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22 Jun 2020
Good morning everyone, we'd like to welcome you to the new ILK Forum! We're in the process of finishing up all the the small details and will get everything done asap. This includes the new vendor pages, the daily and weekly special pages, the new blog sections, resource sections and more.

Please make sure to check out our approved vendors and don't be afraid to jump in there and ask questions and leave productive reviews.
~ I Love Kratom Forum Staff
Vendor Reviews
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The Kratom Syndicate (TKS) 1 month 2 days ago #52555

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  • Pizza and kratom ?
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Thx Babel ,

Yeah , I need to experiment more with dosage, but it’s one of those things where personal chemistry and Yada yada come into play .... I’ll revisit that WJK and see if it reveals any secrets to me lol B)
Life is better with kratom !
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The Kratom Syndicate (TKS) 1 month 3 days ago #52541

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Really nice in depth reviews, thanks. Interesting how that White Jong Kong works for you. I wonder if TKS uses the same peeps for their white sulawesi?
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The Kratom Syndicate (TKS) 1 month 3 days ago #52539

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  • Pizza and kratom ?
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Elite Maeng Da-

Fine micro grind
Deep Earthy smell
Yummy flavor , low bitterness ,
- Properly named batch!
High octane energy boost ( no jitters ) balanced mental alertness, relaxed but attentive . This is a great anytime of the day leaf. I felt the stellar balance between relaxation and stimulating energy with very good pain relief and above average moodlift . This is one of those “as good as it gets” Leaf . I always view a exceptional MD as being potent but well rounded. This lovely variety lasted 5-5.5 hrs . Exceptional in all the ways I care about !
Highly recommended!!!

White Jong Kong -
Smooth long burning energy. ..4.5hrs. There’s a nice amount of warmth from this white , almost like a red in that there’s a soothing stimulation ... with moderate amount of pain relief and moodlift. A easy on the nerves white vein that is mellow but enduring . Good afternoon or early evening leaf , or when wanting that halo of contentment without jumping out of your skin . Quality leaf .

Mixed MD -
Nice grind and mellow flavor , very balanced effects. As a midday dose I felt a nice amount of warm/ relaxed pain relief with a solid level of stimulation. In combination to these effects..... there was a good amount of moodlift that just had me smiling and charging ahead while working . Lasting approx 4.5 hrs , this is a good blend of MD’s . If I had to guess ... I’d say the main portion of the blend is GMD , followed by RMD and a smaller portion of WMD. Now I’m very curious how accurate my guess is ... The pain relief and happy / grounding vibes are this leafs biggest attributes imo, but with the right amount of boost to get the job done ... what ever that job may be :) (L)

Red TKS -
Upfront energy with awesome moodlift that transitions into major relaxation about 2 hrs in ... then it’s nighty night !
Extremely relaxing , good pain relief . On its own , the TKS Red is imo best suited for the evening wind down or as a sweet progression into the sleep zone .... adding some crystal skull extract ( red Hulu derived ) made for one of the most pain relieving doses of kratom I’ve ever experienced. Hands down “bye bye pain”. Solid red through and through ! Very good !

Ultra Enhanced - 4gms
- nice grind with sparkles of extract .
Taking this ultra enhanced kratom was a gentle, powerful, clean and happy UE product.
Clear headed energy with respectable pain relief . My body felt very loose...the kink in my neck , aching back was beyond stoked to get such effective relief . Of course... best not to take frequently , maybe once a week or when extra pain requires added oomph!
Very good enhanced leaf , I’d guess there’s some red and green leaf in the mix . 5 hrs of charging at work , before thinking about another dose . Can recommend this for the special section of the kratom / herbal chest . Esta muy bueno !! (L)

20x caps -2 caps
I opened these capsules up and dropped the contents under my tongue... tasted very palatable, slightly sour/bitter . Gave me a soft warming effect that saturated every part of my body. Elevated mood with some moderate pain relief ... this extract is on point !
Lasting 3.5 hrs before dipping down , altogether approximately 4 hrs taken solely on its own .
Next round I included a small amount of powder which added fuel for the mission, mission successful! Very clean and beautiful extract . One of those products that left a great impression ,

Skull Extract /red Hulu -

-Green semi translucent crystals
-tastes sweet but bitter , almost critic bite
-smell sweet and earthy (love the smell)
Mixed with TKS Red , I experienced a huge “mellowing out” ,major muscle relaxation, and some of the best , if not the very best pain relief I’ve received from kratom. Pretty phenomenal actually . The moodlift wasn’t its leading attribute () ....this is a fabulous go to for when pain levels are high and you desire a 5+hr vacation from it . I’ll keep this extract handy when the situation of high pain is needing a powerhouse . Mixing with a great moodlifting green (Elite MD) made a “Gods “ blend with gold winning pain relief, energy and moodlift . Very special extract . !! Also , the hand blown glass skull that the extract came in is badass!! Really neat vessel, great presentation and a cool conversation piece (L) Very good , very potent (L) :)

Red Queen-

-Nice grind
-robust earthy smell
-similar to smell, not a typical red flavor ... packs a alkaloid bite
- The Red Queen’s effects built up slowly over an hr, at which point I felt a happy warm glow over my entire body . Moderate energy, laid back but with back ground stimulation. Moderate moodlift with a healthy amount pain relief . This red had me feeling very cozy ..... nice on its own but when mixed with some kratom resin “extract” , adds a whole new meaning to pain reduction !! A very solid slow to mid spec red .

Kratom Resin extract

This black solid yet (semi) goopy resin extract was a awesome compliment to my doses . Added warmth, relaxation (no sedation) that doubled and tripled down on spectacular pain relief . Adding 3/4 - 1 gm to 4gms leaf had me smiling and in a great mood . Perfect for when needing more help when in pain , could be wonderful in the day time mixed with a white or green leaf , but evening time taken with a red ....luxurious!
I’d love to have more on hand , but I might be tempted to take this on a reg basis . This is a kratom product that is worth having for those times where the situation calls for back up lol, very special and very effective (L) Top shelf blissful goo :)

CBD/ CBG Hand Sanitizer

This one got me by surprise, one of the added goodies thrown into my order . Alcohol and glycerin based , with CBD and CBG (cannabinoids) . This sanitizer feels great on the hands and drys without any sticky residue. I keep it in my work truck, always stokeded to clean my hands with this artisan product . Doesn’t dry my hands out , actually makes them feel softer . I believe it goes for 5.99 for 2 oz. pretty neat , pretty cool !

Based out of Oregon , The Kratom Syndicate is a cGMP certified company that knows what they are doing . And they are doing it well

I have been very interested in trying TKS for some time now , and when inquiring about TKS products with company owner Wayne , he threw lots of kratom love my way :) Big thx Wayne !! (L) The leaf and extracts I tried are exceptionally fine premium , potent and effective kratom . I’m happy to have a few of their products to switch up my rotation ... I’ll be revisiting his site from time to time to keep his products in my rotation . If your placing a order , ILK10 is good for 10% off your purchase . Much appreciated! Of all the leaf and extracts I tried , all were satisfactory and more . TKS is worthy of adding to ones kratom rotation.

Thank you so much Wayne/ TKS , keep up the good form my friend (L)

Life is better with kratom !
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