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22 Jun 2020
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General discussions regarding Kratom and related topics.
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I find kratom is best in tea as the alkaloids are more bioavailable. This is making the assumption it is done correctly.

I've put this to the test many times, and can usually take less steeped in tea than tossing and washing.
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hey sylvestre~!

I say whatever works for you. most reds sedate me for a bit but don't keep me asleep. sound familiar? I personally take either kava, corydalis, or skullcap for nighttime. in sense has great corydalis and skullcap really reasonable. kratom eye, oties, and re-leaf come to mind for kava. maybe ill add a touch of red, chocolate, or black strain if I need a little extra pain killing boost, to get me asleep.

ill get a fancy refrigerated juice, whatever kind, and let the kratom dissolve in that. if im working in the morning ill weigh it out and let it sit overnight. I typically take akuamma first in the morning before my dose, that helps too.

I think a quick ingest of kratom reacts the best. but I do take caps at work for convenience. everyones different, and even our reactions can change.

please don't be afraid to ask anything!
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Nice one Sylvestre , sounds good !!

Some folks feel that any juice containing citric acid helps pull the alkaloids out and turn them into a form that’s more readily absorbable , I have noticed that when I take vitamin C with my doses more times than not it feels like a potentiates my dose .... I take a magnesium supplement CALM (mag also is reputed to help strengthen Kratom) with citric acid in its formula ... i take this on occasion and more times than not I feel like it strengthens my dose ..!! I love OJ and Kratom ... but I’ve been using GFJ for a while now , in the beginning of using GFJ , felt like it did indeed boost my dose ... now I don’t notice it as much .. I’ve been taking Kratom multiple times a day for over two years ... I still get great benefits but have a tolerance factor to contend with ... used to take 1Tbs per dose 3-4 x a day ... switching to 2tsp 3-5x a day I notice I get more benefits out of my Kratom intake.

One things for certain, the less you take amount wise and frequency ... you’ll get more out of it .. it’s the less is more equation with Kratom ... took a while for me to really accept that , but it’s true !! 2tsp works better than 3!!!! I take Kratom for chronic pain, so I use more than some but way less than others ... the best advise I can give is find a low dose that works for you , and stick with that .. unless more is called for ... tolerance is a batch !!

Happy new year and happy Kratom trails my friend
(L) B-) :-P

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Made an 8 oz cup of warm tea. Seeped 2 g in a coffee filter and then let that soak for 15 min along with lemon juice. Added honey and it tasted just fine. Felt real mellow about 45 min later. Squeezed out the coffee filter and voila! Red Bali is my strain. No nausea or anything thus far.
I wake up throughout the night around 3 am and have trouble getting back to sleep. Now that I know that that dose does not stimulate me, in m going to try tossing 2 g in orange juice next time. I’ve read that it will be stronger that way then in a tea.
Am I correct?
Any other opinions are welcomed !
Thanks everyone !
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