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Powerful Anti-Coronavirus Compounds Found in Kratom

Missouri House Approves Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Powerful Anti-Coronavirus Compounds Found in Kratom

Dr. Thamrin Usman, a professor of chemistry at Tanjungpura University in Indonesia, recently gave an interview about “the diversity of tropical plants in West Kalimantan (that) have a lot of compounds that can strengthen the immune system and ward off coronavirus.” And one of the plants he mentioned that’s definitely worth noting is mitragyna speciosa, more popularly known as kratom.

This popular natural alternative to pain medications, which hails from the same plant family as coffee, contains a special compound known as chloroquine, or Cq, that research shows is powerfully combative against the coronavirus. There’s more than just one coronavirus in the world – just look at the label on a standard disinfectant spray bottle to see for yourself – and Cq could be a type of master key that protects against all of them.

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Kratom Approved in Missouri

Missouri House Approves Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Missouri House Approves Kratom Consumer Protection Act (HB 2061)

House members have approved legislation to regulate the sale of an herbal supplement known as kratom. The bill would establish the Kratom Consumer Protection Act to create a simple regulatory framework for the consumption and sale of the supplement.

Kratom is an herbal extract that comes from the leaves of an evergreen tree grown in Southeast Asia. Those who use the substance say it offers relief from pain, depression, and anxiety. Some also use it as a tool to combat addiction to opioid medications. Consumption of a large amount of kratom can be harmful, especially if it is mixed with another product, so it is important to ensure consumption of the product is at a safe level.

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Is Kratom Addicting?

Kratom is not addictive

A huge controversy that has arisen with Kratom, is whether or not it's addicting. Something to keep in mind is that virtually anything can be addicting. It all depends on you as a person and how you choose to treat any substances or product.  People who watch movies can be considered addicts if they watch them on a consistent basis or schedule. So what the true problem is how we avoid addiction.

There are certain substances that mess with your brain chemistry and can cause addiction easier than any others, but Kratom is not one. Kratom is an all-natural herb and does not contain any enhanced substances. It works with the opiate receptors in your brain, much like a prescription medicine. And just like a prescription drug, if a person takes Kratom on a daily basis, their body will become dependent on that daily dose and will crave it when it is gone.

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Stagnant Strain Syndrome. What is it?

Stagnant Strain Syndrome

What is Kratom Tolerance, Will it happen to me?

This question is asked to Kratom Vendors once a customer realizes that their doses have been growing in size. They are not getting the same effects from the kratom as they were when they first started taking Kratom. Over time your body will become less sensitive to the alkaloids in the Kratom plant. This usually leads to bigger doses, less time between doses and ultimately you’re spending more money.

THIS IS NORMAL.. Nothing to be alarmed by, We will need to break this down into a few sections to understand what’s going on and how to combat the issue.

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Kratom Potentiates

Kratom Potentiators

Make the most of your Kratom! What many newbies don’t know about Kratom is there are tons of ways to get the most out of it and for whatever effect they need. Kratom potentiators increase Kratom's effect and in different areas. Potentiates allow users to take Kratom in smaller dosages while still maintaining the same potency and overall effect. There are multiple potentiates out there and many of them work differently for each user. The best and most common are Turmeric, Chamomile, and Grapefruit.

The most raved about is Turmeric, a commonly found Indian spice. This spice has been said to lengthen Kratom’s effects and enhance them. Much like the Malaysian strains Turmeric would be good to mix with the Kratom powder to ensure a longer lasting result.

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Kratom for Stress, Anxiety & Depression

There can be Versions of Kratom

During my rotation in the Psychiatry ward, I came across a patient who was on meds for depression for the past five years. I asked him if he was compliant, to which he answered he was. Next, I asked him the reason why he wasn’t getting off meds. He told me he wasn’t observing any improvement. I checked his previous medicine files and surprisingly I saw that he was being given stronger anti-depressants every 6 to 9 months, which have way more side effects than the common anti-depressants like SSRIs and SNRIs.

The side effects had adversely affected his lifestyle and he wanted to hold on to something, to anything that helped him survive the day. This is when he talked to me about observing some improvement recently.

He spoke to me about Kratom and definitely as a doctor I became curious. I looked at research to read about this substance and found articles linking to the efficacy of Kratom in the management of Anxiety, Stress and Depression.

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Kratom For Depression

Kratom helps to battle depression indirectly

Kratom is a jack of all trades. It’s great for pain relief and energy and has a soothing and relaxing influence over the body when taken in the correct dosage. Kratom is also a great reliever for depression. Sadly, 1 in 10 Americans the age of 12 and over take prescription anti- depressants. Depression is a very common diagnosis and symptom in America and most prescription anti- depressants can lead to even worse side effects; sometimes suicide. Kratom is a SAFE solution to the problem.

