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Kratom Basics for New Users

The use of Kratom as a catalyst for helping addicts to alcohol and/or opiates overcome their physical and psychological withdrawal is one of the herb's many positive uses. Many are doing this every day in online Facebook and other groups with the support of their peers, most of whom have been through the process already.

It is exciting to watch a "newbie" join a group, inquire what strains and dosages are best, learn where to get free samples or to buy good quality Kratom -- and then, within a few days to take their first taste of the magic elixir that will set them free. With their new online friends sitting around, in other parts of the world, waiting to hear how they are feeling, often they message back as their withdrawal pain recedes and they realize this time, "Quitting is going to work!"

As the days of online detox roll by, their enjoyment and appreciation of Kratom grows and friendships deepen. It is a beautiful thing to see such warmth of emotions felt by the participants, even in this virtual setting.

There seldom are any medical doctors present -- if they are fortunate, there may be a nurse online who is coaching, often having been through the process, too.

Because opiates/opioids block the effects of Kratom, as they are both using the same receptors, usually the person who is detoxing is recommended to stop any opiates before beginning to use Kratom. Usually they need to be in the early stages of withdrawal for the addition of Kratom to have much effect.

There are others who say they have been able to get some degree of the effects of the Kratom, even while there are the opiates/opioids still in their system. Over time, you will see that there are many differences in the ways that people are "wired" -- All one can do is take note and be flexible, but generally, sooner or later the Kratom kicks in and helps the individual through their withdrawal and they get accustomed to their new freedom from opiate cravings.

Some will quit using Kratom, having accomplished their goal of getting off heroin, percocets, or oxycodone successfully. Others have commented that continuing to use Kratom on a daily or weekly basis keeps their opiate cravings in check.

Obviously, the process for those wanting to quit drinking is different. I have not observed it in real time, but I'm aware of alcoholics' successes in doing it. It works. When the will to succeed is there, you will find a way.

Some Exciting New Developments

Recently I have heard of individual rehab counselors going out on their own to do counseling withdrawing addicts with the help of Kratom. In addition, I have heard of established clinics and sober houses beginning to offer Kratom as an option for their clients.

There are many difficult cases where the client is taking not only opioids, but also antidepressants and benzodiazepines, which make the safe withdrawal more complicated. I have heard from many who have successfully overcome these hurdles by themselves, but I have often wished that there were open-minded doctors with training specific to handling withdrawal from these other substances on hand to answer the questions these folks have.

I see a real opportunity for enterprising clinics and live-in facilities to offer Kratom to their clients rather than the standard pharmaceuticals which have a disappointing track record.

Another advantage -- and it's a wise one to have -- is that established clinics (either live-in or out-patient) could have a doctor available to advise how to work around multiple prescriptions that many opioid addicts are laboring under. From my viewpoint, I've seen many people who were formerly on multiple prescriptions who have now weaned themselves off most, or in some cases ALL of them.

Offering a controlled environment where healthy meals and snacks are provided, with a doctor either on staff or on call would seem to be a smart move. Developing a track record of success will advance the cause of keeping Kratom legal, even as it gives more addicts a better start on the road to recovery.

Many of those who became addicted to painkillers, antidepressants, and benzos, began by having health challenges for which the medical profession had no cures. I am hearing former patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Degenerative Disk Disease become symptom-free with the long-term use of Kratom. Diabetes, Type-2, patients getting off their meds entirely with Kratom, too.

There is a need for some serious research to be done, looking into the mechanisms of how this one herb is helping so many common conditions for which modern medicine has cures.

The big challenge is to Keep Kratom Legal, so that clinical testing and further research can be done to find the true capabilities of this herb. In the meantime, for courageous entrepreneurs with experience in counseling addicts through the rehab process, open-minded medical professionals, and facility owners, I see a tremendous opportunity to pioneer a radically improved recovery technology, using Kratom.

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