Hudson Valley Botanicals  is an online Kratom retailer from the United States

Hudson Valley Botanicals LTD (Established 2017) aim’s to bring the best product, reasonable prices, great customer service and experience to our customers!

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Vendor Questions and Answers


Q: What year did you begin?

A: Hudson Valley Botanicals began in August 2017, under the name of Garuda Kratom. 

Q: What was your motivation for starting your company?

A: My motivation was to be able to provide superb kratom at an affordable cost.

Q: What are your future plans for the company?

A: I’d like to add more strains/kratom products, along with more CBD and other botanical products.

Q: What separates your company from others like yours?

A: I have the customer in mind, not dollar signs. Yes, I run a business so I need to make a profit, but we don’t charge outrageous prices like most kratom/smoke shop businesses.

Q: What are your top 5 products and why?

A: Our top 5 products would have to be our 4way split kg, 2way split kg, White Maeng Da, Super Maeng Da, and Super Wild Green (when in stock).


Q: What specials do you offer?

A: I offer a 4way and 2 way split kg, free shipping over $45, and have numerous coupon codes (“ilk10” for 10% off first purchase) and contests! I also offer a bi-weekly and a monthly subscription plan which automatically gets shipped out. These plans offer huge savings!

Q: Tell us more about your customer service?

A: I like to be able to provide the customer with a positive experience and want them not to hesitate in coming back. If there is something wrong, we try to work it out and make them happy.

Q: Are your cGMP certified?

A: As much as I’d like to be fully accredited, I’m not at that step due to cost reasons. Yes, I could afford it if I doubled my prices, but that’s not what neither my customers nor I want. However, I take steps towards such accreditation such as lab testing each and every batch for such things as containments, Mold, Yeast, E. Coli, Salmonella, and Heavy Metals.

Q: Tell us about any awards or certifications your company has received?

A: None yet, but that may change in the future!

Q: Tell us your company's story?

A: Well it all started back in early 2017. I shopped around some of the larger kratom sites and after purchasing from several, I realized I could offer the same, if not better, kratom at a more reasonable price. If they want to be greedy so be it, I can come in and offer better prices! I searched out for the best Indonesian suppliers and found one I liked. I still use him to this day and have a solid business relationship with him and a few others. My company has grown year by year and hope to one day be on par with some of the larger businesses while still maintaining that small business etiquette that caters to the customer.

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Address: PO Box 1135
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 USA
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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