07 Feb 2019
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TOPIC: Regular use recommendations?

Regular use recommendations? 4 weeks 1 day ago #47627

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It has become very important to me to find out as much as I can kratom use and my health. I know I might have some crazy or strange questions, but please bear with me because I need to clear a few things up and don't know where else to ask.
Even though I've been taking kratom regularly for about a year, I am still unclear on exactly how unhealthy/detrimental, or "ok" it is to consume regularly. I am mostly concerned with long term impacts, any part of my body that processes this plant matter (digestive system/liver/etc), losing weight (I am on a path of trying to gain weight/workout more/high calorie intake/etc). I never intended kratom to be a very long term thing, and I don't know if I'll even be taking it in 6 months from now. I at least want to get it down to 2-3 days a week soon. It just happens to have been very useful to me, or a "medication", that almost always helps with acute injury and back pain I have, and I use it only during work/high production. Ive been thinking I maybe should start using it solely for working out and it probably will help me in that area.
A few months ago I stopped buying capsules, that was how I consumed it, 8-16 capsules a day. Because I found the leaf powder to be more effective and it's much cheaper. I now take 1.5-4 grams (green maeng da) a day mixed in juices, I think the highest in a day is 6 g. So I dropped the daily consumption by a few grams since I switched from capsules to powder. Thats a good thing right?
But it seems like I've been noticing more effects/side effects from the powder compared to capsules. I don't understand this, since it's a minimal amount of powder I've been taking.
I know to drink lots of water and stay very hydrated with kratom. But this powder will some times make my body feel "dried out" in a strange way after it's initial effects wear off in about a hour, so I drink more water and it mostly goes away.
Why am I experiencing this weird "dry" feeling some times, even when I'm drinking lots of water and taking no more than 3-4 grams? I don't think I ever felt this with capsules. Is this damaging to any part of my body? Do I need to drink ALOT more water? Or maybe this just isnt the best kratom and I need to switch my vendor?
I know taking breaks is important. I really just want to find out if I may have actually harmed by body and if it's "ok" to continue using kratom. Or change my ways/schedule of using it.

If kratom's overall effects on the body had to be compared to a different substance, what would you guys compare it to?
Is it comparable to oxycodone, and if so what amount? Because I've taken oxy before, and side effects and "dehydrated" effects seem similar to what I've been experiencing with my kratom. Can you compare daily kratom use to a certain number of beers consumed every day? How many?
I know these are pretty crazy, "noob" questions, but I just want to clear things up with my kratom use and health, and learn as much as possible.
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Regular use recommendations? 4 weeks 1 day ago #47630

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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Hey friend, I’m gonna keep this reply short for now and I’ll answer more thoroughly later cause I’m at work… But kratom is extremely safe , it’s main issues that I’ve come to know is 1) it’s like coffee and a diuretic and it pours water from your body so yes… Drink more water, combine electrolytes with whatever you’re drinking make sure you’re drinking a gallon a day give or take,2) Taking too much can make you feel nauseous , even to the point of vomiting and feeling spun out a.k.a. the wobbles 3) only under very specific conditions and circumstances, like if you have a compromised liver or some other Health issues, can it be hard on the body to process… and shouldn’t be used ..

What you’re taking is very very low, I take upwards of 30 to 35 g a day, no adverse effects… I try to stay hydrated, my body will tell me if I need to drink more water, so the golden rule and perhaps the best approach is to take the least amount to get you the benefits you desire, less is more… But take it if you need it for whatever ailments you’re taking it for, and it comes down to what feels best for you as we are all different and bodies react differently to the same thing ... perhaps taking electrolytes with your kratom before during and after dosing…Or at least frequently ... Switching up a vendor… Other than that it sounds like you’re doing really well as far as dosage / amount goes !

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Regular use recommendations? 4 weeks 1 day ago #47637

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Yes, drink a lot more water. Even coffee isn't as hydrating as regular water. I guess the stimulation that coffee and Kratom provide require more work for the body, and especially the kidneys.

Some sea salt/regular salt and potassium, like from a banana, could help with that. And don't forget about the other minerals.

Lol, Kratom is the cheapest part of my supplement routine! :)
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Regular use recommendations? 4 weeks 1 day ago #47643

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het fastkawi!:-h

welcome. im glad to have you here and im glad you found us. there is no such thing as stupid questions, especially if its something you really want to know. that doesn't mean we know everything. but we can give you more personal experience than a random gooble search that contradicts itself.

I agree with the guys. lots of water, electrolytes, and proper nutrition. im not good at dragging links, a recent post by fused flora explains food to eat during a kratom burn. I had a banana for breakfast, and middle of my stem and vein burn I had yogurt with lots of berries. 5 hrs on 2g. maybe try to incorporate quinoa into your diet (complete protein) you can even buy rice mixes with a blend in it. makes it easy.

kratom did help me lose weight. youre ingesting a lot of plant material (fiber) maybe try a tea if thats something you want to limit. your doses aren't too high. on bad pain days I was dosing about an ounce a day. by myself. I try to not dose at least one day a week. on a full reset right now.

I personally cant take traditional pain meds, so I cant compare. but some say kratom especially reds in larger doses is similar to pain pills. I can tell you my husband got off subs for good thanks to kratom.

i dont think its the same effects as alcohol.

i do recommend rotating strains and companies often. keep your reactions fresh. good news is alot of vendors here have discounts for us. just saw a thread about oties sale. many have point value to your orders for future free stuff. so its beneficial to sign up!
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Regular use recommendations? 4 weeks 1 day ago #47655

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Fastkawi, keeping weight on is something I've been struggling with all my life and I also noticed that kratom diminishes my appetite. But since there is a window of time to eat food between doses i just follow that schedule and make sure i eat 2-3 meals a day between my 2-3 doses a day. Having less appetite often results in me planning my meals and when i do that i tend to choose more healthy foods. So its not all bad. Kratom even give me the munchies sometimes

As for the processing of plant matter its something i wondered as well since i take it for bad chronic nerve pain and it works, so of course i want to get rid of the pain as much as possible, so im concerned with the sustainability of my usage. like the others i agree that it is very safe and your amount is low. Kratom also has many alkaloids and other compounds that are beneficial (antioxidants, flavonoids, ect). Just like anything thats good you dont wanna overdo it. Seems like you have an attitude that will keep you safe, asking good questions and you are at the best place to do so. See you around Kawi!
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Regular use recommendations? 4 weeks 13 hours ago #47678

  • gmantheman
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I have been taking kratom almost daily for over a year. Last year, when I had my yearly physical, all of labs including kidney and liver function were well within the normal range. Ever since I have started taking kratom, I started drinking a lot less Alcohol and now pretty much stopped. I wasn't really a big drinker, maybe every weekend but now maybe a beer once every 6 months if that. As far as keeping weight on, kratom doesn't diminish my appetite but it can be a little tricky trying around taking kratom. Liquid calories in the form of smoothies help a lot as it digests quickly. My preworkout mix is coffee, protein powder, kratom, coconut oil, and sweetener (monk fruit or stevia) mixed in a blender.
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