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09 Mar 2020
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TOPIC: Lucky Herbals Review!!..!!..!!

Lucky Herbals Review!!..!!..!! 6 months 4 weeks ago #45165

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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I can’t get over just how effective the GMD is for pain relief .i was and have been having some extra pain issues with my neck and shoulder for the past week and a half ... I was trying some different kratom varieties and while they had some good aspects ... pain relief was not one of them ..

I took my dose ... of Lucky Herbals green md...... afterwards felt like night and day ... absolutely miraculous..
this is one of the better gmd’s I’ve ever had the honor to try... perked me up with energy , took my level 8 pain down to a 1-2.... this is a impressive batch .... love , love love it ...

We have a lot of stellar vendor options at our finger tips ... but this is one that folks in pain must try .... for me .. amazingly good at what it does !! LH others varieties are very good too, this one won my heart (L) B-)

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Lucky Herbals Review!!..!!..!! 7 months 3 days ago #45052

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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Lucky Herbals

I’m reviewing a few varieties from this great family business “Lucky Herbals” These folks are friendly and helpful. Very good customer service and some great quality kratom. Stoked to have learned about LH... I have nothing but positive things to say !!!


This is a lovely MD!! This batch had that lovely fresh kratom smell , along with a very fine grind and decently bitter taste.
*Very good moodlift!!!!
*Respectable pain relief
*Great upbeat energy
*LONG LEGGED!!! lasted a solid 4.5 hrs ... re-dosed 5 hrs in.
Good “strain” for morning or when wanting a midday second wind!!! Fabulous on its own... no desire to blend it with anything ..
I want to have a good amount in my herbal chest . My favorite out of the three I reviewed!!! Highly recommended..... I love it !! A great MD in all the ways I want, this one is a sure bet for me !!

Green Bali

A nice fine grind, nice kratom smell...slightly bitter taste,
This is a very nice green Bali!
Has awesome moodlift and some good energy too..helped me with my neck and back pain… Loosening up all my muscles beautifully. You never know when a green Bali will be more relaxing or energetic/ mood lifting… this Bali gave good energy with noticeable anti anxiety and a decent amount of moodlift and respectable pain relief..this is that kind of green Bali ! Great for morning or afternoon , or when you’re wanting your spirits to be picked up and have enough energy to truck on with a smile. I really enjoyed this variety , just slightly less moodlift than the GMD… But right up there! I want to have more of this one around, highly recommend folks trying it!!

Green Hulu
This powder was ( same as the others I’ve tried) a very fine grind , nice kratom smell and only slightly bitter .
The effects felt green Hulu was very relaxing with moderate moodlift and pain relief. Not sedating but not a energetic variety like the GMD... Potency is there in a slow building non/overbearing way ... good at what it does ... chills you out and then some !!
If looking for a solid chill “strain” that tones down tension and gives a sense of well-being , you might dig this green Hulu. Pretty good legs... 3.5-4 hrs. A good after work or evening time “strain”....or when wanting to kick your feet up and smile... Very suitable for lowering tension/anxiety very effectively without any body load or overwhelming aspects .... other than being very content and stoked !!!

Lucky Herbals is a stellar company with exceptional kratom and quality service !!! I have been blessed to know Ben and experience the great kratom he provides !! Very quick to respond to any inquiries, fast delivery , a very worthy vendor to source top notch kratom from. Easily one of my new preferred vendors ... I highly recommend this sweet company to add into rotation of noteworthy kratom suppliers... haven’t tried one product I wasn’t impressed with!!

This small family business out of Texas has my respect and appreciation.... qualifies as a sure bet ...inline with some of the best I’ve tried!! Highly recommended!!!

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