29 Mar 2018
Hello Everybody,
I wanted to reach out to our community and ask for everyone's help. We have had a lot of people asking how they can help keep kratom legal.
Well, we have a couple of ways.One, you could donate to an organization like American Kratom Association, I know we are all grateful for what they do. But, there is a more powerful way. If everyone took a half hour of their time and wrote an article on how kratom made their life better, we could flood the internet with positivity. I know that most of you have a life-changing story like mine. We are asking that you write an article about that and post it on the internet. Kratom has got some bad press over the last few weeks. Let's change that point of view. It seems that most of the time the industry is being reactive to other articles that are posted. Well, we cant just react to the black eyes. We need to spread the positivity. Do your best to get it published on a high authority website ask every forum you know to publish your story, at the very least post it on social media. Use hashtag #buildabettertomorrow
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