07 Feb 2019
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TOPIC: My First Kratom Experience Today!

My First Kratom Experience Today! 3 months 3 days ago #34792

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Desert girl, I use kratom to help with pain control and mood boost. I can tell you I also will continue to get my opioid prescriptions filled and use them responsibly.
Kratom is an amazing wonderfull leaf. It can and does help. That is why we are here on ILK Forum.

I can tell you Kratom does not cover all pain and medical issues. There are a lot of people that have used kratom to get away from dependence issues and that is awesome.

This is your Kratom experiment and it’s your wellbeing so “you must do what you feel is right for you”
We are here to share information and support and how kratom has helped us

Thanks ILK
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My First Kratom Experience Today! 2 months 4 weeks ago #34981

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Have you tried any other therapies for your painful condition?

There are other thing out there that can help. Kratom does not cure chronic pain as I have said many times. Root causes must be indentified.

Alos in the defense of physicians they are only trying to practice good medicine. All the evidence we have shows us that opiates will NOT continue working in the long term, and users will just require increasing amounts, so better to get off them and onto something else as you look for other therapies that might help relieve inflammation/infection/allergies or any other number of conditions that could be contributing to the painful condition.

we are here to help in any way we can
Let's face it...looking after our own health can be a LOT of work, very overwhelming and confusing at times too!

BTW....at the end of my oxy use I continue filling the prescription even though I was not taking it anymore because, like you, I just wanted to make sure I had some on hand in case I needed it in the future. I didn't! It is still in the cupboard and the ony time I have used it was when I recently had some dental surgery and the oral surgeon did NOT give me any pain prescription.

It had been almost 2 years since I had used any opiates...been using only kratom in that time. I was very please to find that my opiate tolerance had come donw by almost 2/3rds in that time. So even with the Kratom, use my body was down regulating. - YEAH!

I would NOT recommend that anyone follow my example! When you are off the opiates your tolerance level DOES decrease and it would be quite easy to overdose if you went back to your old opiate dose after your body had down regulated.

I was able to do it safely because I had the knowledge base to calculate morphine equivalents and I knew what I was doing.

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