Kraken Kratom is a family owned company based out of Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2014 by longtime Kratom advocate Jeff Stratton, Kraken Kratom is an exclusive brand of Phytoextractum. They offer a line of Phyto’s most popular Kratom products.

Kraken Kratom has worked tirelessly to build a reputation as a responsible and trustworthy brand that’s trusted by consumers all over the world. They were the first Kratom company certified by the American Kratom Association’s GMP (good manufacturing practices) guidelines.

Their most well-known product is one also one of their first - OG Gold Reserve Kratom Extract. Using a 45% pure Mitragynine extract, and blended with high quality Kratom leaf, this extract appeals to a wide variety of consumers.

Kraken Kratom is dedicated to providing superior quality products and customer service. They offer a generous customer rewards program and weekly coupons and provide free shipping on all orders.

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Vendor Questions and Answers


Q: What year did you begin?

A: 2014

Q: What was your motivation for starting your company?

A: Kraken Kratom was started in 2014 as an exclusive brand of Phytoextractum’s most popular Kratom products. We strive to provide a better quality, more uniform product for both consumers and wholesalers alike.

Q: What are your future plans for the company?

A: To continue providing superior quality Kratom products and to continue our advocacy efforts on behalf of the industry as a whole.

Q: What separates your company from others like yours?

A: Our commitment to the Kratom plant and community itself. We have been a strong advocate for Kratom and we will continue to be as long as we’re around.

Q: What are your top 5 products and why?

A: Our top 5 products are as follows.

1. Maeng Da Thai Powder (White Vein)
2. Super Green Malaysian Powder
3. OG Bali Powder
4. Kraken Gold Extract
5. Platinum Extract


Q: What specials do you offer?

A: Use coupon code ‘ILOVEKRKN’ to receive a 15% discount off any order. This discount is exclusive to I Love Kratom members.

Q: Tell us more about your customer service?

A: With its years of experience serving Kratom customers, our customer service team is one of the best. Extremely knowledgeable about our product and committed to consumer education, our team is here to help you with whatever questions you may have. You can reach them via LiveChat or phone during regular business hours or by email at any time.

Q: Are your cGMP certified?

A: Kraken Kratom was recognized as the first company to achieve the American Kratom Associations GMP Qualified Vendor status. From the beginning we have led the way on ensuring a safe and uniform product for our customers.

Q: Tell us about any awards or certifications your company has received?

A: We were the first company recognized by the American Kratom Association as cGMP compliant, and our commitment to quality is reflected in all of our products and processes. We also donate a portion of all purchases to a list of charitable causes you can find on our website.

Q: Tell us your company's story?

A: Read above

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Address: 422 NW 13th Ave #195 
Portland, Oregon 97209
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