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22 Jun 2020
Good morning everyone, we'd like to welcome you to the new ILK Forum! We're in the process of finishing up all the the small details and will get everything done asap. This includes the new vendor pages, the daily and weekly special pages, the new blog sections, resource sections and more.

Please make sure to check out our approved vendors and don't be afraid to jump in there and ask questions and leave productive reviews.
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Vendor Reviews
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Benni Botanicals Review #2 8 months 2 weeks ago #44887

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Another excellent review Brandon. =D>
I'm right there with you on the Milk Choc Bent and Dark Side of the Bent. These are just what the Dr ordered for my stress issues of late. :lol:

Hey Petunia :-h
I think you may have a slight issue with FOMO. :lol:
I've decided I'm no longer going to have FOMO issues. I'm just going to stop reading the reviews. :woohoo: (Like that will ever happen.) :ohmy:

I pray you both are doing well on this fine Tuesday. :-bd
It is a great Tuesday. A blessed Tuesday. :cheer:
I say all this because the kidney doctor gave Liz a clean bill of health today. No kidney issues! If he was here I'd give him a big hug. >:D

Hugs all around for all of my 2nd family here who have been praying and sending good vibes this way for my babe, Liz. >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D
Thank you all very much!
Love Don and Liz. :cheer:
My Grandkids say I’m a cuckoo head. ;)
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Benni Botanicals Review #2 8 months 2 weeks ago #44884

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registered, checking around.. get paid fri.. almost all the strains I want to try are out ;( im sure they will have more soon! I hope!
The following user(s) said Thank You: Laurie, Tiggermanscrat

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Benni Botanicals Review #2 8 months 2 weeks ago #44882

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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Benni is the man !!! Def has me as a friend/customer for life, I cannot overstate enough how exceptionally awesome his business and products are !!! I’m all about his MD blend ... mix that with the green elephant ... two fabulous powders on their own but combined ... is a special experience!!!
Definitely in my top three all-time favorite vendors!… You can’t go wrong Michelle!
Tell him Brandon says hey !!!

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Benni Botanicals Review #2 8 months 2 weeks ago #44860

  • michele373
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gosh DARN IT brandon! like my gramps used to say.. cheese and crackers got all muddy...


looks like I know who I will be trying when I get paid!
The following user(s) said Thank You: Laurie, Tiggermanscrat

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Benni Botanicals Review #2 8 months 2 weeks ago #44766

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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My second review for Benni Botanical was exceptionally fun and satisfying. Benni is in my top 3 favorite vendors, I am once again feeling very stoked to have found this gem of a company, Benni is a awesome human being, making the process of selecting to purchasing fun, stress free and a breeze.

Super Nugroz
Clear , balanced and happy. energy, good moodlift and great pain relief.. lasts a solid 4 hrs. Super Nugroz is a great midday blend ... mixing a little bit of a white makes a beautiful morning dose !! Well rounded with Good vibes !! Nice and easy going blend ! Strong but not overwhelming..!!..!!.. A welcomed variety for a anxious mind/body ....giving a security blanket effect .... warm and safe.

White MD
This white md has a nice even keel energy, not high... not low...right in the middle with good long legs ...approx 3.5-4 hours easily... three hours of strong, balanced ,clean burning with moderate moodlift and pain relief .. No jitters or edginess, a very smooth white.
Mix with a red to get a more pain relief out of it or mix with a green get even longer legs with increased mood lift… Has good moodlift on its own, When I blended Bennis green elephant with this white MD....
spectacular energy , boosting moodlift with awesome pain relief ...

Super md
Very fine grind , bitter but not over the top, nice earthy Kratom smell.
This variety is well rounded, potent and long lasting.. I was very content with this variety..
*great moodlift
*pain relief ,
*grounding-energy but also ready to be physical ... a happy and long lasting leaf .... I liked this one a lot !!! Second time taking Super md was very strong, approaching too strong , with the same dose amount as before. Always an important consideration when taking kratom, one day might be just the right strength for what your looking for, next day may feel a lot stronger ... I didn’t mind this at all however, I like having potent kratom on hand when the need calls for it ! I was told by Benni that this particular batch tested pretty high in alkaloid content ... mitragynine is my assumption.... start by btaking a smaller amount while getting familiar with this Super MD

MD Blend
This has got to be one of my favorite strains from Benny and one of my all time favorites… It’s strong in all the right ways… Great mood lift , balanced energy , awesome pain relief… with a baby powder grind, soft taste and mild smell… This is an amazing strain for my chemistry… I am thoroughly impressed and ready to write to the mayor to tell him/her that this is the beezneez and that everyone should have some in their medicine chest! I can go on and on poetically how I love this variety.. it’s a green and red md blend. Very good, I purchased a kilo immediately after trying. My lady aka wife also loves this blend which is why I should probably get another kilo ASAP... I love the MD blend that much!!! Highly recommended for anyone looking for kratom that’s not in a overbearing way... that’s gentle with strong painkilling effects. Beautiful is the best description for this awesome blend.

