved !! More of a midday or evening pick . Quality leaf .

Green smile
-Super fine grind (nano?i think so!)
-nice fresh smell
-smooth taste , not very bitter
- Awesome positive vibes
- Smile inducing moodlift ..it’s named “smile “!!
- Moderate pain relief
- Good upbeat energy
15 minutes after dosing I felt warm energy and elevated mood. This was fast acting and good at putting me in a stoked out zone . Lasted approx 3.5 hrs. Really enjoyed this variety. The main attributes were the positive energy / moodlift ... hard to feel any negativity while taking this lovely “strain”. I’ve been in a lot of pain with my shoulder, pain relief wasn’t off the charts but def helped lower the amount I was experiencing. Great morning or afternoon go to. This one put a fat smile on my face !!

White Smile
-Good fine grind
-mellow taste , low on the bitter level
-Soft friendly smell
As my 3rd dose of the day , WS gave me Clean and strong stimulation, very nice moodlift , and good amount of pain relief .
Wow.... I’m super impressed by the quality STH has on their shelves ... very good kratom ... this white is the kind you want to stockpile lol! Long legged and beauty energy and awesome moodlift for 4 hrs . Def a exceptional white . Fantastic clarity and stimulating vibes with a super smooth onset lasting the majority of dose duration. I love this white . .... and yes , it made me smile (:

WS & GS 1:1 Blend
Pleasantly strong and strongly pleasant!
This is a incredible blend of two incredible “strains “ . Strong and very clean productive energy, unwavering moodlift with a solid amount of pain relief . Took this as my 3rd dose of the day when I was starting to get tired from working and was feeling a little bit negative. this blend brought on big smiles of relief, loosened up my heavy feeling stiff muscles while putting a pep in my step! Both white smile and green smile on their own provide a sense of happiness , which makes their names all the more perfect . GS and WS in one dose =really really good ! Lasting a solid 3.5 -4 hrs before my fatigue started rearing its head again ... A special blend ...

White smile /gold kali

Absolutely close to perfection. I took this blend I mixed up and was going on all 12 cylinders of fantastic energy , moodlift and pain relief . I want these two varieties to have as a permanent option in my kratom selection. Special !!!! Strong and lovely for a good 4.5 -5 hrs .... could go longer depending on needs . These two express some of best qualities kratom can offer ! ( For my chemistry anyways ) Fresh and potent effects like when I first started on my kratom journey . Very good ! Highly recommend. Stellar ... and absolutely beautiful !

Red Kali
Deep earthy “red” scent
Nice grind with some texture
Taste pretty mellow but with alkaloid bite!
This RK is a faster red , which I tend to shoot for in a red most occasions Potent !!!! Stimulating in the first 1/2 of my dose , then eased into a more relaxation zone. ... but still glowing with some energy. Nice pain relief , moderate moodlift. Lasting approximately 4hrs , this beauty is a strong red that has a bit more upfront “get up and go mode” . Good for morning or midday option. I enjoyed this red and blend with a slower red when desiring more sedation versus some energy combined with relaxation.

I remember seeing Smiley Time Herbals about a year or so ago and almost placed a order on several different occasions. Finally I placed a order and happy to report that this is a quality kratom provider that’s ran by a friendly family dude. Every variety I tried was very good ! Of course I have some favorites out of the bunch ... The White Smile and Gold Kali won. I always am excited trying new products out and really appreciate it when
my experience is more than memorable and puts me in a happy / appreciative zone . I ended up ordering bigger quantities of the gold kali and white smile as well green and red glow and red kali .
I’ve tried many vendors , STH is a very good one to add into vendor/ leaf rotation .

Life is better with kratom !
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