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Speaking the Language of Kratom Freedom

Adolf Hitler's minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, is quoted as saying, "“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

So, when TV newscasters tell us that Kratom is a synthetic chemical and warn that, it is only a matter of time before it kills someone, they are using the same technique, whether they intend to or not.

To them and their station manager, the truth is less important than a catchy sound bite. And besides, often they are quoting from the DEA or some local drug rehab center manager, who are incorrectly stating the facts.

Besides, they may think, "The end justifies the means of achieving it." In a War Against Drugs, isn't it more important that we prevent people from using drugs, than it is to be concerned with the "unimportant" details of scientific reports?

The DEA considers Kratom a "drug" and they believe that all drugs that aren't FDA-approved are bad, so it is not important to them how they speak about substances nobody at the FDA or DEA has taken the time to open-mindedly research.

You and I may often marvel at the distortions made about the effects of Kratom and its purported dangers. Here is what I think allows our propaganda media to twist the facts so flagrantly -- to talk about the people (especially children) that Kratom might kill, while ignoring the hundreds of thousands of deaths that legal drugs, such as alcohol, tobacco, and FDA-approved prescription drugs do cause every year.

The principle that explains how they can get away with it is this: We prefer the Devil we know, to the Devil we don't know. Besides, there's a lot of money and jobs tied to those industries! Kratom might cut into their profits.

But, Here's the Thing...

You and I need to stop cooperating with the "Big Lie" that is being told to demonize Kratom. We must stop using the language that the haters use to downplay and "diss" this amazing plant.

Some people refuse to see the point I and others have tried to make.

On Facebook and on the ILoveKratom forum, we occasionally see long conversations where someone insists on arguing that "Kratom is a drug and it does cause addiction and withdrawal."

They go on to imply that we are being dishonest to say otherwise.

Number One: this type of discussion does no-one any good. Number Two: This may have been their experience, but it is not everyone's experience.

Henry Ford, who invented the mass-production method that made modern automobiles inexpensive and plentiful, said this and it's very profound. He said, "whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right."

Many people use Kratom for years -- and then stop cold-turkey one day -- and have none of the wrenching pains that constitute what we call "withdrawal".

If they don't have a problem, then how can we say "Kratom causes withdrawal symptom, when someone quits"?

It is obviously a situation that one person needs to accept responsibility for -- and figure out what they did to cause it -- and then "suck it up" and deal with it, without blaming the herb.

I realize this is a big change in mindset for many people. But we need to begin accepting responsibility for the consequences of our own actions, if we want to win back our freedom to use herbs to treat our medical and emotional problems.

Do you see what I'm saying?

Those who insist on saying that Kratom is addictive are saying more about themselves and their lack of self-discipline than they are saying about this plant, Kratom.

They are playing into the hands of "The Nanny State", which claims to want to protect us from "dangerous" herbs like Kratom.

The bureaucrats at the FDA will use these terms to reduce our freedom, if we let them. It validates their existence, their job, but it is based on an invalid concept -- the concept that it is a legitimate function of government to tell Americans what they can put in their body.

There is no authorization in the U.S. Constitution for laws banning herbs. Herbs have been humanity's medicines from prehistoric times, they are a human right. They are "the people's medicines".

I don't need or want their protection. I accept full responsibility for my use of this herb. If I use too much, too often, and create a habit, I don't blame the plant. If we want to retain our freedom, I believe strongly that this is the new way we need to think about Kratom and all our activities.

Over the 239 years since we, in the U.S. declared our independence, we have slowly been losing our freedoms to a growing bureaucracy that has sold us their services in the name of "convenience" and "safety".

But, when we look at many of the products they have approved, like acetaminophen, aspartame, and oxycodone, these products aren't safe at all! Some corporation lied about their safety and bought the FDA approval by paying for it.

Corruption sneaks into a situation like this. I'm not saying everything the FDA does is corrupt or unnecessary, but in the case of Kratom, if you don't want to pay $50 or $100 an ounce for FDA-approved Kratom, you and I will need to accept the responsibility for making sure we avoid causing problems for ourselves by the way we use this herb.

It starts with the way we think about and speak about Kratom. Talking about Kratom, using the terms our adversaries use is surrendering our self-control and they will be only too happy to take away our right to use this herb.

Let's not let that happen.

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