07 Feb 2019
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TOPIC: Tactile hallucinations

Tactile hallucinations 1 month 6 days ago #33946

  • sonicwhite
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Hello this is Ball. Haven’t been here in a while and couldn’t seem to get in with my last username.

Ok I don’t want you guys to be uniformed about what I deal with.

I have psychosis. PURE O OCD. Insomnia PTSD. GAD and panic disorder.

I’ve been in a lot of flank pain and upper right quadrent pain for about a month. I really decided not to do any Kratom or abuse drugs anymore but the pain got so bad that I needed something.

I’ve never had this problem with sleep but I noticed with the Kratom that when I’m about to fall asleep I start to get what feels like a whip hit my whole body. Right before I doze off I wake myself up for no apparent reason,

Sometimes I feel something bad is going to happen if I fall asleep.

Now don’t get me too I’ve had auditory hallucinations tactile visual and stuff like that since I was twenty when I went thru my first psychosis.

I know ppl here probably won’t understand what I’m going through they but it all started a few days into taking Kratom again.
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Tactile hallucinations 1 month 6 days ago #33950

  • Laurie
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Welcome BACK to the best kratom forum ever, BALL now sonicwhite.

So glad you shared your challenges.

That sort of sounds like the spasm/twitches I get as I’m dozing off. Could that be it? If so, I’m happy to report that is normal and some people just aren’t as prone to it or aware of it as others. Some twitch more than others, also.

The only thing to do is eliminate the kratom and see.

Kratom is often the first thing people wonder about when (blank) happens after using it. You’ll narrow it down by trying to use other herbs for relief and relaxation. There are many to choose from while you do the elimination.

Hopefully you aren’t abusing kratom in some way. If that’s the case, definitely stop the kratom and see how you feel in a couple of days.

We are here for you, any time, under any USERNAME. Keep us posted.

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Tactile hallucinations 1 month 5 days ago #33981

  • bomalley
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I concur with Laurie...STOP the Kratom and see if the problem resolves.
If it does not you should go back to see your psychiatrist and get your meds adjusted.

This could easily be the result of a drug interaction, an escalation of the psychosis or something less benign like restless leg syndrome....only your doctor can help you figure that out and then treat it.

BTW "feeling like something bad is going to happen" is a classic PTSD symptom.

Just to clarify are you staying hydrated and keeping your electrolytes supplemented while taking Kratom?

Electrolytes are responsible for initiating all the electrical currents in the body so that is why I am asking. The way you describe this sensation it sounds like an electrical current.

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Tactile hallucinations 4 weeks 2 days ago #34141

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I've noticed I've been dreaming like crazy since starting kratom.
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