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Lets Analyze Another Critical Article About Kratom

The American people are increasingly being treated like sheep. Reports are presented on the TV and other news media that falsely portray kratom -- the leaf of the tree Mitragyna Speciosa from Southeast Asia -- as the new replacement for Spice and Bath Salts. To those who have experienced kratom, it is nothing of the kind.

This report, from a doctor of pharmacy, is the subject of my blog today.

Where are the reports of the good that kratom is doing for millions of moderate consumers, who find it more gentle and superior to addictive prescription drugs?

Stories gleaned from DEA "fact sheet" are reported uncritically as fact -- as if everyone abuses kratom to the point of hallucinations, delirium, opioid-like effects, such as sedation, nausea, constipation, and itching. (Has anyone experienced hallucinations from their use of kratom?)

Where is the FDA when hundreds of thousands of those on pharmaceutical opioid painkillers regularly display the same symptoms?

No, we are expected to be frightened by the patient Advererse Event Reports that are never reported -- but frequently experienced -- by those taking opioid drugs by prescription. But, they must be okay because they are taking these potentially-lethal drugs under a doctor's supervision. But where are the doctors when they accidentally take an overdose or expeience a fatal prescribed drug interaction?

We are expected to think we are safe when we take what the doctor prescribes -- and in danger when we consume an herb. But, are we?

For the 38,300 who died of properly prescribed drug overdoses in 2010, prescription drugs weren't safe. Prescription drugs were fatal. Why aren't they mentioned when someone is doing an article on the alternative treatment for pain, kratom? No, writers like this are too busy scraping around to find someone whose death was "associated with kratom use". Haven't they heard that "association doesn't prove causation"?

Are there no kudos for the former prescription drug patients who saved themselves from addiction to narcotics, benzos, and antidepressants that were making them feel suicidal? Where is the applause for the money Medicare/Medicaid is saving when former addicts of lethal prescription drugs pay for kratom themselves?

If looked at fairly, kratom comes out smelling like a rose compared to opioid medications as far as safety. And, with patients being cut off from their prescribed opioids, where else are they supposed to go for pain relief? Pain clinics? -- Where they can quit the powerful drugs for the less-effective, but more addictive ones (at higher prices)!

Sentences like, "Despite its potentially addictive properties, kratom is currently legal in most states," drive me nuts. Is it the new duty of governments to protect us from ourselves by banning anything we might allow ourselves to become too fond of? Why don't we start with tobacco and alcohol, then, which not only addict, but kill more than 568,000 Americans each year? Why single out kratom for regulatory action, when -- by itself -- it has killed no-one, ever?

Articles like this are ridiculous, but they should be the source of pleasure. Why so? They give us a chance to laugh at the propaganda techniques that are blatantly used to scare us away from trusting our own experience of kratom. This author should know better than to write a skewed, one-sided article like this.

Where is fairness and a recognition of the immense benefits many medicinal kratom users are receiving?

There is a better, less-expensive way to prevent people from harming themselves with drugs and herbs. It's called "education".

It is true that some people will prefer to overuse herbs like kratom, perhaps to the point they hurt others if they are driving while impaired. We already have laws that cover this possibility.

Let's not be tempted to punish the vast majority of kratom consumers who quietly enjoy kratom for medicinal reasons. These are the smart consumers who find kratom provides superior pain relief, energy, and positive emotional boost they haven't found in any pharmaceutical.

Why are our government (and this writer) so eager to punish those who haven't committed any crime?

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