09 Mar 2020
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SLO KRATOM/ BOTANICALS 1 month 3 weeks ago #49542

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SLO Kratom is a newly approved ILK vendor that I recently had the honor to review ! Very nice folks with great kratom . An all around great company that gave me a super positive experience.

- medium amount bitterness
- nice grind
- Light musty red smell,
-after 1.5 hrs the upfront and pronounced energy was followed by a happy glow of mellow vibes
-moderate moodlift , dipped down a notch at about 1.5 hrs
-nice pain relief lasting around 2hrs
This red is a good anytime of the day “strain “ Good energy boost with a nice level of clarity .... sweet pain reduction and moodlift . Pleasant and enjoyable lasting around 3 to 3-1/2 hrs. This makes a great middle of the day choice or early evening, giving perked up energy followed by relaxation ..... background energy still going throughout the duration ... very nice quality red !

- strong yummy kratom smell
- Nice grind ,
- Strong taste , moderately bitter
A stellar variety with strong moodlift , clean octane with zero jitters ! Packs a nice amount of pain relief as well .... which doesn’t happen very often with whites . This special long legged white (4.5 hrs) is one of my favorites from SLO....Very note worthy and a great addition to the herbal chest .!.!.!.!.
Recommend to anyone who loves whites without edginess what so ever ! Smooth sailing to Happyville (:

- A good grind , has the smallest little bits of stem & vein which adds to the duration and quality of effects , smooth grind
- Friendly taste , mildly bitter .. tastes like quality kratom .
- fresh smelling kratom love
This yellow variety takes its time (30 or so minutes) building up to awesome moodlift, clean energy and respectable pain relief ... strong and happy effects for a solid 3.5 hrs after 30 min mark from dosing . I was charging ahead with happy vibes for the better part of the day while working ..Taking this kratom planted me in the stoked zone . Great for daytime , a busy work day or to get stuff done while feeling great . Awesome feel good variety ! This 3.5-4 hrs yellow has earned a place in my kratom repertoire...
(* Michele , I always think of you when reviewing yellow “strains” , I think you’d dig this one )

Very dreamy / sleep inducing sedation:1.5-2 hrs ...followed by the feeling like I had a good catnap..lol.... cause I did !!
Warm moodlift after sedation wore off. Not to be taken in the day if you need to get stuff done . Still need to try a lower dose to see if the energy is there. Some of the more sedating varieties can give stellar uplifting energy when reduced by 50%. My second try with the green ,and cutting my amount by half proved to be way more energetic and with some sweet moodlift . Lasting a nice 4 hrs . Versatile variety here ! Nighty night at reg dosage or let’s climb a mountain when lowering your dosage .

-mild bitter bite , but not overwhelming
-nice fine grind
-light green color
- very high energy with no jitters !
- Very good pain relief ...
- Great moodlift !!
This Sunrise blend .... impressed me quite a bit ... properly named ! . Dosing this in the morning gives phenomenal energy, packing great moodlift and awesome pain relief . If you like faster varieties but want to avoid the edginess some tend to give ... this is a exceptional blend . Going strong for a solid 5 hrs before considering another dose to loosen my body up again .. highly recommend this one . Just wow good !!!
This is a blend that hits all the lovely notes , white strain fans would be stoked with this variety ! Quality kratom . Very good !

-nice smooth grind,
-the smell wasn’t very enticing for me ,just wasn’t as palatably pleasing as the other others I reviewed ... but that’s just my personal taste .
-the taste was similar to the smell
- mild moodlift
- Relaxing energy that eased the nerves down a couple of notches
- moderate pain relief
- anti anxiety effects
This blend was not bad at all just didn’t jump out at me with high fives like the other “strains” from SLO I tried. And that’s one of the more interesting things about kratom..... what works great for some , not so great for others ... what doesn’t work great on one day or several even ..... , blows your socks off at another time! If looking for a evening wind down where the effects won’t be overpowering , but nice and easy going, the sunset might be what your wanting at the end of the day .

-fine grind
-nice kratom smell
-mellow tasting , low bitterness
-anti anxiety
I took this blend as my second dose of the day. Very nice !
This mix delivered a “happy glow” with balanced and friendly upbeat energy ...all dials are set on calm, cool ,happy with a nice bit of focus .I was tired and dragging my feet , feeling a bit sore from a hard day of work ....this variety stomped out my pain , boosted my energy a couple of notches and put a stoked smile on my face .
Approximately 3.5 hrs in duration . Good for midday or evening dose . Helps recalibrate your body into the chill zone while giving a clear headed easy going moodlift . Lovely !

Black 50:1 extract
-shinny glittery black flecks of gem like appearance
-bitter but not over the top, enjoyable to my taste buds as well, not unbearable like some I’ve tried . Reminiscent of smoky coffee lol
- Smile planted moodlift
- Very good pain relief
- Clean and upbeat energy
Safe to say some of the best extract I’ve tried . Mixing a small amount (approx 1/4-1/2tsp) with 1/2 my reg powder dose brought on great vibes , clean energy and added pain relief effects . I usually stay away from concentrates , only taking them from time to time so my tolerance won’t go up in flames , however I’m happy to have this on hand for those special occasions when needing extra help with relief . Very good , very strong ! Caution, you might fall in love .

Green 20:1 extract
-Very deep emerald green flecks of shiny extract
-mild bitterness , soft citric acid bite
When added to my powder dose this extract gave clean energy and good clarity . The main attribute is focus with awesome muscle relaxation and clarity ! The effects built up over an hr and sustained a happy , muscle loosened and positive vibe for approximately 4.5 hrs . My lady asked me why I was smiling so much . ....lol
Def a smile inducer !!

Gold 50:1 extract
-Beautiful gold colored specs of gem like extract
-Very fast !!! Lots of energy ...
I took this with a white variety and was on rocket mode while in my plumbing class lol... next time I’ll take a smaller amount ...
Half the battle with extracts is finding the right amount that brings on the enhanced awesomeness that kratom can give .,, not much of a buffer zone between just right and too much ! When wanting a little or a lot of high octane for special circumstances, this might be the extra pinch added to your reg powder to get you there and back again ! Rocket fuel with only a small amount needed . For those with sensitive nerves, adding just a little pinch combined with a red or gold should do it.

I started talking with Ryan at SLO Kratom (located in San Louis Obispo, CA....which is a just few hrs south from Santa Cruz ... my home base ...)after learning about his company on ILK . Super friendly dude providing quality kratom. SLO Botanical is based on the goal of providing quality consistent kratom , sourced from a favorite plantation . If SLO kratom’s leaf from this special plantation to stoke us all out is their mission ...they are doing a fine job at this ! The white, yellow and sunrise variety are exceptional and my personal favorites from SLO. These 3 are neck to neck in top quality.. as far as my chemistry concerned !!! Sunrise takes the prize if push came to shove ......

All the varieties I tried are quality picks of great leaf . The black, green and gold extracts are very enjoyable and very potent . If your a extract fan I’d check out their options , very good !

Signing up to their newsletter you’ll receive alerts for 20-50% off discounts,

Quantities offered :
25gm,50gm, 100gm and 150 gms, ... available. I hope they will consider offering bigger quantities in the future , 250,500 and kilo size options . Would be great for folks that like to buy in more bulk .... me being one of them (:

SLO Kratom’s quality products and friendly customer service makes them a solid company to order from . Stoked I was able to get to meet and get to know this company and recommend their products for folks to try . Very good kratom !

Thank you SLO Kratom

Slo Kratom – Slo Botanicals
Life is better with kratom !
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