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22 Jun 2020
Good morning everyone, we'd like to welcome you to the new ILK Forum! We're in the process of finishing up all the the small details and will get everything done asap. This includes the new vendor pages, the daily and weekly special pages, the new blog sections, resource sections and more.

Please make sure to check out our approved vendors and don't be afraid to jump in there and ask questions and leave productive reviews.
~ I Love Kratom Forum Staff
Welcome to the I Love Kratom Forum! We encourage new members to post a short introduction of themselves in this forum category. Get to know each other and share you common interests.
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Hi 3 years 11 months ago #13659

  • Nicky
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Hi Michael and David, I am also a chronic pain sufferer who has tried various pain pills without much success. I had neck surgery about four years ago and had been taking norco to control the pain after surgery. Because I didn't have all of my bad discs repaired, I still have a lot of pain. My daughter talked me into trying Kratom. I just didn't believe that anything would help but I finally gave it a try. She gave me a red, not sure what it was. Took it twice the first day and never needed a pain pill! I have continued to take it two to three times per day and no longer take any pills. I have stayed with the red strains as they really work well for me. I have gotten samples of some whites and greens, but the reds are the best for my issues. I noticed my tolerance is changing and I need more. So when that happens, I give my body a few days break from the Kratom. During that time, I take Tramadol and Motrin although they barely help. Hope Kratom does as much for you as it has for me. I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Hi 3 years 11 months ago #13591

  • cybin_spores
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Welcome Michael and David, if you really want to to get off pills you can and will. But you really have to want to. If that's the case it should be fairly easy with a little help from kratom. You will just need to try out different samples from a vendor to see if you like them or not. Red vein may be a good spot to start, but you may find you like green or white vein more. Just buy some samples and give it a shot, try an ounce of a few different kinds and see what you think of them.

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Hi 3 years 11 months ago #13574

  • Dlp42
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Hi guys I'm also new to kratom and I would love to make the switch from pain pills to kratom. My name is David and I'm a chronic pain patient. I would like if you can point me in the right direction as to what works for chronic pain and fatigue and also a little mood enhancer would be great. Thanks in advance :-h

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Hi 3 years 11 months ago #13573

  • C.O.B
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You came to the right place.
A lot of great information here.
A lot of people have done it.
Keep the faith
We always provide top quality organic kratom at reasonable prices.
God bless and have a great day.

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Hi 3 years 11 months ago #13572

  • mikepierson
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(L) Hi guys Im new here my name is Michael, I am new to Kratom and looking to get off pain pills,I am in California.

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