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AKA Rules of the Road to Permanent Legality

The American Kratom Association was launched on Facebook and so much of our work is done there, especially while our website undergoes a major, exciting overhaul. Doing advocacy work on Facebook has its good points and its bad. Lately, we've had some "people" who are obviously Trolls, there only to create drama and waste the time of everyone who gets involved defending us and our work.

If they have already been booted out of the AKA closed group because of argumentative and other time-wasting, negative activities, they just find another Kratom audience and start talking smack about our organization and the people involved. It is near impossible to sit back and watch people we know working so hard for us all be attacked, troll or not. But sometimes we have to, to focus and get our work done.

Some people think that risking Kratom potentially being banned is worth tearing down the people doing the most work to save it. My guess is they are suspicious of the AKA since we’re still new and the idea of a non-profit working so hard to fight for something vendors make millions off of, or they are trying to "corner the market" and become the face of Kratom, the Go-to Guy or Gal.

Maybe they’re even working for the opposition, purposefully trying to distract us from our mission.

Just dashing off some quick thoughts here, without getting into specifics, there are some subjects, like "Addiction to Kratom" and "Getting High with Kratom" or "Withdrawal from Kratom" that are playing into the hands of those who want Kratom banned.

Our admins try to discourage these conversations because they are just what our adversaries want to hear. They frighten away timid people who are curious about Kratom. And they are not helping any of us.

It's kind of like saying, "If I didn't have that gun in the house, I wouldn't have held up the liquor store and shot that clerk." As if the gun made you do it!

If we develop an addiction, which is easy to do with heroin or Xanax, on Kratom, you really need to work to do it. Didn't you notice you were forming a big habit that might be harder to quit?

If we want herbs to stay legal, I believe we need to adopt an attitude of personal responsibility, just like what the law expects over our control of alcohol consumption.

If you really can't control yourself around Kratom, please don't blame Kratom or the people trying to keep it legal. You need to do some soul-searching and adopt some new policies about whether you consume it or not.

In my experience Kratom is very conducive to thinking about the problems in life and correcting my part in causing trouble for myself. To me, self-improvement, self-mastery, is what life is all about. It is the only thing we take with us, when we die.

Whether you accept it or not, self-improvement is the key to getting more of the things we want out of life and getting fewer of the problems we'd all like to avoid.

So, discussions of how much one enjoys "getting high" with this plant are pointless and destructive to keeping it legal. It improves my mindset, my mood, and my patience, without turning me into a vegetable that doesn't care, which is great and unique among herbs. Please, let's not talk about this in terms of feeling high, which for most people has a whole different connotation, mainly negative..

So, to wrap this up, there are reasons why admins discourage talk about certain topics. It's for the purpose of keeping Kratom legal for all adults; it's not a personal attempt at denying your freedom of speech.

We, who are trying to prepare for several states that are trying to ban Kratom, would appreciate your help by avoiding these subjects and starting unfounded rumors for the purpose of some exciting dramatic theatrics to watch. We don't have time for that stuff and we hope you agree it is pointless compared with the pleasure of enjoying this herb for whatever purpose suits you.

We are working for you all. Following these guidelines will make our job much easier and more productive in the long run.

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