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TOPIC: Your Botanical Garden Review

Your Botanical Garden Review 4 months 2 weeks ago #43118

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Mitragyna Javanica-So far Javanica & Hirsuta are both two of the Best Alternatives to Kratom that I have found. It has the hallmark effects of a red strain. Has a mildly background mood lift but I could still feel it for a few hours & then it gradually went away. Definitely has relaxing effects the more you take it. Can be very sedating after a higher dose or after several doses. More of a afternoon to night herb. Can be taken in the day in smaller doses. The only bad thing is that you have to take about twice what you take for Kratom. It did make me more constipated than Kratom I guess because I had to take even more to get milder effects than Kratom. 65/100

Mitragyna Hirsuta-This Alternative to Kratom is a bit jittery & can be very energetic. It can be a bit unstable at times. This is a day herb only. This is more like a white Kratom strain. This will give you energy for at least 3 hours to get something done. This is the Best Alternative to Kratom that I have found so far along with Javanica. Doesn't have Kratom Strength but is just strong enough for a Replacement. The only bad thing is that you have to take about twice what you take for Kratom. It did make me more constipated than Kratom I guess because I had to take even more to get milder effects than Kratom. 68/100

Maeng Da-Very potent mood lifting MD but is very short acting. Only lasts about 1 hour but is good for a strong, short, & motivating mood lift. This one just takes a small dose. Very nice boost of energizing uplifting positive mood lifting feel. This one does fade away pretty quickly but the effects are potent indeed for the hour or so that it works for you. In the Top 3 MD Strains that I have tried this year. 90/100

Red Bali-This is one of the most mood lifting Red Bali strains that I have ever tried in my almost 9 years of trying Kratom daily. Pain Relief is very good as is positive mood reinforcement. Just gives a good sense of positivity along with motivation. Just an excellent Red Bali that I can highly recommend for anybody that has any kind of Chronic Pain. This one won't put you to sleep like other Red Bali Strains. One of the Best Red Bali's that I have ever tried because it has a mood lifting effect to it. Usually Red Bali only relieves pain for me & no other Positive Effects. I was really surprise with this one. 92/100

Green Malay-Just an Awesome Malay strain with plenty of strong positive, reinforcing motivating, mood lifting. Perfect middle of the day strain when you need that extra oomph to get through that lunch time sleepiness & need some mental motivating energy to help you through the rest of the day. The Best Malay strain that I've tried this year hands down. 95/100

Black Diamond Extract-This Extract didn't have much effect on me. I could feel a very slight mood lift with not much else going on. I could feel a little bit of pain relief. I just never really liked Extracts or any Enhanced Strains because it takes away some of the Alkaloids & Super Enhances others. I just like the All-Natural Plain Leaf Strains. This is not to say that you won't get the same effects as me. 61/100

Kratom Quality 93/100
Customer Service 100/100
Shipping 85/100
Pricing 88/100
My Overall 92/100

Your Botanical Garden has some Fantastic Quality Products. They have Excellent Prices for the Quality. You would think that the prices would be twice what they are. YBG hits Great on every mark. They have Fantastic Customer Service as well. Shipping was well above average & took about 3 full days to arrive. Their Hirsuta & Javanica were better than I expected to be. I have tried those 2 from other Vendors but these were of a Higher Caliber for sure. Every strain of Kratom was very potent & gave a mood lift. Not a weak product other than the Black Diamond Extract but I never did like Extracts or any Enhanced Versions of Kratom. They only have about half a dozen strains to choose from. They could use more to have a better selection. That's about the only negative thing that I could find which is not really a Negative it's just a Preference. Usually Vendors that have Dozens of Strains to Choose From or Blends that have many Different Names are the lower Quality Vendors but not always. They have some of the Best Quality Products that I have ever tried in my 9 + Years of Daily Kratom Usage. I can very highly Recommend Your Botanical Garden as a Fantastic Vendor for Plain Leaf Powder Kratom Products as well as a Great Vendor for the Alternatives Hirsuta & Javanica.
If anybody has any Questions about Kratom please private message me or make a Post & I will be glad to answer as soon as I can usually within 24 hours if not sooner. I'm usually on really late at night Between Midnight & 5am.
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