09 Mar 2020
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TOPIC: Organic Elements Online Review

Organic Elements Online Review 7 months 1 day ago #45097

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Organic Element Online

OEO is a Botanical company that carries a huge selection of kratom powders and capsules. Alongside kratom, OEO provides other botanicals such as akuamma and a kanna/ Akuamma blend called Oasis... as well as kanna caps(not blended), CBD tinctures, balms and salves as well as CBD for pets ....Here’s a review of their products I tried ... Another good company we are lucky to have...!!!

Kratom Powder
* fine grind and mellow taste
* dose in OJ juice
*nice upbeat energy
*!happy vibe
*!good pain relief
*mildly mood lifting
•mostly energetic and pain relieving,
-great morning or midday strain. Like Cheerios .... its a staple item!

Capsule dose:
Didn’t deliver as fast or as strong , but nice to use as booster dose 2 hrs after powder.

*good grind ,slight acrid smell
*Good energy, moderate pain relief and moodlift ..
*long lasting clean energy , 4 hrs ..
Aside from it’s cool name this strain was pretty good. Had some good pep in me step affects..... a nice compliment to the day with a wave of clean energy to get through the rough spots of fatigue with decent moodlift to boot (::){**}]][[]]]{][{

Capsule Dose:
Felt like the green ghost caps delivered a decent strength dose, though still not as pronounced as the powder dose. But convenient for booster dose or for traveling !!

*took dose in OJ
*Mild taste , pleasant smell
*Very nice energy, mood lift and pain relief , 2 hrs in felt slighty sedating for 45 minuets.. followed by about a hr of more energy ... very interesting!!! I like it more than the GMD. Kratom is such a guessing game .. the effects are a riddle, one day it’s like this , next day like that, same dose from one round can cover a lot of territory.

Capsule dose :
Same story , not as fast or as strong in delivery of effects but thats ok, the caps last longer , just toned down... however.. taking some Oasis ( kanna and Akuamma) blend with the caps made for a very satisfying and pain relieving experience.. and added some nice duration to the kratom....

THAI (red dragon)
*Red vein taste , dark green *almost reddish, fine grind
*2.5 tsp in grapefruit juice
Crystal clear energy... then slightly edgy after 1.5 hrs. This one is potent and changes through out the duration of your dose... a deceivingly potent strain, your good, good , good ... and then you wonder if you took to much ... Don’t take this one at night if you want sleep, but if you want to disco( hahaha) all night or delve into some deep philosophical conversations while doing jumping jacks up a mountain face.... , this one is for you !!! This strain will keep the wheels of high octane well oiled !! Start with a smaller dose !!

*Mellow taste,
*fresh and pleasant aroma ,
*fine grind
Absolutely lovely . GM is one of my favorite strains and OEO carries a very nice one at that, very happy with this one. Great mood boost, very nice energy, good pain relief and lowered anxiety...pretty fast onset of effects...lasts a good 4+ hrs...a great happy strain!! Def one of great noteworthiness!!! More please !!!! Highly recommend this one!!!!

Capsule dose:
I had a great experience with the Malay caps, really the closest effects to a powder dose..... this strain is AWESOME!!! I’m not over exaggerating when I write about my love for this strain... a near perfect kratom strain.... for me !!! Seems like no matter the vendor ... 8/10 times it hits home properly !!

*Good grind, notch or two below baby powder
*earthy kratom smell
*tasting like a red with less of the musty notes I feel most reds impart
Pretty mellow, decent relaxation, mild energy, moderate pain relief. While not a bad strain it’s just one of the many reds that don’t do much for me ... but it’s all about what qualities your looking for ... if your wanting that balanced yet easy going shift in the body that isn’t knock out or overwhelming , this ones for you !!

Capsule Dose:
Nice and mellow , great to just grab the bottle on the go and have some mellow pain relief without any hassle .... just make sure to drink lots of water with caps .... pretty important... also hot beverage is ideal as it dissolves caps faster and more evenly,

Gentle energy and mildly potent. A mellow white that would be great for someone new to kratom. 2 hrs of noticeably clean effects , I wanted more from this one...probably blended with a green would have helped with that, booster dose at the 2hr mark made for a longer duration and brought me back to that clarity zone...

Capsule Dose :
I tried the caps early in the morning and I didnt get enough octane from them to account for my fatigue..... but I took a few more a couple hrs later ... and 3 Oasis caps and felt more lively and focused.....

*very soft smell,almost odorless !
*fine grind
*Exceptionally bitter, one of the more bitter strains I’ve ever tried( super as I’ve come to understand means older and larger leaves with higher alkaloids =more bitter ?)
Nice even keel energy, nothing over-the-top, no edginess
I can see this being good blended with a green or red because I got very little pain relief out of it but nice consistent even keel energy , a green or red addition could be very nice to balance out and extend the effects while adding more pain relief and moodlift, clean energy are its signature trait.

Capsule Dose:
While working and wanting to take Kratom , took 7 capsules, sipped on some hot coffee from my thermos ... ( def helped dissolve the caps faster and more evenly ) where before I was feeling fatigued from the work day , these caps gave me enough juju to truck on !!

