09 Mar 2020
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TOPIC: Texas Family Harvest

Texas Family Harvest 2 weeks 3 days ago #50631

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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  • Pizza and kratom ?
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Hey Ed ,
Please check your PM, left a message for you B-)
Life is better with kratom !
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Texas Family Harvest 2 weeks 5 days ago #50615

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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  • Pizza and kratom ?
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Hello Ed, welcome to the ILK family/Community !

TFH are a great company, last I checked , they are a member only vendor . The reason being that they only want to provide the best that they can, and by meeting the orders of the masses, they feel quality ( at this point in time ) would be compromised .

I’ll check in with Chris to see if he’s excepting new members . A handful of times a year he sends out test batches for folks to try and take a survey , for quality consensus and also to build a profile of what a particular strains his customers jives well with . I know aside from this , he’s recently been opening his doors a few times a year for non- members to purchase. I get that it’s a bummer for many that TFH is a member only company, but it’s all for the right reasons . No cutting corners on quality .

Happy you found us , and I know how beneficial kratom over pain meds are in the short and long term , though meds are there for those who really need it ... hopefully !

Aside from TFH there’s many quality vendors we can recommend.

Benni Botanical
InSense/ Goldleaf Botanical
Fused Flora
Lucky Herbals
Inland Botanical
Bow Key Botanical
SLO Kratom
Philly Kratom
King’s Kratom
Kingpin Kratom

And more that I’d need to check my notes as there’s many top notch kratom vendors out there , and plenty of sub par ones as well.

I’ll check in with Chris about you being able to order , please consider the list I gave and or check the full vendor list we have available.


Anything we can do to be of help , reach out anytime, we all want the best for each other , this is a very special community!

I’ll post here when I’ve contacted Chris at TFH.

Others will add to some ideas for quality sources and to welcome our newest member... you !

Take care my friend !

Life is better with kratom !
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Texas Family Harvest 2 weeks 5 days ago #50613

  • Gutizedu
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Hello my name is Ed and i am reading good reviews about your kratom.
After my knee surgery kratom helped me avoiding taking pain killer meds..
But buying online is challenging and disappointing. Most of the time i get bad products.
Please let me know how i can order from TFH.
Thank you for your time.
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Texas Family Harvest 6 months 4 days ago #45915

  • Laurie
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  • Have a better day!
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Try half a cup next time? Greens are lovely and should be tried as well :-)

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Texas Family Harvest 6 months 4 days ago #45914

  • Katrina B.
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Sounds really good love the reviews. Wish I could join. Need a green, i guess that gives some energy andpain relief. Been making tea out of a bali leaves, almost a powder. I like the way the tea tastes. I was bracing for something horrible. I use local honey in all my tea. This bali helps w pain but makes me too tired for daytime. Instructions say 1 teasp = pp
2.4 grams. I end up drinking the whole cup. Maybe too much.
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Texas Family Harvest 6 months 6 days ago #45861

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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My dude !! Your very welcome ,,, THANK YOU =D>

I’m completely impressed by your dedication , ethics and love to providing quality kratom ,, for your members , while supporting the farmers you source from... and keeping the quality bar really high ... sincerely Chris , huge gratitude and big thx my friend .... major respect for you and your wife (L) (L) (L)

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Texas Family Harvest 6 months 6 days ago #45858

  • gumbyke1
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Thank you so much for the incredibly kind words. We really appreciate your contributions to our research! =D> =D> =D> (L)
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Texas Family Harvest 6 months 6 days ago #45830

  • Somethingsacredgoinonhere
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“For Connoisseurs by Connoisseurs “..... 

That phrase is Completely spot on !!

Chris and his wife run a outfit providing small batch , indoor dried and some string dried batches of kratom.  TFH is very knowledgeable about kratom..!
I have met some amazing people while on my kratom adventures and TFH  is a company  full of integrity ,implementing a unique business model with respectful methods  to keeping their kratom high quality  , definitely in the
“ NEXT LEVEL” category. 