Super Borneo
Nice fine grind , low on the bitterness, great kratom smell... , lasting a total of 5 hrs of great energy , good pain relief with moderate moodlift ..SUPER MODE !!! Really enjoyed this in the morning as my first burn of the day !! This is a good and strong one and should be taken in smaller amounts to start.

Green elephant
Fine grind, more on the bitter side ... great fresh smell
This kratom gave me a nice Clear headed energy, no fogginess , great focus and moodlift with substantial pain relief .... lasted a solid three hrs of clean energy and focus, 5 hrs total!! A good morning or midday strain... green elephant is a “get things done “ type of kratom!! High octane but smooth and non-jittery!!! I’m ordering more! Beautiful variety!! Very special green , if you want clean long burning energy, green elephant is a great option. One of my preferred varieties when I’m dragging my feet ... great for fatigue (:

DarkSide of the Bent
I have never seen kratom this color!!! Super dark!!! Tastes smoky , almost like extract but not ....that’s the best I can describe the flavor ... very unique... as always with Benni’s kratom.. super fine grind...the big difference with this strain is the smell and taste ...a very exotic Kratom!!
EFFECTS:relaxing , and relaxing.....! Gentle and very effective relaxation lol ... mild pain relief , not a energetic powder at all... which puts this Kratom right in the chill zone.
Mixing with a red will give a more full spectrum feel with added pain relief. ..!! I want to mix a green and red with Dark Side Of The Bent .... Md Blend is on the top of the mixing list , also want to mix with White Jong Kong. I’ll report back after trying (L)

Milk Chocalate Bent
Light colored powder , as always super fine baby powder grind, very smooth taste.. no bitterness
Wow.... major relaxation, good pain relief ( muscle relaxation tipping the scales!!) with a nice delivery of moodlift. Very happy with this variety. I’m .... happy, relaxed with nonexistent anxiety, feeling stoked to be in my body. Good for the evening time wind down, when needing pain relief or when feeling anxious. One of the bents that really impressed me. Very good !!

Sweet Baby Bent
Nice fine grind, always a nice grind .... that very smooth bent taste that lacks bitterness .
Happy , mellow, smiles. Cozy and chill bent. I can see how Sweet Baby Bent could smooth out rough edges of a stress filled day without knocking your duck in the muck, hahaha....(meaning won’t knock you out) .... great go to when needing a soft touch.... not overwhelming... not underwhelming.... a solid cruising to a smile bent !


Super fine grind , great fresh smell, mildly bitter
This variety is a happy one. Good energy , a couple notches above mid range energy ... a proper amount of moodlift with beautiful pain relief . At work i was feeing jovial ... playful, light hearted ... Had a successfully awesome plumbing day!! Felt great in my body and did great work , stoking out all the clients I helped.... great work “strain” but not overbearing, a playful and practically pain free day

Benty Bali
Baby powder grind , smooth and barely bitter taste... not bitter at all!!!
Warm super chill feeling , nice relaxation, totally relaxed !! Slow build up of effects .. 2 hrs later ..
Good moodlift melting into the blissful chill zone, very nice pain relief ... on the verge of sedation ... super duper relaxed ..
Yet.... that little tinge of underlying energy .... taking a nap with no effort relaxation !!
Very good !! Solid 4 hrs of relaxation... this is def a evening “strain”... or when you want to melt into a puddle of sweet bliss.
Darn fine !!! Towards the 3 hr mark, some sedation... def a evening go to for shedding the layers of tension...

Red Borneo
First hr is happy and somewhat energized, 2 hrs in ...feeling VERY MELLOW!!! Phenomenal pain relief .... this is a gold medal winner for pain relief. Warming with a good level of moodlift.
This red Borneo has made it on my go to list for pain management in the evening. Very effective and super stoked to have a new favorite red .. which speaks volumes because I hardly jive with reds... this is a really good red !! For me was in the same category of pain relief as the MD Blend .

