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Common Questions and Answers

Try out our Frequently asked Questions and Answers below.. For improved customers service, we will continue to add the most common questions and answers for your convenience. If you do not see your question or answer below, please reach out. If your question has to do with the industry directly, we recommend starting with the forum itself. It's a great resource of information and the members can help point you in the right direction. If you question of comments have anything to do with the functionality of the site or Advertising opportunities, reach out via our contact form or chat option. We love to hear from you..

  • Forum Support: Great place to find industry answers.
  • Email or Contact Form Support: Great for letting use know about improvements, general comments or advertising inquiries.
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  • I am looking for a reputable vendor. Where can I find these? +

    We have a great list of Approved Vendors that you can find in our easy to access and search list..
  • How do you rate your vendors? +

    Our process includes some standard items. These are the same requirements for the Merchant Service Industry. We make sure that the vendor has a proper contact form or email listed, phone number, Return and Shipping Policies, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We require that all vendors provide retail services, not wholesale.
  • What is the difference between a certified and approved vendor? +

    A certified vendor must, not only, be an approved vendor first, but then goes through a more extensive review. This review looks at 10 points which include customer service, website functionality, quality of products and services and more. 10 questions are asked and posted on the Certified Vendors page, and a editors write up about the company is included. We research in the internet for reviews, do a secret shopper option, and more. This information is then outlined in our editors experience and posted. If the vendor meets all of the requirements, they will received a Certified Badge which is posted on their page here on the site.
  • Can I buy products directly from your site? +

    No. We do not provide products or services in relation to retail shopping. Our site is a community and repository of information for the benefit of the consumer, allowing them to make better and more informed purchasing decisions. The forum, allows for reviews and the opportunity for consumers to interact with vendors, to enable better products and services.
  • How can I become an approved vendor? +

    Reach out directly through our Vendor Registration page. Fill out the form completely and allow us a few days for review. We will reach out with questions or an approval email. From there, you're site will be listed on our approved vendors page and your forum account will be elevated to Approved Vendor, allowing you to post in the appropriate areas.
  • What additional services are available? +

    We offer a free community to learn, interact and provide information to. Additionally, we provide advertising opportunities for approved vendors to take advantage of. We have an team of marketing experts that will help design a custom and successful campaign to help bring your brand higher recognition.
  • How much does it cost to advertise? +

    Reach out directly and our staff will be happy to email you options and availability for advertising. Our focus is, not only, to create and informative site, but to drive organic traffic based on the site topics. In turn, your company will be seen by a larger direct audience of potential consumers.
  • What languages do we offer support in? +

    We are an American company and offer support in English and Spanish. As we grow into other regions, we will offer support in the coinciding languages.
  • What job opportunities are available? +

    We will list any opportunities that become available on the appropriate links on the site. Feel free to reach out, if you have a background in social media, online marketing, technical design or support.
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