Ive participated in a few of their  surveys.... they keep their quality top notch by sending out test  samples of various batches and drying techniques to see what folks are responding too best...TFH is not  accepting new members at the moment .... perhaps in  the future more can become members when higher volumes  of kratom can be procured without compromise to the quality !

I can unequivocally and  with great stokedness say ....their kratom is very, very good  . 

The dose amounts  i used in reviewing the samples were the same for each strain .. 2tsp .. approx 4-5 gm per dose ...some of the more relaxing ones I’d be very interested in trying a smaller dosage to see if the energy is there with  a smaller amount taken  !!

Wild  Premium Bali -WM-1
-Very good pain relief 
-clean energy 
-great build up of moodlift 
* I was in pretty bad pain( have been for the last week) and felt miserable .. very shortly after taking my dose, this variety helped  me see the light at the end of a dark tunnel ... very ,very grateful... feels like very well rounded green with excellent pain relief, a great  level / happy energy ...  Awesome moodlift !! .... In the first 30 minutes..... warm and positive with a solid sense of wellbeing.....good healthy legs with this beauty , 4 hrs strong ...positive glow and happy trails!

Wild Green Sumpur -M5
This one didn’t have very pronounced effects for me , kind of made me sleepy during the day .... didnt last long ...
* Pain Relief for me was mild as was moodlift  ,
* energy was relaxing/ sedating  ... which definitely has its place in the pm section !! Kratom effects can be so variable even with the same dose in the same day/different day , I was already very tired when I tried this strain... Kratom that’s really amazing can be misleading if the first try dosent bring huge effects .. after trying again I’ll post any added thoughts ! 

Wild Red Sumpur -M5
-Crystal clear focus , 
-good moodlift ,  
-pain relief was pretty substantial.. the pinched nerve in my shoulder was relieved of pressure and tension .
-Happy upbeat energy , great daytime red ... really like this one !!
-2.5-3 hrs long .... great daytime strain ... or when wanting to have great clarity and happy mood . A very happy and positive strain !
Would be a great strain to take for depression and anxiety because this is a smile inducing powder !! Love this strain!!

Green Dayak -KIN-1
-fine grind 
-perfumey smell 
-mild bitterness 
This green Dyak is a lovely work strain, chill strain... a feel good strain.... 
All the varieties I’ve tried have had there own special personality , green dyak is lovely in all the ways I like ..
* Substantial pain relief -very good 
* Moodlift - very very good 
* Energy- positive and upbeat stimulation but relaxing at the same time .. more energetic in the first 2 hrs .. turning into a relaxed energy  ... this powder had me feeling light on my feet ... a great positivity inducing  “variety “  . 

-Wild indo blend -( can’t find the batch # !!)
-Nice fine grind 
-almost  perfumey kind of aroma 
-mellow bitterness 
* Very clean feeling , moderate pain relief,
* good amount of moodlift .... combined with a very balanced uplifting  energy . Best description:elevated mood with balanced analgesic/stimulation/ anti-anxiety effects ... gave me a happy and clear energy with major clarity !
* Pretty good legs ‪3.5-4 hrs‬ 
This is a good anytime of the day “strain “ ....when looking for that invigorated and stoked  feeling with no overwhelming or overbearing aspects , .mixes very good with wild Hulu ...aches diminished, added perked up energy and more moodlift !!  

Wild Green Hulu -IR2
*Wow, beautiful green fine grind powder ...amazing fresh kratom smell.... mildly bitter taste. I really love this strain. The effects I get from this exceptional strain is a very energetic happy moodlift, with a good amount of pain relief. Good long legs ... 4hrs+!
This green Hulu is perfect for morning or midday use... or anytime when wanting a boost of energy that picks you up out of any sour mood while soothing aching pain. Impressed and then some .... makes it in my favorites list without a doubt!!   It’s strongest attributes are long lasting clean stimulation with pronounced moodlift .... def a winner amongst winners !

