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Some Major Issues Confronting Kratom

The herb Kratom is one of the most amazing plants that has come to world attention in recent years and it needs to be available to everyone.

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry founders -- the billionaires of their day, Rockefeller and Carnegie -- worked with the legislators who made the rules, giving great privileges to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. This made all the natural medicines (herbs) useless in the eyes of modern medicine. This was a big mistake, but mistakes can be corrected.

Look around you, folks! Big Pharma has pretty well priced themselves out of the market for what the average human can afford! And, their products and treatments, surgery etc. do a lousy job in really correcting what goes wrong in our complex body.

So, Kratom is taking away Big Pharma's business. Tough luck, Chuck! You made the rules -- you and your associates working for the FDA -- but the times have passed you by. You made plenty of money by being the only game allowed in this country.

I believe that, for the good of the people of this country and all the rest, those rules must be amended, to allow the little people some affordable remedies for their aches and pains. Namely, Kratom, Kava, and Kanna.

I'm seeing peoples' bodies breaking down at a young age just because they get bad information from doctors that are tied to the pharmaceutical medicine system. All they treat is the symptoms -- and they don't do that so well.

So Kratom is taking a big chunk of your former market share, Big Pharma -- and the people who have heard about Kratom like it that way.

The USA was built with innovations. Kratom is new to us and it is progress over the dumb garbage Big Pharma was peddling, so why should we go back?

This country needs to start balancing its budget. Kratom can help it do that. Kratom has cut the Medicare/Medicaid expenses for more than a million Americans.

Big Pharma has been "sticking it to" our country for years, but do we hafta keep taking it? NO!

They name the price and our government (or we, ourselves) pays it. Why are we paying so much for shoddy care? Because years ago it got written into was the "New Thing" in medicine.

Well now, it's the "Old Thing" now and it's broken. And people are broken for lack of correct knowledge about how they should eat. How could the PhD "experts" be so wrong?

They have their principles wrong. They don't recognize the Divine Wisdom in natural things. They judge every remedy by how much money can it make them. Not how well it works, but how well it SELLS.

Well now, these experts in pharmaceutical medicines have lots of money and their advice has wrecked this country's health, so let them eat, sleep, and go to bed with their money. Let's see how they like how the medicine they created works when they need it.

P.S.: The post-script from the meeting that a number of Kratom business leaders and lobbyists had on February 19 is revealing. One new piece of information that came out is that the Senator who came out with the Senate Bill to ban Kratom in Florida is also sponsoring a new bill promoting the use of a new pharmaceutical drug, naloxone hydrochloride, in opiate rehab centers to "prevent overdoses"! What a coincidence!

What a joke, too!

This promotion of a Pharmaceutical drug to replace a natural herb that essentially does the same thing at far lower cost is done, because there is a lot of money to be made with the drug. Kratom only saves the system (state and local governments, and addicted individuals) money. It doesn't make the Big Pharma companies any money, which they can pay the politicians through campaign funding to keep friendly pols in office.

This is part of the reason your taxes and the prices of pharmaceutical drugs keep going up. Politicians must do expensive favors to keep the support of the corporations that keep them in office. Little businesses selling Kratom can't give the kind of huge campaign donations, so the favors -- even if the cost is passed off on taxpayers -- go to the Big Corporations.

We, the people and we, the consumers, support most of the cost of government. I doubt the company making naloxone is headquartered in Florida, so it's not paying taxes there, but it's reaping the benefits.

This ban on Kratom in Florida, if it passes (and there are some good legal reasons why it should not), seems designed to remove Big Pharma's competition -- an inexpensive, DIY, at-home detox for kicking all kinds of drug addictions -- so that Big Pharma can charge whatever they want.

Big Pharma got Americans addicted with their promotion of opioid drugs like Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, etc., and now that we're trying to get free, they want us to do it with their products. In fact, if they have their way, we won't have a choice in Florida.

This kind of crony capitalism is why the pharmaceutical companies are so rich and the American middle class is struggling. We are over-paying for areas of health care that Kratom could do better.

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