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What may save Kratom

What may save Kratom from those who wish to ban it is something every one of us can do. Share it with someone who is looking for something that Kratom can do.

We need to be selective, because pushing some strange herb on people who aren't looking -- who aren't frustrated with their current situation -- will cause them to put up their invisible mental barrier and "tune you out".

There are all kinds of opportunities in today's America, where -- if we are lucky enough to have a job, we are probably working harder than ever to make up for the layoffs done to keep our business competitive in what is honestly still a very tight economy. So, there are plenty of opportunities to casually share this amazing jungle energy tonic with co-workers who complain that they're tired or their back is hurting them.

Want to know where the biggest, largely untapped opportunity for sharing Kratom is hiding? It is in the many returning veterans of Irag and Afghanistan, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PTSD is, in the military anyway, one of those things that many soldiers would rather suffer silently than have it on their record -- especially if they plan to make a career out of the service. This gives Kratom an advantage because they can obtain it without having it on their health records. (Whether the military is now testing for Kratom in returning vets before deployment, I don't know.)

Even if Kratom could only be of use to the hundreds of thousands of troops who are not planning to stay in the armed forces, there is a huge opportunity to suggest Kratom as something that could ease their symptoms.

I suspect that many vets already know about Kratom.

One vet told me recently that he learned about Kratom from his military doctor. Many who are on active duty find the typical pharmaceutical remedies they know are being commonly prescribed are not conducive to remaining a "lean, mean, fighting machine".
Then, too, there is the stigma of being treated for a psychiatric disorder while working among others who are depending on your quick reactions and smart judgement for their own lives.

It is obvious to anyone who follows the news that the cocktail of drugs offered to our many vets who are suffering from PTSD, depression, pain, and anxiety, are not doing the job. Suicide among vets is a red flag that lets us know this -- as well as many of our own experiences with antidepressants, opioids, and benzos.

Kratom use among combat veterans may be more widespread than we know. We can only hope so, knowing how it can allow us -- in civilian life -- to see our problems in perspective while giving us the energy and optimism to take them on constructively. It would seem that Kratom could be very useful in dealing with PTSD.

Common sense tells us that veterans are a very important group, politically speaking. They are well-organized. Congress is sympathetic to their needs and wants (and owes them a big favor to make up for the shoddy treatment veterans have received in bureaucratic SNAFUs at the VA Hospitals).

My point is that, the more military veterans who are finding irreplaceable relief from Kratom who ask their representatives that Kratom be kept legal, the better our position.

One U.S. Senator who speaks powerfully for the needs of returning veterans in Senator John Walsh, a Democrat from Montana. Sen. Walsh is, himself, a veteran of the Irag war. Letters to him, especially from his constituents and veterans from Montana, would be very helpful.

We, who love Kratom and want to keep it legal, have a long fight ahead of us. We need all the friends we can get on our side, especially "friends in high places" such as doctors, professors, and members of Congress.

What if we don't know any of those friends in high places? Make a new friend for Kratom any chance you get. You never know who that person might know.

Collectively, your efforts and mine, are what may save Kratom.

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