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22 Jun 2020
Good morning everyone, we'd like to welcome you to the new ILK Forum! We're in the process of finishing up all the the small details and will get everything done asap. This includes the new vendor pages, the daily and weekly special pages, the new blog sections, resource sections and more.

Please make sure to check out our approved vendors and don't be afraid to jump in there and ask questions and leave productive reviews.
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Kingpin Botanicals - 2020 so far and my story 1 month 3 weeks ago #52285

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I always enjoyed your reviews, especially as you both knew about leaf, and had a real appreciation for what it could do for you personally, much like this sites very own Somethingsacredgoinonhere, aka Brandon.
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Kingpin Botanicals - 2020 so far and my story 1 month 3 weeks ago #52284

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Hello everyone, Kratom kingpin here! 2020 was a tough year but theres been a lot of growth in my life and in my community. I just secured A solid deal with a supplier with tea that smells fresh, looks fresh and vibrant, and tastes fresh too. The quality of my new stock is superior to anything ive had in the past. The first batch will be ready in a couple weels with an expected variety of 12 strains, and several blends. I hope im posting in the right place. So for anyone wondering, Im doing great and managed to stay in business to come back stronger that before. Im gonna go ahead and post my story and testimony in here. i hope yall dont mind.
MY STORY AND THE POINT OF IT ALL! At 31 years old, I was an addict. I went through a few months of bad withdrawl's from Lorcets but i really wanted to beat this addiction by myself. i stayed in my room for 2 months or so sleeping, sweating, thoughts racing out of control, feeling depressed, feeling no energy or motivation to do anything, and my body screaming with the pain that so may pain pill addicts remember from tearing up there receptors and stopping opiate use. I hurt myself, friends, and family too. Some held anger or sadness in their heart from witnessing me stumbling everywhere while puking and destroying my life. Forgiveness is a part of recovery! They tried to tell me but all i wanted to do at that point was die. i had no reason to live i thought. after the months of pain and anxiety, i went to a psychiatrist ( i was diagnosed with depression, social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and type 2 bi polar i believe it was) She put me on mood stabilizers that made me feel Robotic, SSRI's that gave me IBS, and Benzos that helped with anxiety but made me tired and sad. I met a girl when I was on all that. i still felt terrible, but i caught interest in her. i got to know her from working with her and it was then that i caught interest in something, which had not happened in forever. i fell in love with her. Now i had a big reason to live and try to live right! However i relapsed a few times over the next year. i had quit taking the mood stabilizer's, and the depression medicine too. i then only took small doses of a low milligram benzo for anxiety when i needed it. I had to do better! i remember sitting on the steps at barnes and noble by the mall in Beaumont Texas. i was teary eyed and about to lose myself to the madness in my head, the crippling depression, the racing thoughts. My mind was so foggy! i was lost. I loved my girlfriend and wanted to do better for her. I had to do better for the sake of our future together. She was there every time i got sick. it upset her, yet she stayed with me, by my side no matter what. By now i was 32. I pushed through the pain and went to work at an oil plant for a contractor. my friend and myself had bought some Viva Zen shots. i didnt know what was in it but that very moment i had realized that it helped my pain, depression, and anxiety that had not left me the whole time while i was in pain with my angel supporting me always. me and my good friend looked into it to find what was in it that was making a difference in both our lives. Mitragyna Speciosa* Kr@tom ! we both did research and found out you could get it in pulverized leaf form and that you could toss and wash it down. My buddy was the first one to order. his package came in and we tried it. i felt amazing!!! i was so happy to be alive, and grateful to God, all my friends that were still around, and my angel, the one that is still with me today and is now my wife and mother of my children! i researched kr@tom and its benefits and began to buy Tea from smoke shops. i had my life back! at one point there was no hope and i wanted to die, and eat pills until i passed away....NO MORE! i found Tea and was genuinely interested in its effects and how it has helped thousands of people, just like myself who at once were like me with no hope, and no light at the end of a torturous tunnel. At that point i was clean of opiates, my mind was clear, and my drive was stronger than ever before. I had been through hell and back twice, almost overdosed, found Kr@tom and turned my life around completely!! The dream was always deep inside my mind, buried until i was ready to take on the responsibility and realize what that dream was, and how to get there. I started reaching out to vendors to get samples. i wanted to review tea so i could make sure people got good, safe Tea, that was potent and worked great on a variety of different problems that were previously treated with pharmaceuticals. I built a wonderful community on facebook that i grew to love, and trust. Now 2020 comes around and im offered a sweet deal for free kr@tom while i promote one single vendor. Ultimately i turned him down, telling him "Kr@tom Kingpin doesnt sell out" i used my connections and got help to get my start as a vendor. I became a vendor and now I supply my friends with great products that everyone loves! so i had the videos, the family i wanted in the community I built, and I was on the way to achieving my goal. I wanted to take the people that are just like me, Been through hell and back twice, almost died, and turn their lifes around through Kr@tom, and support from people who care! My ultimate goal is to take those people that are going through what i was going through at the lowest point of my life, and let them know that there is hope, and there is a bright light, full of promise shining at the end of the long, dark, hopeless looking tunnel. Im currently working with a few people through credit to keep that great product available to all of those that want quality at an affordable price. One day in the future, i will have programs for those that want to change, and have the will to do it. I will have a warehouse full of Kr@tom to be sold for the upkeep of my passion (spreading the good message that kratom saves lives just like it did mine) and for those in need that are going through hell. I will change peoples lives. I am the Kratom Kingpin. I love Kratom, Myself, my community, family, and you. i want to help you change your life, and enjoy the quality you deserve. Plants were put on his earh to support out bodies, to heal our bodies, and to correct things that are wrong in our bodies. I support kratom, i care about you, and there is hope, no matter what circumstance your going through! #IAMKRATOM
Your friend
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