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TOPIC: Will My Dosing Method Increase Tolerance Quickly?

Will My Dosing Method Increase Tolerance Quickly? 2 months 3 weeks ago #35996

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Hello everybody. I have changed my dosing method recently and I'm enjoying the results. I've been dosing 1G every 30-60 minutes until I get the effect I want of energy, mood lift and being more social. I'll limit myself to 6g daily. Therefore, I sometimes dose 6 times in a day over a 3 to 6 hour period. Always 1g dosages and always re-dosing in 30-60 minutes. Before I started this method, kratom was just making me tired. For example, if 2g was ineffective, I would re-dose another 2G about an hour later. I would usually wait at least 1 hour to re-dose. However, it would often just make me tired and just want to do nothing and avoid all social activity. I tested taking a single higher dose (3-4g or more) and that would almost always make me tired at the 1.5 hour mark. It did not matter the strain. Sometimes it would work well at the higher dose for an hour or so. But the comedown from the higher doses was always counterproductive... making me tired, little moody and anti-social. Now that I dose just 1g every 30-60 minutes I can control the outcome much better. And almost every strain feels exactly the same now. I rotate over 20 strains and only use 1 strain a day.

So here's my concern. I've read here that re-dosing too many times in a day will increase tolerance rapidly. Obviously, I understand that is true. However, since I'm just re-dosing in 1g amounts and limiting my daily intake to 6 grams and rotating strains regularly. I'm hoping I can keep tolerance at bay. I have enough of strains in my stash that allows me to never dose the same strain within a 3 week period or more.

BTW I doubt my dosing method is going to work for people that take kratom for pain. For most people, myself included, 1-2G does nothing for pain. But when it comes to energy and mood, 1g doses throughout the day has worked very well for me... so far. Just hope it continues to do so. If it eventually stops working, a tolerance break will be mandatory.
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Will My Dosing Method Increase Tolerance Quickly? 2 months 3 weeks ago #35998

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Sounds like you’re doing a better job of dosing properly.

Whereas, before, you went straight to over dosing.

Size is key. Only 1 g at a time avoids that over dosing/need a nap issue.

Have you actually ever gotten up to 6 g doing this?
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Will My Dosing Method Increase Tolerance Quickly? 2 months 3 weeks ago #36092

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So glad your experiments have been productive.

You will develop tolerance...anyone who continues to use Kratom daily, will BUT it can still be effective if you keep the daily dose steady and do not increase it once you find the levels that are right for you.

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