Super Bent

That smooth Benty flavor with a little more bitterness than most of his bents I’ve tried ....yes the Benni fine grind, smells..... like the bent from my childhood lol, hahaha, ... feeling happy and playful from this super bent .
Relaxation ...? Def relaxed
Moodlift ...? Mood has lifted !!
Energy ..?? Calming , chillaxon!...slight sedation , but not the knockout asta bye bye type .

Green Malay
I’m digging this green Malay!
Like all of Benni’s batches.. super fine grind, lovely kratom smell, mildly bitter, slightly more than some of his other “strains“ .
This green Malay imbued my day with a noteworthy moodlift, consistent energy that felt strong throughout the 4.5 hr duration of my dose... very good pain relief. Kratom varieties that make my whole body smile is special kratom.... and yes , I have a thing for green Malays, this one is awesome. The price of 12$ for 100gms ... I can easily justify each purchase I make through Benni Botanicals. This Malay is highly recommended to start your day with, to help through the midday crunch ... also good evening material .. super conducive for anytime of the day !!! I love this Malay !! Long legs 4-5 hr depending on the day. A saturated with happiness Malay, !!)((()))::((

White Jong Kong
I’ve had some different whites recently , different from those super charged high octane ones I’m hesitant to take a full dose without mixing . I can take this variety all on its own.. This is WJK is a very well rounded white. Smooth energy with a moderate moodlift .... this WJK also gives appreciable pain relief. Good and long legged as well, 4 hrs was still effective and I recoded( hahah) re-dosed at the 5 hr mark... Did just fine as a morning dose even though I was exhausted and wouldn’t have minded higher octane... this is a perfect midday “strain”. Could even get away taking WJK in the evening if your wanting to be content and chill with balanced energy but not ready for dreaming yet ...

Akuamma Extract
Akuamma is one of the great herbs.... similar to Kratom in some aspects... (mostly in the lessening of pain, and the warm relaxation that some “red Kratom “ varieties give ).... has its own personality and strengths for managing pain symptoms.
Akuamma stands well on its own, when having a no Kratom Friday ( that ones for you Babel !!) or Hirsuta only Thursday... that’s for you Laurie ) Akuamma , depending on the batch and season can feel miraculous in helping to move about your day without fixating on pain, or the lacking of other herbs to help manage pain.
This extract from Benni was from a good batch, came in powdered form which I capped, taking 3-6 on days where I was needing a extra hand in addition to my Kratom intake. Feels like a warm and relaxing state, extended my Kratom dose in duration and added that extra few notches of relief . A really good herb to have on hand , I recommend folks try this , if you already have then you know what I speak of ... it works !! The few Kratom breaks I’ve taken, I used Akuamma with great success.... helped me cruise on through the day without any hiccups... Hard to find good batches, I’m stoked Benni has exceptional quality , the one I sampled was very nice... will def be buying more !!

I’ve pushed this one off for a while because of the idea of replacing my Kratom dose made it easy not to try this immediately. ( I had similar feeling about stem&vein... which I ended up really liking)



-haven’t tried this one yet , I’ll be posting a small review including this hirsuta soon !! Trying to find the right time to try it !!

This review was a pleasure to do ( how could it be anything but a pleasure?) I have only a few vendors out there that have consistently blown my socks off with consistency of potent quality products , outstanding price and integrity topped customer service.

As I mentioned in a previous review, Benni carries his own in house kratom “strains” (all quality from the strains I’ve tried thus far , I’ve tried many “strains“!!) but also provides options from a couple of vendors he feels his customers might like the option to try ..!!..!!..
!pretty cool!

Options start at :
4$ - oz.
12$-100gms ( my justification to keep buying and sampling !!)
85$- kilos.
Orders over $60 get 20% off
Orders over 200gms or 24$ gets free shipping
( PROPER!!!)

Discounts for veterans, active duty military, teachers and first responders !!!!


Benni Botanicals also carries other herbs such as :

*Hirsuta Speciosa
*Javanica Speciosa
*Stem & Vein
*Sacred Lotus Extract

Benni is a quality provider with integrity and ideal that is almost nonexistent these days... very rare ...The only thing I left out , he runs his business in reflection of himself, and he’s a gem of a human !!
Do your self a favor, give him a try and please share your experience!!!
Thank you brother Benni !! (L)

I’ll add the batch numbers in a wee bit ... sorry I didn’t include them all at this moment , B-) (c) :whistle:

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