24 karat -M19
-fine grind 
-Smooth taste,lacking any real noticeable bitterness with t&w or mixed in my oj .... 
-beautiful color !
* This batch was felt almost immediately .... very good moodboost & uplifting energy . 
* Pain relief is substantial.as well..
2 hrs in , feeling more mellowed out ...but still energized and happy ...  This was taken as my second dose of the day...beautiful  effects of positivity and stokedness!! Today at work while doing some heavy labor ,, any grueling aspects of the day felt like a back drop to what great vibes I was feeling .. all smiles with this 24 karat !! Special batch !! Another favorite !!

Super Red Sundra -A-13
All the kratom from TFH  has a very fine grind , super good kratom smell.. and most are mildly bitter if bitter at all!! This one holds true to that sentiment!

* Very energetic red !! 
* great moodlift !!
* Moderate pain relief ...
* Long lasting 4.5 hrs 

I really enjoyed this red ... a lot of reds are strike outs  for me ... this ones a grand slam!! 4 hrs later and still feel energized but in a very level/ balanced way ... good work strain... great “strain” for daytime 

30 yo wild green -IR3
-Great kratom smell,
-barely noticeable bitterness ... -very fine grind 
* Wow, very happy , great moodlift ,
* good clean energy and a
* good amount of pain relief ... I’m so thoroughly impressed with this strain.... one of my favorites from TFH... good legs ... 5 hrs +
Great morning or midday , lifts the spirits and then some .. made me smile while doing laborious work .... came on pretty fast and kept getting more enjoyable  .. felt better and better .... 3 hrs  in turned into 
a more relaxing tone .. the cool thing about this kratom ( aside from its great quality ) is that it comes from 30 year old trees growing in the wild !!! This is a fabulous batch ... When/if TFH starts to take on more members ... you want to try this ... this is off the hook amazing !!

Super Green Sunda -A-13
A more relaxing strain with some background energy to it .. 4hrs... this is one to chill out with when you’re not super tired, or else it can help you feel that tiredness more than you’d like … Making your eyes a little heavy, 
if you’re not completely fatigued it’s a perfect mix of relaxation and stimulation with moderate pain relief and moodlift!

Wild Harvest Indo Muk-1
More energy to this lovely strain...good amount of pain relief with nice moodlift ... great midday option.. could be a nice morning one as well!! A warming chill and content beauty !

Red Dyak  KIN-1
This cames on as a heavier red to me ... very sedating ( could have been cause I was lacking sleep and fighting off getting sick?) but initially was a calm energy that led to a super relaxed and sedating place , not over the rainbow moodlift,  pretty decent pain relief ...major relaxation hit about 1.5 hrs after taking my dose ... Def a evening strain at the dose I took .. 2tsp... I’ll try 1tsp next time , see if theres more energy at that amount!

Chocolate Bentuangie -IR-3
-very fine grind 
-smooth taste 
-darker green/ brownish-reddish color 
-Smells earthy sweet 
-Very good pain relief
* First time I tried this bent I experienced a feeling like my head was snuggled up in a down feather pillow .. very  calming effects but didn’t feel sedating -some chill moodlifting effects
* 2nd dose was like WOW!!! At first was a slight stimulation... then ....swish......very powerful relaxation / sedation ... which granted me permission to close my eyes and drift  into a euphoric  type of rest  .... 
I want to have more of this for evening times where sleep is a problem or when my nervous system needs to have a break from stress and tension.. A very special and beautiful strain ... 

What more can I say ..? This small company out of Texas has exceptional kratom and amazing ethics for maintaining quality at the expense of not making more $ by having more customers ... I hope some of you get a chance to do some sample surveys for TFH... Once you have sampled some of their batches ...you’ll def want to be one of those participants and if we’re lucky, we’ll get to purchase what we try in the future . 

Huge thx to Chris and his wife  , much respect !!!!! Keep up the good form !!!! 

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