09 Mar 2020
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TOPIC: Hi friends, looking for some advice for a friend. I will try to make this short

Hi friends, looking for some advice for a friend. I will try to make this short 3 months 2 weeks ago #48119

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I have a friend that’s been on opioids for more than 15 years, he uses them for a very bad back problem that he has had from an accident way back when, when I found this plant just a short time ago I tried because I to suffer from chronic pain from many accidents I have had over a 35 year career as A Faller up here in BC, It is the number one most dangerous job and physically demanding statically here in north America, so my body has been put through the ringer sorta speaking. I went through the opioid thing just for a short time as it only took me 6 weeks to get hooked on them, but fortunately for me I seen it and got off them right away, a very good lesion I got to learn so I do not regret going threw it.
So in my search for a natural way to help with my chronic pain I got turned on to this plant and I am grateful for it, as it has helped me allot and I think it’s a much safer way to fight my pain. So as I see how much my friend is effected from his pill use I wanted to try to help him maybe get away from the pills, as I have read a lot of testimony’s on how people here have used this plant to help them get off their dependence of pills, so I gave him some to try and told him how other people has used this plant to get off their dependence of opioids, and he was game to try , A few weeks later he called me and said that he wanted to give back the kratom as he was not using it and I gave him about 200 grams to give it a good shot. He told me that it helped but he thought it just wasn’t for him.
So I thought o well I tried, but when he gave me back the kratom there was 195 grams still in the bag, so he really dint give it a good go, and when I asked him about it he told me that when he did a dose it worked but then he told me that it made no sense that why he should do kratom and also do his pill to, if it does the same thing, so he chose his pills rather then giving kraton a good try.
So what I am looking for is maybe some of you that have gone down the same road to if you can pm or put here some of your story’s to help me give this another shot on trying to encourage him to look more deeply into what this plant can maybe do for him. I do know that we can lead the horse to the water but we can’t make him drink, but maybe with a little help he might get thirsty enough to try again.
Thank you all if any can help and if not it still makes me feel happy that I tried..
Stay well all and love and light to this family out here.
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