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22 Jun 2020
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UEI in 2019 1 year 1 day ago #40998

  • Usernametaken
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Hey, Brandon,

Don”t worry about missing my post earlier. Life happens and we all have things to attend to.

Much of what you say resonates with me. I don’t believe in coincidences. I haven’t been able to place my order as I had anticipated. Difficulties have arisen that I’ll have to figure out.

Right now I’m feeling pretty down emotionally and physically. Dealing not only with no Kratom, but I have a UTI and likely kidney stones. I’ve had them before. Extremely painful!! I left you a PM

As Always Take Care To All,

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UEI in 2019 1 year 2 days ago #40943

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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Dawn, I’m just reading your post now ... how I missed it earlier ... we’ll kids and all that household jazz...

My lady went to work and I was the circus manager from 2! Until now.. 10 almost !!

I feel like I’ve always been optimistic, but after I couldn’t convince myself of that ( for a time) things got real dark , life can be such a pain in a$$ ( the biggest understatement ever) .... we all need support and some validation and understanding , otherwise it’s easy to feel like the struggle is just a lost cause, and life is all for nothing and that’s all there is .... But ..!!..!! ........ I think when we have some friends to hear us out , validate our struggle and get some reassurance that some good healing can happen.. good healing can happen..!!..

We met out of what might seem like coincidence, but I feel we were meant to know eachother !!

As far as tech skills go... I’m lost as well, I don’t believe I was the one helping with the photos .. but I did finally figure it out... you hit the attachments/ paper clip symbol ...allows to to pick a pic!!!

Kratom has been such a game changer in the quality my life now has , truly a miraculous supplement to feeling better in my body, mind and spirit ... I’m lucky it works so amazingly well for me ,

Have you ordered yet..?? Do you have kratom now ??
There’s another member that I want to help out but have been very busy , I’d like to help you as well... just need to make it to a post office to make it happen...I haven’t sent you a Pm ... but I plan on doing that today at some point !!

Got to get back to work !!

Always a pleasure Dawn.. take care my friend

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UEI in 2019 1 year 3 days ago #40904

  • Usernametaken
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Hey Brandon,

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! Yes this is an exceptional community. I like reading your posts because you’re so upbeat and positive. I wish I felt like that and could be like that! Your posts make me smile. It’s Not easy to find forums/groups like this. People are respectful of others viewpoints. There’s such genuine concern shown for people. Lots of empathy, sympathy & support. I think that’s why people will open up about very personal things that have happened to them or what”s going on in their liives now.

I know when I started telling you about my son and my dad and everything I had absolutely no intention of doing that. I don’t even think I was consciously thinking about it. The same thing happened earlier in one post. I actually tried on 2 different occasions to reply to you.

I don’t check this forum daily. I might for a week or so but due to My Own Issues I often disappear for a few months or more. I always end up coming back. I’m not into social media and this is only forum I participate on.

I’m so embarrassed and ashamed of how I’m so lost in this age of technology & social media. I mean I don’t want to be really active but the truth is my tech skills are so lacking. Each day that goes by there’s more advancement and I get even more behind. There’s basic things that kids can do but I can’t!! It’s frustrating.

Were you the one that tried telling me how to put a picture up? Idk how to do that or provide links or add attachments. I’m not old enough to not know how to do these basic things. I need a mentor or something. Are you in IT? Maybe it wasn’t you that tried helping me but I think
It was hmmm

Oh btw you didn’t miss seeing my name. So you wouldn’t have known I was a women
unless you read ALL my posts. I had never posted my name until a couple days ago. A few people on here knew my name. I had a reason why I didn’t want my username (HaHa) linked with my real name. But I won’t go into that now.

You wouldn’t believe how long I spent writing a reply to you....idk but hours at least. I always take long to post. Anyway I ended up copying it and pasting in my email. OMG Idk what was going on in my head but I just began writing and I must’ve mentioned at least 6 different subjects and it was so disjointed and didn’t flow at all!

Unfortunately I ran out of Kratom. So I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Some people are lucky and don’t have w/d at all
while others have mild symptoms. Not me! I actually have the same w/d symptoms I’ve gone through many times before after either running out or choosing to detox from pain meds. I know a lot of people don’t want to hear that or talk about it but it’s what happens to ME when I run out of kratom. I also get mild symptoms that are associated with opiate w/d when it’s time for me to dose. At about 8 am I’ll wake up w/ watery eyes and my nose starts running. Once I dose
within 10-15 I’m fine. I don’t think my doses are high or that I dose too often. So it’s somewhat strange. I take 3 grams about 3xs a day sometimes 4. It definitely helps with my pain but not my depression. I think a major contributor to my depression is loneliness.

I’m glad that kratom works so well for your pain and depression. I’m happy and grateful that so many people have found relief for their ailments by using kratom.

Ok bye for now! Have a good night!!!

