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Myths about Kratom

For all our Kratom newbies out there, let us start by busting some reoccurring Kratom myths. When it comes to Kratom many people tend to jump to conclusions; fearing what they don’t know. Although it is important to take precautions, it is also important to cipher through what is real and what is not. So let’s jump into it.  

First and foremost, Kratom is NOT illegal. The reason behind Kratom’s illegality in Thailand and Malaysia has nothing to do with Kratom itself but its interference with the opium trade. In the US mitragyna speciosa is placed on a watch list as with most food supplements but it is not illegal. Kratom’s illegality in some states also does not mean it is dangerous; officials are just too lazy to do their research. The real issue with Kratom is ignorance

Second, Kratom is not a synthetic drug. Kratom is a tree leaf found in the Malaysian Floristic Regions and is not involved in any chemical synthesis or processing. Kratom’s benefits come strictly from the organic alkaloids found within the leaf and are not refined or altered. Kratom is also not meant to be smoked, though some users have tried, unsuccessfully

For many users, Kratom is a God sent and it is sad when the media misjudges it. People will seek to protect themselves from what they don’t know, and it is important to keep that in mind when reading up on Kratom. These are two of the most important myths to bust, but know that there are more out there lurking and research is KEY!

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