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TOPIC: Amazing Botanicals Review

Amazing Botanicals Review 1 week 1 day ago #48212

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Here is my review of the three 30 gram samples from Amazing Botanicals.
The samples were for their Red, White, and Green Maeng Da

Price was basically free for the samples since you only had to pay for shipping which was $3.99. :-bd

I ordered them on 2/3/2020 and received them on 2//6/2020. So shipping time is excellent. =D>

I tried 900mg of the Red MD first. I took it in 1oz of warm water with a 1/4 tsp of lemon juice. Other than with grapefruit juice this is my most used method.
It is a very fine powder with some grit. Has standard kratom bitterness. Reddish color as can be seen in the photo.
I started to feel in in about 60 minutes. My scalp was tingling, which is normal for me. :cheer:
It made me calm and relaxed for the first hour before I needed to go to bed because of the sedation. :ohmy: This is also normal for a Red MD for me. But I did not sleep well as I normally do with a sedating red. I had very dark and scary dreams all night long and was exhausted when I woke up in the morning. No kratom I have previously taken since I started in March 2019 has had this effect on me. :unsure:

I waited a day and tried the Green MD the following morning after trying the Red MD.
At 7am I took 1g in 1oz of warm water with a 1/4 tsp of lemon juice.
It is also a very fine powder with some grit and has the standard kratom bitterness. It is a lighter green color as can be seen in the photo.
It also took about an hour before I felt it working. I got some clarity, pain relief, and a bit of calming from it. It did not help with the level 3 headache I had that morning. But that is not unusual because most kratom does not help with my headaches.
Unfortunately for some reason I also got nausea about 30 minutes after that. :-? The nausea and other affects wore off about 4 hours later.

2 hours later, around 2pm, I tried the White MD.
I took 1g in 1oz of warm water with a 1/4 tsp of lemon juice.
This also has the same fine grind wuth some grit but seemed slightly more bitter than the red or green. It has a slightly reddish tint to the green color as can be seen in the photo.
It also took about an hour to start working. But the effects were not what I normally experience from a white. There was no uplift or clarity. There was a great deal of sedation as if I had taken a red. This also caused nausea a short time after that.
Since it was mid afternoon I forced myself to stay awake until it mostly wore off about 4 hours later.
I had no trouble sleeping that night and didn't have any bad dreams. :-bd

I thank Amazing Botanicals for the opportunity to sample their MDs but they do not work for me in the manner that I am used to and desire.

I am curious to see the reviews of others who also got the samples to see if there were any similarities to my experiences.

My Grandkids say I’m a cuckoo head. ;)
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Amazing Botanicals Review 1 week 20 hours ago #48221

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I used a small amount of the Green MD about four and a half hours ago, Forty minutes ago I took a small amount of shop.kratom Green Kapuas Hulu (hello, old friend).

No ill effects at the moment. The Green MD went to work really fast, and I didn't even take my usual citric acid drink chaser. Very nice, decent legs, but one try is not enough to say more than that it's fine, especially given that it was first at bat today.

Ill try the Red MD tonight/next, but, lol, naturally I'm also testing some stuff that's new to me to help with getting a deep sleep, and it lives up to its rep regarding promoting lucid dreaming . Edit: Woops! Wrong product. I meant L-THP.It's derived from Corydalis.


I post on a political forum, and last night's lucid dream was about a bunch of posters going over my remarks regarding the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, and Tulsi Gabbard's chances for a good finish in it. I woke up when I could hear myself mumbling my replies.

Wow! Not a nightmare, but what a pedestrian use of a perfectly decent lucid dream! Fwiw I got it from LiftMode.

Where was I? So yeah, my observations on the Red's effect on sleep won't be too meaningful. Oh, and I took Melatonin as well, of course. :)

Anywho, maybe you could try one more time but with no acid based drinks, and try 25% less. Maybe its new to you alkaloid profile came on too strong and too fast, and set you up for a cascade of effects that didn't really hit until later. Sort of similar to how a strong White might affect some people at some times.

I'll try the Red tonight, the White tomorrow, and then the Green again after that. Now I'm curious! :)

But since the Green MD was totally inoffensive to me, I've got easy courage. ;)

Still on my testing phase serving sizes, so "only" 500 mg. of Kratom plus 250 mg. each of Hirsuta, Javanica, and Stem and Vein.

And as I have for years, I take, in alternating fashion, herbs like the extracts of Lemon Balm, Valerian, Passion Flower, and also now newer ones like Skullcap and White Magnolia Bark, extracts. And my time off from taking Kava, a couple of months?, ended when my new jar showed up in the mail a few days back. Lots of variables for me, which I was make some effort keeping the serving sizes consistent when doing reviews.

Though eventually I might need a new higher baseline, we'll see.
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Amazing Botanicals Review 6 days 38 minutes ago #48274

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Came home from the gym about 10am this morning & was a bit tired. Decided to try the white MD sample from Amazing Botanicals. Put 2 grams in a cup of hot Pu-erh tea. Now I am not as eloquent as most of you but I can say that within 1/2 hour I felt an increase in energy, improved focus, & my sore muscles started feeling better. Nothing over the top but at 68 years old I'm happy when I get these type of results lol. Next try will be 3 grams. Have yet to try the green or red.
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Amazing Botanicals Review 5 days 22 hours ago #48279

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Took Green MD yesterday, was equal to one of my favorite go to strains for work. Not fair to Amazing to mention which vendor but if you guys read any of my posts there is only two or 3 guesses.

Okay Green MD worked very quickly. Solid mood lift and nice steady energy. Seems like what I always want a White strain to be but most whites never work for me. I had excellent pain relief for solid 4 hours with a subtle waning the next 2 hours. I can see it not working for headaches Tiggs. It kicked in the mood lift quick and all at once. I felt the inflammation lift from my body and I was ready to run out the door to work.

Red MD I have to try again. I am a very little bit Red tolerant right now time to work on my rotation. But initially an 7/10 pain reducer.

White MD I am giving the sample to my daughter I will get her review when shes give it a go.
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