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A Warning to Vendors

I need to talk to Kratom vendors, large and small today. I must warn vendors and importers that the FDA in some regions has been seizing Kratom from very conscientious vendors who have merely posted a link to one of my articles on their web site.

When I call these vendors conscientious, I refer to their reading of the FDA rules and regulations and, in some cases, even hiring the top consultants to help them do their business the way the FDA will allow. This doesn't seem to be enough to please the FDA.

The problem is an extension of the FDA's efforts to restrict the freedom of speech on vendors. This makes it hard for vendors to properly educate their customers, especially newbies who can't understand why there is no dosing information, etc., on your web sites where you sell the herb. This, of course, is protecting the monopoly that has been granted to the pharmaceutical industry.

Let me remind you again, this only applies to vendors, not consumers!

You might think you can innocently post my articles on your Facebook page and be safe in doing so, even though you are not actually selling Kratom on that page. Unfortunately, the FDA has been known to stretch their regulations so I wouldn't take the risk. (This is why I have chosen not to be a vendor.)

Someone needs to inform the public of the amazing results people are experiencing with the use of Kratom, and I love to be the one who is reporting it and helping you explain this product, thus expanding your market.

I may be taking a personal risk by opposing this unfair bureaucratic over-reach, but I've done it before and I have been protected. There are some things in life that are worth risking jail for, and when you do, forces much bigger than the FDA or U.S. Government will come to your rescue.

Our freedom to use Kratom is one of those causes, not to mention our right to free speech, since that is also being trampled upon by the FDA.

But, that's another conversation for another day.

Today, I just want to remind you vendors/importers that the FDA may try to punish you by seizing your Kratom at Customs on the pretext that by posting one of my articles or even a link to my articles on your FB page or your actual company Web page you are making what they consider "medical claims".

I don't want you to suffer for providing my articles to visitors on either your vendor Web site or your Facebook page, if you are importing and/or vending Kratom.

I hate to say it, but please, "Take them down!" if you are an importer or a vendor. Kratom lovers, please keep them up!

There is a legal way to provide this information that was explained to me by someone who taught me and many others much about this herb. It is the method that other products like nootropics and diet pills that aren't regulated or "approved for consumption" by the FDA, can advertise their products' benefits.

Don't say anything remotely resembling a "medical claim" on your sales Web site or FB page, IF you are a vendor or an importer.

I will post the solution I propose for this problem next week. I need to consult with several people on what is the best way to handle connecting my reporting of Kratom's apparent medicinal benefits with your sales pages and vendor Web sites.

I'll let you know when this is ready, but, for now -- if you are an importer, please remove my articles and links to them from your sales and business FB pages. Thanks for reading this. I welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.

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