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UEI in 2019 1 year 3 days ago #40895

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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Dawn.... Ofcourse your a sister !!!! How could I have missed that name !??!?

We missed you , welcome back to your family of friends ,
Really one of the best things I stumbled upon, this community!!!! I’m so grateful for all of you !!!!... have a great Sunday.... I have some plumbing repairs I need to do around the house ... and keep the little racals occupied so they don’t run amuck!!

Much love sweetie


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UEI in 2019 1 year 5 days ago #40858

  • Usernametaken
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@ Somethingsacred, plz forgive me for not finishing my reply. I had an unexpected person show up at my door. I’ve had this person in my life for 5 years. It’s a completely TOXIC relationship. I’ve tried my hardest to stay away but he won’t let me go.

Oh Btw I found it interesting that you think I’m a guy/father. I’m actually a mom. My son just turned 22!!!

I haven’t posted in a long time because my life is both complicated and simple. I get overwhelmed and I completely shut down and isolate myself.

Had to come back here. I appreciate all your contributions that you’ve made to this site and individuals. I really respect you!

Glad to be back.
Take Care

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UEI in 2019 1 year 1 month ago #39095

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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I am so honored to have helped in the smallest of ways in giving a little validation perhaps or at least empathy and perspective from a person that feels much and cares a lot . There’s lyrics to a song.. “ all that matter in this life is the way we cared and the way that we shared “ .... more to it but that’s some key ones !!!

Thank you usernametaken, I enjoy and appreciate you being here , may all things under the stars fall into the place they need to be, right where they need to be .I hope you get to Enjoy your family this weekend and have fulfilling holiday, some relief and happiness!

Sorry I took a sec to respond , life happens in between plans . “if” is the middle word in life ... that one always gets me smiling

Take care bro

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UEI in 2019 1 year 1 month ago #38990

  • Usernametaken
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@ Somethingsacred, no need to apologize I didn’t think your first reply to my post was insensitive at all. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner, hopefully I haven’t offended you. I wasn’t able to post since I had company over.

Your reply touched my heart. I like your writing style to begin with. You came across as a genuine, compassionate, sensitive guy. I can’t express my gratitude as eloquently as I’d like.

I read your reply aloud to my mom who was driving me home from my psychiatrist appt. I cried while I read it to here. Your words not only moved me but her as well.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I not only needed to hear your thoughts and perspective but you hit the nail on the head. My mom had recently talked with my son. He told her the best thing that he’s done for himself was to take time off. He had chosen to not attend last semester. However he had no idea that he was going to be suspended this semester. The dean of the chemistry dept. didn’t meet with him until the very last day students could add or drop a class. At the time I was upset and angry that the dean waited so long to tell him. If he’d been told earlier he could’ve at least taken classes at the local community college.

My son told my mom that he’s much more focused on what he has to do to achieve his goals. He has ADD and used to be medicated for it but he doesn’t like how the stimulants made him feel. He’s been working as a server/bartender/cook. I was just told that he’s been given keys to the restaurant. The owners clearly trust him which is always a positive. Anyway. I’ll b e back to finish someone is at my door

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UEI in 2019 1 year 1 month ago #38988

  • Usernametaken
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Influencer wrote: Thanks Usernametaken, to answer a couple of your questions. I never ordered from Herbal Salvation before but I seen a lot of good feed back on both them and their products, especially the Gold Reserve and the Plantation Maeng Da. Supposably the PMD alone is great but with .5-1 gram of the Gold Reserve added to it supposedly it's awesome. However I can't comment personally yet so I will keep you guys posted as soon as I try burning some. I believe the other strain you were thinking is the Maha Kali Red, I did order some of that to try as well. And the Gold Reserve is not a tincture, you may be thinking of FST which I never thought was worth the cost personally.
I put in an order of everything you mentioned from PDO so I look forward to trying his as well and chiming back in. His Ultra Enhanced products are priced really well if they are good. Can't wait to try.
Lastly MOB is Magnum Opus Botanicals. Honestly his are the products I'm most excited to try! I have read tons of really great things on Reddit from lots of people that MOB is kind of the holly grail of Extracts and UEMD so I will def share my feedback with you all on all 3 vendors and how everything compares both aroma as well as bang for buck!

Thanx for the reply. Plz let us know what you think of the items you ordered. Did you get the mini sampler of the enhanced leaf from PDO? I’m especially interested in your opinion on his products.

If Gold Reserve isn’t a tincture what is it? I have same question regarding MOB. I’ve only had enhanced leaf. Never had a liquid or tincture or resin. I think I preferred the 20x Extract cause it was Full Spectrum.

Take Care

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UEI in 2019 1 year 1 month ago #38779

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Along with Brandon you can also PM me if you would like to vent or for possible things to help with your son's depression/suicidal issues.
I am bipolar and before getting help I was also suicidal.
Proper meds and accountability partners I have in Celebrate Recovery help me tremendously.
The main thing is to push him to get help. Always take seriously someone who is showing signs of being suicidal or making any kind of a plan to do it.

