07 Feb 2019
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TOPIC: Fire White Maeng Da

Fire White Maeng Da 5 months 2 weeks ago #33144

  • Izzywider666
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So I'm looking for some excellent White MD. I tried Gaia recently and this stuff is just straight up garbage. I've quadrupled my intake (used to do 2 tspns)just trying to get desired results. I asked on a different kratom forum and didnt get many replies but one saying Inland but would like more input before I waste my cash again. ;)
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Fire White Maeng Da 5 months 2 weeks ago #33151

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Inland Botanicals is one I’d recommend. Their green Malay was very nice and a review here also recommended their green md.
Try a SEARCH on this site using their name as the keyword for some very recent reviews on them AND OTHERS you might like to try.
Bummer about your tolerance. Inland won’t require using MORE MORE MORE. But they are not nearly as inexpensive.

We were just discussing how you get what you pay for these days, leaf wise.
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Fire White Maeng Da 5 months 2 weeks ago #33154

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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Hey there Izzy, , In my opinion...and for the record... it’s worth spending a few extra $ to have safe/ quality verified Kratom.

I have had many misses on the quality factor, due to gambling on the economical vendors.. I’d say 59% success...but I feel the verified vendors on this forum are worth it, ( as more time passes the more I feel it it’s worth looking into these folks) increasing the likelihood of finding a winner!

I tried Gaia a few times and abruptly stopped buying after “2” big disappointments following one good purchase.

The longest running gamble was with hrva, there were some great batches and plenty of not so good ones,

I’m tired of gambling , yet .. I honestly still do it on occasion!!

Inland is nice, , re-leaf is going to be one of my next trials, they peak my curiosity based on website info and all the good reviews I’ve read on this forum, and they are ilovekratom verified ,

Every ones chemistry is unique and the day to day variation of metabolism is a factor , what works for one , doesn’t the next .. very interesting leaf we love, with so many factors !! Also tolerance , it’s own built in self regulation!! Yet still helpful more so than anything I’ve cone across

But quality is quality and these verified vendors have done a lot to provide top notch products..

I’ve learned recently ( and keep learning ) that In favor of good purchases one must source the vendors who have gone the distance in providing safe/tested Kratom with a history of happy customers... in sense , inland.. re-leaf, to name a few ... a sample from total Kratom green Bali was nice , same owners as laughing lion, they seem legit and out to provide good service,

Long story short , Ive had lots of experiences where the arrow has pointed at the same direction as what Laurie is saying ..” you do get what you pay for” .. though sometimes the gamble pays off with non vetted vendors...just not as consistently and questionable as far as what they’ve done to assure we get the best

Inconclusiion , the verified vendors are verified for a reason, they have consistently done the work and proved their intentions for the best they can offer , does not mean there aren’t good ones out there not on the list ....

...but Instead of telling about my handful of successes with random / non-verified vendors, increase your odds by considering these vetted vendors on this forum

We need to put our money where our rights and political view points as consumers of healthy herbs lay,with the ones who are compliant in the safe manufacturing practices, its good to purchase/ support from the ones who care about doing it right on all accounts , its “very”important to make these consciousness efforts/ choices Considering the times we are in , where big pharma is looking for any and all reasons to snuff out this amazing tool, much like the marijuana movement and the hate put onto it by big brother, but we preservered , took a “long” time but the proof is always in the pudding !!! We the people are smart and know what’s safe and what works, we just need to be smart in protecting access

My long winded way of saying .. support the ones who support the cause of good practice , we all will benefit from this

Just my 2 cents , thx for hearing me out :S
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Fire White Maeng Da 5 months 2 weeks ago #33157

  • sarahb
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Totalkratom has amazing white MD! but they only do kilos, i think they will send you a sample tho if you create an account on their website.:)
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Fire White Maeng Da 5 months 1 week ago #33244

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The thing is each person is not going to have to same exact effects from each Vendor. Not everybody is going to Love the Same Vendor. I've Learned this over the 9 years that I've been experimenting with Kratom. Even each batch from the same Supplier to the same Vendor will not be Exactly like the Last Batch. So Some Batches will be more Potent & some will be Weaker. It depends on how much Percentage of Alkaloids like Mitragynine is in each batch. Usually a great batch will have close to 2% Mitra in it.
If anybody has any Questions about Kratom please private message me or make a Post & I will be glad to answer as soon as I can usually within 24 hours if not sooner. I'm usually on really late at night Between Midnight & 5am.
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