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Kratom and the Wounded Veterans

How Kratom Might Help Prevent Veteran Suicides

We all have probably heard by now that an average of 22 U.S. military veterans commit suicide every day. These are vets of all ages, many of whom served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. They are getting quite old and this, no doubt, plays a role in what led them to take their own life.

We have also heard of the incompetence and low quality of the medical services provided by the Veterans Administration's hospitals. It's bad enough that these men and women became injured doing a dangerous job for our country, but -- what is really galling is that our country hasn't delivered the quality medical care which these folks were promised.

In my work with the American Kratom Association, I had the pleasure of meeting one U.S. Air Force vet who opened my eyes to a reason for these suicides that I had never considered. His name is Josh and he told me that the reason many kill themselves is that the VA is stingy (just like many personal care physicians) in prescribing enough pain medications that make their injuries tolerable.

Josh has faced this problem, so he knows that this policy exists in the VA hospitals, just as it does in doctors' offices around the country. In the VA, it might be motivated more by budgetary constraints than by concerns that veterans are abusing their painkillers or selling them, etc.

Josh loves what kratom does for him -- and he doesn't have to beg the doctor for each prescription!

All I know is that veterans are being left in pain with few other options for relief.

But, fortunately, even though money doesn't grow on trees, one pain medication does: Kratom, an herb that is actually a leaf that grows on a tree related to the coffee plant.

To remedy this serious problem, I'd like to suggest the VA do some studies on offering kratom to vets for pain, depression, and anxiety relief. Many older vets, especially those from the Vietnam era who came in contact with Agent Orange, now have Type-2 diabetes and many people using kratom have told me kratom is helping them with Type-2 diabetes.

The VA is currently using MDMA (Ecstasy, a controlled substance), in sessions conducted by a psychiatrist, that is showing promise for helping vets with PTSD. This is very costly and cannot begin to help the many vets who currently are ready to kill themselves or others due to emotional trauma caused by PTSD.

I can imagine what the VA's excuses will be why they cannot use the herb kratom, which has been used safely in countries around the world with a better safety record than many over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen. People are killing themselves, but the VA is worried kratom might hurt them somehow.

My wish in writing this blog is to reach veterans who are in pain and/or suffering from PTSD, depression, and anxiety and let them know there is an herb that many people say is helping them deal with these issues better than any prescription medicine has. You can read some testimonials HERE.

There has been one limited short-term medical study done on humans at this time -- but, we have had millions of our fellow Americans quietly using kratom with very few problems, most of which might be blamed on other drugs or herbs they were taking.

I did hear of one VA doctor who recommended kratom to one patient confidentially. I hope that more VA and other medical personnel will recommend this multi-purpose herb to other vets who need relief from pain, PTSD, anxiety, lethargy, and depression. Kratom has helped many, according to the testimonies of others I've met, some of them even doctors and nurses, themselves!

In the meantime, I wouldn't wait to try kratom. It may be hard to imagine an herb -- a leaf from a tree -- could give relief from extreme pain that perhaps can no longer be handled by morphine or oxycodone, but many people say it did that for them -- and, they enjoy this pain relief with no significant side-effects reported.

Are all these people lying? Find out for yourself if kratom works. I've seen very few people who didn't get good results. Why should you be any different?

Even some medical people are beginning to speak out : See This

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