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Kratom Faces Resistance to Progress

Kratom is facing a lot of resistance to the acceptance of a better, less expensive, form of pain reliever, antidepressant, anti-anxiety, and herbal energy product. Progress never comes easily.

Look at the 77+ years that various agencies have enjoyed huge budgets for finding and jailing harmless marijuana smokers, if you want proof of how much resistance there is to a new (actually ancient) herbal solution to many medical problems that have Big Pharma "stumped".

Progress of all kinds forces people to find new sources of income and employment.

The automobile put the horse-and-buggy out of service. Automobiles pushed out the streetcar. Trucking curtailed the use of the rail lines.

Now kratom, a simple leaf of a tree, is hurting pain clinics, doctors, and ultimately even Big Pharma companies themselves are feeling the pain of losing sales of opioid drugs, suboxone, antidepressants, anti-anxiety meds, etc.

Many of the chronically-ill public are eager to stop taking pharmaceutical drugs, once they realize one herb can produce better results, with fewer side-effects.

Free enterprise is a rough-and-tumble business system, but it is foolish for regulatory bodies of the government to resist true progress.

It is natural that there will be winners and losers. Kratom -- about as low-tech a product as there is -- has the making of a winner in a truly competitive economy.

American industry grew because we embraced improvements in the way things were manufactured. Mass production has made products that used to be affordable only to the rich are now within the reach of the average person who has a job.

When a better product or way of solving human problems comes along, a truly free market embraces it. So should it be with kratom vs. pharmaceutical drugs which don't satisfy those they are prescribed to.

To their credit, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), has shown great restraint as the kratom industry has grown.

Now that health food stores that sell kratom are being harassed by pain clinics, which have seen their revenues dwindle, we may hear the dying squawks of these outmoded dinosaurs begging the FDA to restrain their nimble competition -- Kratom.

How will kratom be treated by the new majority Republicans in both houses of Congress? The Republicans have traditionally been the party of (big)business -- but they are also social conservatives who may decide to clamp down on kratom by portraying it as some new recreational drug. It is not, for the majority who use it.

The newly-formed must get busy educating the incoming and existing members of Congressional oversight committees. There are bridges to build that will allow us to move in the direction of a healthier, happier future.

Kratom is the future.

Big Pharma's domination of the symptomatic treatment of diseases and the pains they cause -- all motivated by which strategy will provide them the highest profit -- is a cruel and socially-destructive business model that should never have been allowed a monopoly status in our economy.

We advocates of the kratom industry have much work to do to make sure that this better solution to common health challenges continues to be available to the millions of Americans are permitted to benefit from it, if they so choose.

It is safe to say we are up for the job at hand!

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