07 Feb 2019
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TOPIC: Kratom's Wikipedia Page Needs Our Help

Kratom's Wikipedia Page Needs Our Help 8 months 2 weeks ago #31691

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Hello everyone. What with the garbage coming out of Ohio and the proliferation of terrible misinformation, I happened upon Kratom's Wikipedia page. I know it is just Wikipedia, and anyone can alter it, but for many who are entirely unfamiliar with a topic, oh, for example, mitragyna speciosa, they consult the first explanation of detail to emerge from their browser. Hence, the importance that Wikipedia isn't adding to this campaign of misinformation that has perpetuated strong US bias against Kratom. Within the first paragraph, there are 'cited' side effects lisyed, including psychosis, suffocation, and death. The AKA has done so much work to refute these claims, but middle America isn't going to the AKA to see what all the fuss is about, regarding this Kratom herb that Ohio Pharmacosts claim are being siphoned into hypodermic needles, therefore making the implicit correlation that heroin and kratom are analogues. I know very little about how to edit Wikipedia, and I also have a temper. I began to read this and thought of how many people purchase and enjoy kratom yet have no idea this glaring propagandism is presented as fact in the single most popular source of general access information consulted by the layperson. Every second it remains, it endangers our cause. I'm asking if some of us can go in, contest the purported 'facts and edit appropriately, using citations that do not come from a county sheriff's autopsy report of a guy addicted to bath salts or huffing computer screen cleaner happened to also have in the toxicology a handful of Xanax and a box of Imodium (apparently if an idiot swallows a box of Imodium it can have opiate-like effects, though they probably end up dying because they'll never be able to crap again)

I would like to do this myself, but I have chronic pain/illness, just lost my insurance for the time being because New York State has a computer glitch with my name on it, and I need to keep my blood pressure down. It frustrates me on a very personal level, since I know some people casually use kratom and if it's banned, they can move on from there. I also know people in chronic pain who can use Marijuana or CBD oil and it effectively controls their pain or anxiety. Kratom is literally the only thing I have to keep me standing. I have an extremely rare congenital vascular malformation, which had been asymptomatic until 5 years ago. Each year, the pain has multiplied in ways I could have never imagined, and physicians will not prescribe me pain medication because other people are overdosing from fentynol every other day in this county. Anyone who was prescribed medicine for their intractable pain has been tapered off, though I have managed to touch base with some patients and kratom has restored their quality of life. I would be bedbound without it, and I consider it my pain medicine. The tragic thing is, friends and family have heard bad things about kratom in the media, and are reading the kind of utter preposterous CRAP on Wikipedia, and think I'm going to die in a pool of my own spit and psychosis. In fact, I know someone disabled with severe chronic Lyme and she has to live with her parents and has been denied disability benefits. She used Kratom to control her pain and multitude of other symptoms, but her well meaning parents provided her with the ultimatimum of going to Rehab for kratom, or moving out and being homeless. She chose the former. Before, she used to take kratom and could go to yoga, etc. She's bedbound now, prescribed Cymbalta that is nearly impossible to stop taking, even though it isn't working. The spark in her is gone.

Right now, I am privileged in a sense because I am able to sell a portion of my overstocked kratom collection, but I'm wary enough to know that the lies can defeat our truth if we don't challenge the lies and reveal the truth. The lies will win. Lies often do win, and so do liars. This is not politics, but a bipartisan effort to do something. At this time, it's about destroying misinformation, so I'm asking if anyone can help with Wikipedia. I have a big mouth and will fight on, but I have only a handful of hours per day where I am able to do things like dishes, groceries, or whatever until my legs give out. I have emails to respond to (for anyone who wrote to me about discounts from my collection, I promise I will respond. I've gotten furiously derailed by Ohio, lies, propaganda, Wikipedia, and whetherbChina will ever export Kratom again, because that could be an even bigger threat than a ban. Some vendors have announced they are out of speciosa until further notice, and that their orders are being held in Indonesia while everyone figures out how to bypass China.

Thanks for reading this stream of consciousness post, and to summarize: Wikipedia: FIX IT!
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Kratom's Wikipedia Page Needs Our Help 8 months 2 weeks ago #31694

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*I might be titled the official link lady of the forum.
I am reading this and I remembered on reddit a conversation why its nearly impossible to tackle.

I feel lucky that my friends, family and strangers alike have no ill feelings towards Kratom. When I mention the ban threat and lies and then profits of big pharma they totally get it. For the people who are soaking up the false reports the only thing we can do is what the AKA is already doing.

This is not politics you are so right I see Kratom people are everything and our politicians are going to need to be very aware of this.
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