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Kratom is Saving the US Economy Billions of Dollars

Opioid drug addiction cost the United States $55.7 Billion in 2007. Kratom is helping many of those who became addicted to painkillers to get free.

That's approximately a million opioid addicts who are now free of narcotics, who are not at risk of a fatal overdose, who are not missing work, not collecting disability -- and they're paying cash for their kratom! (Insurance won't pay for it, as far as I'm aware.)

Unfortunately, instead of the FDA and DEA thanking kratom's vendors (ha ha!) for providing this free service to America, they threaten those who sell the herb and try to scare away customers.

What I want to know is, When will the FDA start looking after the best interests of the American people? It has been obvious for a very long time that the pharmaceutical industry is the FDA's biggest customer -- one that contributes most of the agency's funding, so the FDA appears to be very accommodating and protective of their Cash Cow.

If the pharmaceutical industry's modus operandi is so obviously designed to harm the health of our citizens by providing misinformation about how to prevent diseases, then it should be obvious to the smart folks at the FDA.

They tell us to Stay out of the Sun (the best source of Vitamin D, a very important vitamin). They told us for years that Margarine was superior to Butter, healthwise. They told us "Vitamins just produce expensive urine". They call annual mammograms for women, using ionizing radiation, a preventive strategy to reduce the risk of cancer. On and on, they spout crazy advice that is clearly wrong.

It should also be obvious that the pharmaceutical industry is employing a strategy of only treating the symptoms of disease, rather than producing known cures, so that they can maximize their profits, while slowly destroying our health and our finances.

Perhaps I should point this out to the Government Accounting Office (GAO) and members of Congress, who are charged with making sure our tax money is well spent. I will soon, but I have doubts that anyone in government really cares, as long as their paychecks don't bounce.

Think of all the people that kratom is helping -- and then, look at the way kratom is being treated by our government! It doesn't make good sense.

Women (and a few men) with fibromyalgia are able to go back to work and have the energy to take care of their children and their home, thanks to kratom.

Men with chronic back pain, degenerative disc disease, and sciatica -- to name just a few -- are able to get off the couch, off disability, and back to work earning a living, all thanks to kratom.

Soldiers, returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD, are getting relief from feeling constantly "on alert" to dangers that no longer threaten them. They are enabled to relax, without dangerous cocktails of prescription drugs and/or alcohol.

Why can't our government see the damage Big Pharma has been doing to our people and our economy for the last one hundred years?

Why do we let a for-profit industry tell us how to stay healthy -- when they have no financial incentive for keeping us well?

In fact, just the opposite is true!

Your doctor may be a humanitarian and the nicest guy or gal on God's green earth, but Big Pharma is all about the money, period.

Face it, they make no money when we are healthy! Their business depends on keeping us sick and on finding more & more reasons why everyone should be taking their overpriced synthetic drugs...for life.

Friends, you have seen for yourselves, how much better kratom does for treating your pain, depression, and anxiety. Those with chronic fatigue have seen that go away, too. Diabetics are being helped, as are so many others.

I urge you to write your representatives in your state capital, as well as in Congress and let them know that kratom is helping you -- and not harming you. They need to hear this from you -- and you need to let them know you will vote for those who support kratom's continued legality (and against those who don't).

We need to take this issue all the way to Congress and our state government representatives. The FDA has a financial incentive to protect the income of Big Pharma. We would be wasting our time trying to convince them of the safety and effectiveness of kratom.

The FDA has a long history of giving their approval to dangerous products like Aspartame, Tylenol, OxyContin, Fosamax -- and fighting tooth and nail to prevent good herbal improvements like stevia from being sold in the USA.

It's time that Congress recognizes this expensive flaw in our health regulatory system and does something about it.

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