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Kratom helps to battle depression indirectly

Kratom is a jack of all trades. It’s great for pain relief and energy and has a soothing and relaxing influence over the body when taken in the correct dosage. Kratom is also a great reliever for depression. Sadly, 1 in 10 Americans the age of 12 and over take prescription anti- depressants. Depression is a very common diagnosis and symptom in America and most prescription anti- depressants can lead to even worse side effects; sometimes suicide. Kratom is a SAFE solution to the problem.

How? The natural alkaloids found in the Kratom leaf work to relieve symptoms of depression. A common symptom of depression is fatigue; this is due to lack of motivation and chemical imbalance in the brain. Kratom’s energizing effects work to relieve that feeling of fatigue and motivate a person to do something with their day. The energy provided is also similar to the feeling of rejuvenation you get when you’ve taken an amazing nap. After a good amount of sleep your mind is taken over by a slight euphoria and your mood is affected in a positive way. 

Fatigue brought on by depression, comes from the struggle of falling asleep. Depression takes over people’s thoughts and leaves their minds racing; making it very difficult to turn their brains off and fall asleep. Kratom’s relaxing effects have been shown to work much like a sleep aid. Depending on the type of strain taken or even the amount, Kratom can help coax the body into a good night’s rest. 

Though these may seem like some minor symptoms of depression, a little help can go a long way. Relieving the feeling of fatigue and allowing the body to rest can work wonders on the mind and a person’s attitude. Some depression is stronger than others and Kratom may NOT always be the fix, but it sure is a good try!

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