09 Mar 2020
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TOPIC: why are my post not showing up?!?!?

why are my post not showing up?!?!? 5 years 4 months ago #1865

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Did you ever try ordering multiple strains? Their red vein Thai is great for the pain, but withdrawal is (hopefully WAS) more complex. I will read the remainder of your posts before I ask anything else..

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why are my post not showing up?!?!? 5 years 7 months ago #1497

  • Denise B
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Hi scottcollins89!
We are happy to have you hear on the forum. we have a ton of resources and good feedback to read in to. I am one of the Administrators, so if you have any questions. Please feel free to ask >:D

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why are my post not showing up?!?!? 5 years 7 months ago #1477

  • kratomdiscover
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The transition wil be smootyh, as kratom is known to help you out of your bad addictive habits. Looking forward to read from you about your transition phase.

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why are my post not showing up?!?!? 5 years 7 months ago #1415

  • scottcollins89
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I recently just posted on here to introduce myself and a reply to another thread and noticed that it is not showing up? Was just wondering if everythings gets submitted for review before being posted?

but just incase I did no submit properly I will re-do it!

For starters I would just like to say Hi to everyone and thanks for having me! I guess I'll start by telling a little bit about myself. For starters I've never used kratom before, I just ordered a shipment today via express shipping so I'm hoping to have it by tomorrow. What has peaked my interest in kratom or swayed me into ordering it is that I've been an opiate addict for 7 years not and have not been successful in kicking the habit. I started off on pills then switched to H and got worse and worse from there. For the last 3 years I've been clean and on a Suboxone regiment, Turns out my dr got canned and now im almost out of suboxone and trying to taper the last little bit of suboxone I have over the next day or so, and then switch to kratom.

I'm getting to the point were im getting some W/D symptoms and I know its going to get worse as time progresses. So I did a little bit of research and found Kratom, I ordered the Red Thai Kratom from quickkratom.com which I've heard some decent things about the vendor. Most of the information I found says the Kratom will almost take away all the w/d effects. so hoping the transition will be smooth.

Thats pretty much my story and where I'm at right now... So I hope this site provides great support and information on kratom use.

sorry to rant, but thanks for reading :) look forward to hearing your replys.

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