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Kratom and pain relief

With a society increasingly influenced by Big Pharma, the herb Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) delivers a new alternative for those people condemned to a never-ending cycle of pharmaceuticals. While pharmaceutical manufacturers scramble to protect their profit margins, a grass roots effort has been launched to increase awareness about the multifaceted benefits of Kratom. Friends, family, and social media platforms question the power of Big Pharma’s greed on mainstream drug options. Healthy alternatives are minimized in the media in favor of persuasive propaganda that benefits corporate profits and political ambition. As celebrities and loved ones continue on a downward spiral from the side-effects of antidepressants and prescription narcotics, Kratom continues to provide an alternative to the following drug types:

  • Pain Pills
  • Antidepressants
  • Muscle Relaxers
  • Sleep Aids

The public refuses to remain silent and continues to disrupt social ignorance by filming authentic testimonials favoring Kratom’s powers. The results are viral. Through individual internet searches and online forums, people struggling to move away from the harmful grasp of Oxycontin discover Kratom as a solution to their once hopeless addiction. Big Pharma is now on the defensive and cannot control public backlash as people move away from harsh mind altering chemicals in favor of natural remedies. The more Big Pharma attempts to stop this consumer revolution, the more curiosity about Kratom it encourages.

With statistics overwhelmingly supporting how deadly the side effects and overdoses can be, pharmaceutical companies continue to insulate their profits by paying for political support. They flood vulnerable people’s lives with only one message: "Prescription drugs are your only option." People suffering from chronic pain, depression, and anxiety are shoved into a medicinal system that is driven by corporate greed, not wellness. Those people that have overcome their addiction and see the pharmaceutical industry for the reactive cycle it truly is, testify openly that natural remedies such as Kratom hold the power to beat Big Pharma.

As entrepreneurs focus business models on making Kratom readily available to the mainstream, indifferent doctors find it difficult to turn a blind eye. With the rise of technology and peer-to-peer ecommerce skyrocketing, big pharmaceutical corporations will be undercut by the “little guys” they never see coming. Kratom offers consumers a way to take back their buying decisions from the medical industry. As patients demand coordinated care coupled with individualized medical options, the dangerous medical/pharmaceutical alliance will be left powerless. The next time you are in your doctor’s office, fight back against the persuasion and demand to have a say in your health decisions. At no other time in our history has the ability to disrupt “medicine as usual” been so threatening.

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