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Recent Good News About Kratom

It was an interesting week. Some bad news and some very good news, which will help us reach our ultimate goal of Kratom being accepted as a dietary ingredient in the USA.

I managed to get on the bad side of the Botanical Legal Defense for publicly calling out their lobbyist and some other leaders for some moves that may have set us all back terribly. The only saving grace from that whole debacle was that Susan Ash, the de-facto Executive Director of the American Kratom Association formed a solid bond with Florida's Senator Evers that I believe will help us to get this bill tabled for a year or two. We will see.

On a couple other fronts, there is a documentary about the good that Kratom does that is being produced by pro videographer Tony Larson. I contributed the narration and the voiceover that will, I believe, set the tone for the project.

On another front in this battle of wits, we have producing an online commercial to show the good that Kratom is doing through the testimonials of Kratomistas able to come down to Southern California for the filming. Once again, a professional filmmaker will do the actual video and editing. The nonprofit, which is focused more on improving Kratom from a Public Relations standpoint, is funding the commercial.

It is amazing how, once a few people begin to take action toward any goal, the necessary resources to achieve that goal begin to step forward and offer to help. It is important to have a pure motive in doing this, if you hope to attract others with the talents and resources you need.

I believe the incredible growth of the American Kratom Association -- almost 1000 members in about 6 weeks -- is evidence that our motives are pure and aligned with the goals of our members. We thank you all for your votes of confidence.

There are many other sub-plots being hatched: Tony Larson, a disabled Marine Corps veteran, is also seeking and filming testimonials of vets who are willing to submit written testimonials of how Kratom has help them with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other injuries they received in the military. His wife, Rose, is a vendor and she is providing Kratom as an ethical incentive to encourage vets to participate. This promises to be a very exciting demonstration of the unique value that this naturally complex herb can bring to dealing with the huge problem of the numbers of wounded and traumatized vets with very difficult psychological problems that pharmaceutical remedies don't seem to be helping (to put it mildly!).

I am hoping to obtain access to some scientific research which is being conducted in the U.S. and abroad, which will demonstrate conclusively how safe Kratom is and put to rest worries we hear voiced in the chronic pain groups on Facebook and in the media.

For my part, I love to research questions that need to be answered in the public mind in order for the social acceptance of Kratom to be able to move forward. Studying, researching, and writing, perhaps interviewing the scientists and medical researchers, are activities that have always fascinated me, so I will be happy to do them.

Others are working to put together one or more halfway houses (that use Kratom as an aid) for recovering addicts to opiates and alcohol. I've probably left out a few projects, too.

I also heard from an authoritative source that Kratom is no longer on the DEA's list of Drugs and Chemicals of Concern. I have not been able to confirm that by finding an up-to-date DEA list, but that doesn't surprise me.

And, finally, on the video contained on the link below, at about minute 4:00, you will hear another authoritative source, Michael McGuffin of the American Herbal Products Association, give his insider knowledge of good developments he believes we will see for Kratom in the year 2015. Enjoy!

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