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Why Does the U.S. Allow Medical Banditry?

Paying the Price of Freedom.

I would like to see an old custom in our country brought back: The freedom to take whatever you want into your body, so long as you're prepared to be responsible for the consequences. No more whining to the state or federal government that someone poisoned you or gave you a tummy ache. This puts the responsibility for doing some accurate research back on us. It's a big task, but I do it all the time now and my health is better than those who let the average MD do their research for them.

Obviously, businesses selling Kratom must guarantee that their product is not adulterated with other substances, or contaminated with microbial organisms. That might give the FDA something legitimate to do, or it could be guaranteed by private testing agencies.

This practice of self-responsibility -- if it was brought back -- would bring about big changes in American society. I think it would be a very good thing.

We've tried putting our trust in doctors, who put their trust in the medical school, who put their trust in the pharmaceutical industry which, put their trust in the Almighty Dollar. And how has that worked out? We are sicker than ever! Nothing has been cured beyond the simple microbes that the discovery of antibiotics can kill.

Why should a business that's run for profit cure things, when it's more profitable to treat a variety of symptoms for 30-40-50 years?

How did we get talked into that? More importantly, why do we persist with a medical system that is allowing (to put it kindly) us to get sicker while they extract more and more money for their services?

Our government leaders really need to take a hard look at what we are putting up with for medical care.

And the best example of why we need change and a return to personal freedom and the responsibility that comes with it is the issue of whether the herb Kratom is safe enough for people in the United States to be allowed to possess.

This one simple herb is making our high-priced, ineffective medicinal chemistry look like a waste of time!

Are we permitted to be the judge of whether the drugs we pay for are working to our benefit? It seems not.

Must we allow ourselves to be treated as so dumb that we can't tell what is good for us? The doctor gives us an antidepressant that makes us want to kill ourself -- because the drug makers did a study showing their synthetic product was a percent or two better than a sugar pill in testing they commissioned.

Kratom makes us feel healthy, no longer depressed, no thoughts of suicide, and actually allows our natural optimism for life to resurface -- Is this dangerous? We are expected to believe that the doctor's drugs are safer (even though they kill almost two Americans a minute).

What right does anyone have to tell us what we should be allowed to use for our medicine? Show me in the Constitution where the medical, for-profit drug industry has preference over natural herbs.

What gave the FDA the authority to prevent substances that have worked for centuries to be kept from entering the USA? Not the U.S. Constitution, certainly!

In this year's presidential campaign, the second Republican candidates' debate let some startling comments out of the bag as Donald Trump, Ben Carson MD, and Rand Paul OD, all agreed that we are giving children far too many vaccines in too brief a time period, during their newborn and toddler years.

The moderator was, perhaps, hoping to entrap Trump and others in an issue that goes against the pharmaceutical dogma that vaccines are safe, don't cause autism, and are necessary for all. It didn't work -- and this is an encouraging sign that our freedom to use kratom without interference by the FDA may be reconsidered.

In the debate on September 16, 2015, candidate Mike Huckabee even went so far to say, "Why doesn't this country focus on cures rather than treatment? Why don't we focus on the cure for cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's?"

That is exactly the theme I've been harping on for a couple of years -- if cures are known to exist -- and many are -- we need to be using them, instead of paying through the nose for endless treatments, while the disease (whatever it is), gets worse.

More Good News on the Horizon

A new series on rampant pharmaceutical company corruption is now being published in Huffington Post. It is time for the American people to ask why this banditry is permitted by our Congress.

This gives me hope that many people are starting to see the limitations of our current system of money-driven, pharmaceutical medicine. Cures are more likely to be found in nature than in a laboratory full of synthetic chemicals.

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