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22 Jun 2020
Good morning everyone, we'd like to welcome you to the new ILK Forum! We're in the process of finishing up all the the small details and will get everything done asap. This includes the new vendor pages, the daily and weekly special pages, the new blog sections, resource sections and more.

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The Kratom Syndicate white sulawesi review 1 month 2 days ago #52557

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Never had any white Sulawesi. Had some Yellow Sulawesi though. Company called Legit Kratom. Sulawesi was ok, but their super green Thai is on point.
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The Kratom Syndicate white sulawesi review 1 month 6 days ago #52480

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Very nice logo on the bag, evoking the retro feel of an era that had crime syndicates that were capturing markets, and capturing the imagination of the public. Video games like Mafia I, Mafia II, and Bioshock, understood the public's fascination with that period, so kudos to TKS for having the level of awareness to take that concept and ride with it.

post picture

"white sulawesi" is how it's spelled on the bag, no capital letters, and when popping open the seal of the bag I was rewarded with a rich and intriguing fragrance. I was ready for some Tea, so my senses were keen for what was in the bag, and the smell had me thinking "a Yellow" though it was labeled as a White variety of Kratom, and it's taste reminded me of the excellent Wild Yellow from Hudson Valley Botanicals I recently was trying out, and the Yellow Banjar from Soflo, a while back, in addition to other yellow Kratom.

The taste is fresh, and even a bit tangy.

In terms of a mood boost and relief of anxiety this is AAA. It's interesting that it also provided a respectable, though not intense, amount of energy, and perhaps even better it helped clear the fog away and enabled a nice focus on the tasks at hand.

Pain relief is adequate, inflammation relief is solid. The length of the burn is so far a bit above average, and instead of dropping off in its effects its merely smoothly leveling down.

This could be a life saver for anyone who needs a kick-ass end of the day red for pain relief, and also needs something faster to blend with it to stay awake and alert, but not so fast as to give them insomnia.

And since I bought a bag of TKS Signature Series Red, which has an overarching element of "At Ease" to go with its industrial strength "Redness", I'll be putting that to the test within the hour. ;)

While I paid for the TKS Signature Series Red, money well spent, this white sulawesi was a freebie, and that of course primes a person's expectations for good things. But I was unprepared for what kind of a strain this would be, and I'm delighted to report on how unexpectedly welcome its effects are. In these times who doesn't need a mood boost, and some relief from anxiety?

Normally I say "less is more" but given everything this has going on I'd say that if taken unblended then take a normal serving size, even though it's new to you. For the fullest effect a tad extra might be called for. On the other hand, if looking to taper down the amount of Kratom you take, the alkaloid profile of this might be ideal for aiding in a reset, especially if used with some stem and vein, and/or Hirsuta.

This is a very solid addition to my collection of "Happy Time" Teas.
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