*Darker green on verge of reddish brown,
*very mild smell
*A slightly coarser grind ,
*mellow and light, slightly sedating... mellow energy
*moderate pain relief,
Most reds don’t jive with my chemistry type, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad strain/batch... this particular one didn’t give up its secrets for me ...

Capsule Dose:

Pretty much the same as the powder , just didn’t sing to me in any special kind of way, may be perfect for another’s chemistry,

3 tsp
Warm and cozy feeling
Relaxing and soothing
I’ve been really appreciating golds lately ... the good ones feel like a warm relaxing blanket of contentment... a perfect strain for easing into the evening, soothing your body and melting away you aches and pain!! A noteworthy “strain”!!

Capsule Dose:
These caps were pretty nice , I love the warmth of this strain and the caps didnt hide those lovely qualities ... Consumed 8 caps and 2 hrs later 4 more , my body was very happy.. could move forward in the day with good vibes and a warm pain relieving glow .

First dose gave mellow effects that were smooth and anxiety lowering. Classic Bentuangie taste that reminds me of earthy over ripe dried fruit.... very pleasant. Combined with a red or green strain could make for a special and very delectable experience.

Capsule Dose:
Slightly less strength than the powder ( capsules just take a bit longer to dissolve) but lasted longer !!

“My thoughts on Capsules”
I’ve come to the conclusion that capsules are a worthwhile convenience without the need to mix powders or T&W , great for traveling ... but I personally don’t get the effects from caps like a powder dose gives ...
I see caps being more of a benefit ( at least for me )for needing a booster in-between powder or when it’s darn near impossible to mix up your powder dose. That said some capsules were more effective in delivering effects than others. Caps (from the same strain that impressed me in powder form ) were not always giving me the full glory that I know could be had when dosing my preferred way... powder in GF juice !! OEO has a great variety to choose from offering a great way to go traveling with... capsules def have a secure place in many Kratom enthusiasts line up!! Some folks just love the capsules , they’re my go to when I’m at work and have taken all my powder but want some extra benefit!!

(Kanna & Akuamma blend)
Some good moodlift and pain relief.... actually very impressed with this herbal product .. especially when I combined 3 capsules of Oasis with 4-6 caps of akuamma taken with my kratom dose .. great moodlifting, pain relieving and happy effect. This greatly adds longevity to my kratom dose .. easily 1.5-2 hrs for a total of around 6 hrs. Really cool!! I can see how kanna can be a great addition to anyone needing some vibes lightened up when feeling depressed or melancholic, mixes absolutely great with kratom, my favorite way to take it. Taken on its own Oasis gave me a positive vibe with a spark of energy for a couple hrs. Taken with Kratom this extended my dose by 2 hrs!!
Very cool!! The combination of Kratom, Akuamma and Kanna puts a smile on my face and puts my body in a sustained reprieve from achey pain and a dark mood .. highly recommend trying this.
do not take Kanna if your taking any SRI’s, as it works in similar ways as a antidepressant does therefore for taking Kanna while also taking SRI’s gives risk to getting serotonin syndrome, not a good thing !!! On its own or combined with Akuamma or Kratom... not a problem and no contraindications that I’ve heard or read about .

Kratom powder starts at :
60 gms 19.50$
90 gms 26.25$
120 gms 32.75$
180 gms 46.00
400 gms 99.25$

Kratom caps (650mg)starts at :
50 for 16.50$
100 for 20.50$
300 for 54.00$
500 for 81.00$
1000 for 147.00$

Oasis capsules(625mg per cap) options are:
45 caps 19.50$
90 caps 33.25$
270 caps 85.75$

Akuamma caps(600mg) start at:
50 for 14.25$
100 for 18.75$
300 for 38.75$
500 for 59.50$
1000 for 99.25$
Akuamma powder is available as well...

Kanna caps (200mg per cap) start at :
30 for 19.00$
60 for 30.00$

A bottle of 20 Akuamma caps and 10 oasis caps can be sampled for free, only need to pay for the shipping $4.50

The list of kratom strains that Organic Elements Online has available is vast and long , so I won’t list them here. Easy to click on the link at the bottom of the review to view their selections.
As a kratom believer and enthusiast , like the best of them ( speaking humbly here lol) I can relay that this company offers outstanding customer service, has a wide selection of both kratom caps, powder... as well as kratom alternatives.... putting this vendor in a valuable spot for those of us who desire good options. Some strains work better for some than for others.. so what worked well for me might not for you ... such is the nature of kratom and anything in life ... this company is solid and I know i have another good option to procure my favorite herbs from.!!! The only thing that would make purchasing from them less than frequent is the higher price for their powder ...
I think the capsule prices are reasonable though ....
All of the products offered come in blue tinted bottles to protect from UV light damaging the herbs inside .. nice touch !

If you feel like trying a different vendor out to shake things up a bit ... OEO is a worthy consideration to choose ..!!!


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