How? The natural alkaloids found in the Kratom leaf work to relieve symptoms of depression. A common symptom of depression is fatigue; this is due to lack of motivation and chemical imbalance in the brain. Kratom’s energizing effects work to relieve that feeling of fatigue and motivate a person to do something with their day. The energy provided is also similar to the feeling of rejuvenation you get when you’ve taken an amazing nap. After a good amount of sleep your mind is taken over by a slight euphoria and your mood is affected in a positive way. 

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Kratom & Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes Type 1

For those unfamiliar with Type 1 Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus Type 1), this article will give you some medical and physiological background to help you understand the disease as well as the benefits that Kratom offers to those afflicted.

To begin, there are many factors that affect blood sugar levels for Type 1 Diabetics. In Type 1, little to no insulin is produced by the pancreas while Type 2 Diabetics there is still some pancreatic function and still produces insulin to some degree.

There is little known as to what causes Type 1 Diabetes, but it generally occurs during childhood. There is speculation that it is caused by genetics or virus which confuses the system into attacking the pancreas, thinking it’s a foreign body. Type 2 Diabetes is generally found in adults and caused by, possibly genetics, but also poor diet and lack of exercise. In many cases, this can be corrected or managed by improved diet and regular physical activity.

What is insulin and what does it do, you ask? Everything a person consumes is digested and converted to glucose (Blood Sugar). Obviously, when a person eats candy or consumes food containing sugar, it enters your system as a fast acting sugar which means that it is converted into glucose much faster than foods high in protein. Proteins, such as chicken, steak or similar are slow acting and are converted into glucose slower.  Simply put, once the food has been converted, insulin attaches itself to the glucose and converts to energy which is why we tend to feel better and have more energy after a good healthy meal. 

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PTSD and Kratom


PTSD and kratom is something both the VA and veterans themselves should be considering based on the success users of this herb are experiencing.

I write a lot on the various uses people find for kratom, but most of the uses have been pain-related, addiction-ending, or for anxiety relief, with only one or two (that I've seen) for PTSD.

Then yesterday I received this comment from Nick on one of my articles:

I myself have suffered from moderate PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder after several deployments to Iraq. So far Kratom seems to totally alleviate those symptoms. It is mostly the anxiety I deal with, constant worry. While in the military they prescribed me various anxiety medications and I stopped taking them after about six months. I understood the risk and the harmful side effects that came with it.

I have long believed that for every synthetically made substance, there is a safe and natural herb that they are trying to mimic. At first I thought this must be too good to be true, but the more I read, the more I am impressed with the benefits and safety of the plant.

(Beautifully put, Nick. I have felt the same way, too. Big Pharma is stealing Nature's ideas and then trying to get laws passed to stop humanity from using the original, natural product.)

This soldier is wise to do his own research on how to use kratom. It's really not that difficult -- mostly, it just requires some commonsense and personal experimentation to find the strains that suit your purposes.

One thing to keep in mind is that, "More is not necessarily better."


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How Kratom May Benefit from the Ebola Plague

How Kratom May Benefit from the Ebola Plague

Kratom may be one of many beneficiaries of the deadly Ebola epidemic, that is only now beginning. Ebola is going to be the "acid test" of the pharmaceutical monopoly's control over how medicine is practiced in North America.

How will they explain it, if their vaccines don't provide reliable protection? Most of the open-minded people I meet will admit the annual flu vaccine didn't work for them when they tried it.

What will be the unspoken message when those who are vaccinated start dying from Ebola?

Wouldn't it be quite interesting if -- by protecting the public from Kratom and other natural antiviral substances -- the blindness of the FDA and their number one client, the pharmaceutical companies, caused the extinction of the majority of the U.S. population who trust only in FDA-approved medicines?

Of course, this would clearly not be amusing if you and yours were among those who didn't survive...

In this incipit pandemic, will we learn the foolishness of only considering as treatments those synthetic drugs which can be patented for profit? Will the wiser segment of the U.S. population decide it might be a good time to consider ALL known antiviral remedies that have been shown through centuries of use to kill viruses, rather than limit ourselves to waiting for someone to concoct an untested vaccine?

This could allow a breakthrough in our myopic medical system, which has been created by the "robber barons" Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, who used their immense wealth to create profit, while inhibiting competition from traditional natural therapies. The Ebola plague might be just the thing to bring back an openness to remedies that WORK, regardless of whether they can be wildly profitable or not.

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