My Grandkids say I’m a cuckoo head. ;)
The following user(s) said Thank You: Laurie, Usernametaken

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UEI in 2019 1 year 1 month ago #38775

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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Usernametaken wrote: Hey there Somethingsacred, hope ur well. Thanx I’m sure you’re right about MOD. I should’ve figured that out. I have so much on my mind right now. Family issues and some pretty heavy stuff.

I replied to your post earlier but when I was almost done my phone died. I hate that!! I totally respect and admire that you make your own extracts, etc. I would love to try that. Maybe I’ll PM you sometime and get your recipes and procedures. I think it’s fascinating. I have degrees in biology and psychology.

My son was a biochemistry major at Duquesne (hated it there) but later transferred to another university and changed to a chem major. My son is extremely intelligent, he tends to be good at different stuff than me. Unfortunately he has been struggling academically. He’s on academic suspension this semester. That shocked me!

Idk what the real issue is with him. He’s an only child so I think socially he was a bit behind and got caught up in the social scene. However what’s more concerning is that he’s having issues with depression and anxiety. No parent ever wants to hear that their child has suicidal thoughts. I believe it’s more genetics in his case. The last thing I ever wanted for the Love of My Life, My One & Only Son is to feel the way that I do.

I raised him so differently than how I was raised. Always was supportive, told him I loved him daily and that he could do anything he wanted in life. Addiction runs in my family. Dad’s a functional alcoholic, my brother had a gambling problem and I became an addict and the family scapegoat.

It hurts me to know my son is hurting. I hope and pray that he doesn’t follow my path. I’m sorry this isn’t place to post this. Idk I’m emotional today. A lot going on. I certainly didn’t expect to get into this here. Recently my Dad legally died. Paramedics were finally able to resuscitate him after a long enough period that they thought he might be brain dead. Thankfully that isn’t the case. He’s at home now but very weak and not progressing as fast as he’d like. This has been extremely hard on my mom who was with him at dinner when this happened. He has COPD and hadn’t had his oxygen for far too long.

I’m sorry if this is inappropriate. I’m gonna stop.

Oh Somethingsacred I know I owe a review on the strains I received from PDO. Still working on it. Trying to notice the subtleties btwn certain strains. I got same response as you did from the Red Malaysian MD. One of only Reds that was that relaxing. I wish I’d ordered more. I already finished mine and he’s out of stock. Thanx

Take Care


I was at work when I responded earlier,I hope I didn’t come off as insensitive , I reread your post and can grasp what you are feeling , I wanted to give optimism quickly while at work... now I’m at home and reflecting on your post ..

that’s a lot going on in your life . Many uncertainties with the ones you love , as someone who also have been depressed and suicidal, it’s a pain and concern about your son possibly feeling the way you do , that is not what anyone would want their kids to feel, and I hope that is not his path either

I’m sorry that this coincides with your father, and your own personal day to day stuff,

I feel and empathize with your pain username, breathe and remind yourself how sacred this life is, how beautifully unscriptable, and how its beauty coincides with the struggle, Personally for me when in the midst of hardship, it tends to feel like that’s all there is, but it’s not,

I go in nature for relief, a walk in the woods and it helps put my mind at ease and places things in a better spot than my straining to make sense of it ,
... smelling all the smells, seeing all the contrasting colors, and hearing the orchestra of nature ... good medicine !!

please do something nice for yourself , you deserve a reprieve from worries , I hope you give that to yourself whatever that may be,

Please pm me anytime even if only just to vent , I believe that’s good medicine my friend ,listening ears and a caring soul , good to express these things and not harbor them inside your mind all by yourself

Your son is working through some things, you say he’s highly intelligent, Switched to chemistry,that’s great !! im wishing that I would have done that , I live for understanding the chemical mechanisms of plant medicines and how they help heal our bodies, mind and spirit ... good for him , it’s a heady field for sure .
This suspension can serve him greatly in taking some time to view his priorities and get his ducks lined up better, a bit of a side step to get clarity about what’s important and what he wants, this is his journey , he’s lucky to have your unconditional love , the best gift ever !!!

I will be thinking the best of thoughts for your son and father, and for you who stands by close to help in the ways you can, your father sounds resilient to have survived what he has , time is so precious, enjoy your time with him username, every day a gift to have him , your son will figure out his path , it’s highly likely this will be his projected direction , figuring out what he wants and what is important for his life ,

we are here for you brother , good evening and please reach out anytime you want to talk ,

And sorry I hadn’t responded with more thought and sensitivity earlier , now I have the time

On a diff note ..the pdo red Malaysian md def is somthing special, I’m sure Jeff will restock not to far down the road with the same or similar relieving strain..

I’ll review some other special strains that are of similar awesomeness I can recommend for you to try

Take care brother


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