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What Kratom Lovers Can Do To Help Save Kratom

Kratom lovers can do a lot to help keep Kratom legal. In fact, we must all do our part by becoming smart, self-reliant consumers of Kratom.

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is dedicated to serving our members by educating the public and leading the effort to keep Kratom legal.

Due to the size of the job we are facing -- and the limited resources we have now -- that is all we realistically can do and do well.

Some people have the mistaken impression that we are the center for complaints about making vendors do this or that for them. "I got sick from taking so-and-so's Kratom; please do something about it for me!"

We can't solve every Kratom-related problem these people may encounter. We didn't promise to do this. And we certainly aren't funded sufficiently to be every Kratom vendor's unpaid customer service rep.

What we can do is deal with the big issues on a policy level and coordinate the sharing of useful information. Just keeping Kratom legal in 46 states -- and coordinating the effort to reverse the bans in 4 states -- is a full-time job for Susan Ash and our volunteer admins who help her.

(As an illustration of what we face, Susan Ash just returned from Florida where she was prepared to testify before a committee considering a proposed study that could have led to a ban of Kratom in that state. As it turned out, the sponsor of the bill asked to postpone further action, thus ending any possibility of a ban until next year. As soon as Susan got back home, we learned that a proposal to ban Kratom in Louisiana has been submitted and now we must focus on that.)

This is beginning to look like a game of Whack-a-Mole!

Because of the size of the job we're facing, we must ask your help in preventing (ideally) or handling problems related to your consumption of Kratom. We need your help in preventing unpleasant issues of suspected contaminated Kratom or adulterated Kratom by becoming educated consumers.

Either of these rare problems -- bacterial contamination or adulterated Kratom -- could give legislators the issue they need to drive most, or maybe all, Kratom from the market.

We need your help to make sure that never happens. Both problems are fairly easy to prevent by becoming smart shoppers and consumers.

The American Kratom Association can't inspect all the Kratom in all the places it is sold. That is not our mission and there is no way we can do our real work and answer complaints nearly every day, too.

Smoke shops and other retail vendors need to police their product lines to make sure they are not selling products that have been "spiked" or enhanced with synthetics, also known as Research Chemicals. Offering these items to unsuspecting shoppers threatens your freedom, your business, and -- most importantly -- threatens the lives of customers.

We have seen enough evidence to assert that Kratom is safe, but we will not defend those vendors who add chemicals to Kratom. When vendors go beyond selling clean Kratom, you give our enemies a good reason to shut the whole Kratom industry down.

We at the American Kratom Association will do our best to make sure that doesn't happen. Vendors need to know what they are selling. Consumers can do their part by buying from vendors they have reason to trust.

We are all about freedom, but -- with freedom, comes responsibility. If shops or online vendors want to sell stuff laced with synthetic chemicals -- or if your suppliers sell you tainted Kratom that contains E.coli or Salmonella or other microbial contaminants -- you need to be prepared to take the financial and legal hit all by yourself.

All vendors who import raw Kratom or extracts should be testing their Kratom for both biological and chemical impurities. If vendors are reselling, they need to see proof that the importer has tested every product. That is a vendor's responsibility.

That being said, the American Kratom Association cannot be the police force to ensure that every vendor is selling a clean and pure product. The Kratom consumer would be wise to protect themselves by making sure their vendor is adhering to FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices. Unfortunately, most aren't.

What Can Consumers Do to Protect Themselves from Most Microbial Contaminants?

There is an easy way to prevent almost any chance of bacteriological contamination -- make tea out of your Kratom or simply pour boiling water over your dose, let it sit for a minute, then drink. Simple and effective for Salmonella and E.coli. -- the most common sources of any bacterial contamination.

Please understand: Both getting sick from biological contaminants in Kratom and accidentally buying adulterated Kratom very rarely happen. Chances are, if you get nauseous and vomit after taking Kratom, you simply took too much.

How to Avoid Consuming Adulterated Kratom

Before you consume any Kratom -- especially if it is in capsules -- you need to closely examine the powder. In most cases, you should be able to see if there has been any chemical sprayed onto the Kratom, which will look like a chalky white residue. The same is true with plain leaf Kratom. This is very rare, but certain brands have been known to be laced with synthetics and should be avoided, just to be safe.

Just this past week there was a widely publicized incident where a woman claimed she went to her favorite local smoke shop to purchase some Kratom. She was offered to try a new vaping e-liquid. She said she took two draws off of it and fell to the floor, and totally lost touch with reality.

You may have seen her appeal for the public to donate to a "GoFundMe" account she and her husband set up to pay for her ambulance ride. This could have been very bad news for the entire Kratom industry and for consumers who depend on legal access to safe, clean Kratom.

Fortunately, Susan Ash, her team of Admins, and some others saw some suspicious parts of the woman's story that just didn't add up. They took the issue to the folks at GoFundMe and got the account closed before these crooks could scam any money from the sympathetic public.

That was a relatively happy ending and certainly good thinking to de-fuse what could have become a major public relations catastrophe for all Kratom users.

Unfortunately, there will be more challenges for us on the road to winning the right to wisely use Kratom. We need your help, whether you are a vendor or a consumer, to be on the lookout for contaminated and/or adulterated Kratom. Buy from vendors who test their Kratom and stand behind the quality of the product they sell.

If you are buying direct from someone who claims to be a farmer in Indonesia or elsewhere, you are assuming all the risk. There have been cases where these exporters have delivered product sprayed with chemicals. Why take the risk?

There are plenty of good vendors who have been checked out and have a good track record. For my health and peace of mind, I don't mind paying a little more.

Please help us keep Kratom legal by becoming a savvy customer. Buy from sources you can trust. We, at the AKA, can't handle all your complaints, while we work to keep Kratom legal in this big country. Thanks for your help in this.

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