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Kratom and the Wounded Veterans

Kratom and the Wounded Veterans

How Kratom Might Help Prevent Veteran Suicides

We all have probably heard by now that an average of 22 U.S. military veterans commit suicide every day. These are vets of all ages, many of whom served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. They are getting quite old and this, no doubt, plays a role in what led them to take their own life.

We have also heard of the incompetence and low quality of the medical services provided by the Veterans Administration's hospitals. It's bad enough that these men and women became injured doing a dangerous job for our country, but -- what is really galling is that our country hasn't delivered the quality medical care which these folks were promised.

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Battle Pain Killer Addiction with Kratom

Kratom and pain relief

With a society increasingly influenced by Big Pharma, the herb Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) delivers a new alternative for those people condemned to a never-ending cycle of pharmaceuticals. While pharmaceutical manufacturers scramble to protect their profit margins, a grass roots effort has been launched to increase awareness about the multifaceted benefits of Kratom. Friends, family, and social media platforms question the power of Big Pharma’s greed on mainstream drug options. Healthy alternatives are minimized in the media in favor of persuasive propaganda that benefits corporate profits and political ambition. As celebrities and loved ones continue on a downward spiral from the side-effects of antidepressants and prescription narcotics, Kratom continues to provide an alternative to the following drug types:

  • Pain Pills
  • Antidepressants
  • Muscle Relaxers
  • Sleep Aids

The public refuses to remain silent and continues to disrupt social ignorance by filming authentic testimonials favoring Kratom’s powers. The results are viral. Through individual internet searches and online forums, people struggling to move away from the harmful grasp of Oxycontin discover Kratom as a solution to their once hopeless addiction. Big Pharma is now on the defensive and cannot control public backlash as people move away from harsh mind altering chemicals in favor of natural remedies. The more Big Pharma attempts to stop this consumer revolution, the more curiosity about Kratom it encourages.

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The Mislabeling of Kratom

Product Mislabeling

This topic has been around for some time. As the industry first began a few years back, the general focus was to keep this amazing plant a secret which included labeling is as “Not for human consumption”. Vendors also loved to label Kratom as an incense which worked for quite some time. The reality of this subject is that Kratom is consumable product and to assume government bodies, such as the FDA or similar, do not know this is simply naïve. As if, when someone sitting in an FDA cubicle does a search for Kratom, that they’re not finding the same information that we’ve found.

For a moment, play the devil’s advocate on this one. Imagine that you’re in a position of governance and you see a bunch of businesses clearly mislabeling their goods in a premeditated fashion. Stating that the goods that they are selling are not for human consumption, when they clearly are. Is that worse than simply stating what the product is and does? Now, that’s the question that many consumers online are misinformed about. Reading one obscure forum post and digging in with your newly discovered opinion is just lazy.

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Kratom Myth Buster

Myths about Kratom

For all our Kratom newbies out there, let us start by busting some reoccurring Kratom myths. When it comes to Kratom many people tend to jump to conclusions; fearing what they don’t know. Although it is important to take precautions, it is also important to cipher through what is real and what is not. So let’s jump into it.  

First and foremost, Kratom is NOT illegal. The reason behind Kratom’s illegality in Thailand and Malaysia has nothing to do with Kratom itself but its interference with the opium trade. In the US mitragyna speciosa is placed on a watch list as with most food supplements but it is not illegal. Kratom’s illegality in some states also does not mean it is dangerous; officials are just too lazy to do their research. The real issue with Kratom is ignorance

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Kratom in the News

Kratom is in the news again being portrayed in a negative light. Lets remember that Doctors are Practicing medicine and are quite often fallible as seen in this channel 6 news post. What we recommend is that you stop by and post on their website your thoughts regarding this news report. It's a simple way to let their editors and other readers know that they need to spend just as much time reporting Kratom in a positive light. There are many medical doctors out there that are Pro-Kratom and where are their opinions?

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Imports, Aftermath, Conspiracies, and the Future of Kratom

Imports, Aftermath, Conspiracies, and the Future of Kratom

I wrote this article, The Small Vendor Import Situation, with a lack of sensitivity and I apologize. It was written with good intentions, hoping to quell some fears about importing Kratom, and independent of my role as President of the American Kratom Association (AKA). Susan Ash, Director of the AKA, did not see it before it was published.

I was speaking as a past owner of several small businesses, trained by the State of Oregon and U.S. Department of Commerce, with ten years' experience as a consultant. Keeping Kratom legal has become my life's work and while I'm an expert in small business, and a consumer advocate, I'm not an expert in importing Kratom. I gave advice based on my business experience and made observations on some things I believe allow vendors to weather Kratom "shipping storms." At least that's what I'd set out to do.

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Let's End the War On Human Nature

Let's End the War On Human Nature

Something I noticed this morning that makes no sense is this: The DEA, FDA, and lawmakers do not look at the vast majority of Kratom consumers, who cause no trouble at all and are virtually invisible from an enforcement standpoint. These people, who I conservatively estimate number 3 million, use the herb for pain, overcoming addiction to far more dangerous drugs, and for a variety of other health reasons.

Instead, lawmakers and regulatory agencies focus on the relatively small number of those who abuse and over-use Kratom -- often in combination with other drugs and chemicals. When these folks have a problem, lawmakers blame the herb itself -- not the fact that it is being misused by this small segment of multi-drug abusers.

Nevertheless, the DEA and the FDA approach Kratom as if it is an unregulated "drug" and must prove itself innocent, at great cost to those who wish to sell it. This cost, if it is forced on the vendors and importers of Kratom, must be passed along to the consumers, which will make Kratom unaffordable for many who need it the most -- the disabled medical consumers, for whom nothing works as well.

I will argue that treating this miraculous herb as if it is a threat to our health until proven otherwise is a baseless accusation. It is the wrong way to look at this situation.

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Educating the Public About Kratom

Educating the public about Kratom

It's a new week, and we have new fires to fight, new problems to solve -- and new friends to win to our cause -- to keep Kratom legal and affordable in all 50 states of the USA.

Just last night we had a new incident pop up on the TV news, this time from Georgia. A young college junior took his life with a .45 automatic in a gas station. His parents are blaming Kratom, but we are finding evidence that other substances are involved. (More on this as the story develops.)

Ultimately, we are fighting for our freedom to use an herb. That's all. This is something I think the Founding Fathers of our country would find ludicrous, but this is what we're doing. If we don't speak up for our rights, we will lose them.

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What Kratom Lovers Can Do To Help Save Kratom

What Kratom Lovers Can Do To Help Save Kratom

Kratom lovers can do a lot to help keep Kratom legal. In fact, we must all do our part by becoming smart, self-reliant consumers of Kratom.

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is dedicated to serving our members by educating the public and leading the effort to keep Kratom legal.

Due to the size of the job we are facing -- and the limited resources we have now -- that is all we realistically can do and do well.

Some people have the mistaken impression that we are the center for complaints about making vendors do this or that for them. "I got sick from taking so-and-so's Kratom; please do something about it for me!"

We can't solve every Kratom-related problem these people may encounter. We didn't promise to do this. And we certainly aren't funded sufficiently to be every Kratom vendor's unpaid customer service rep.

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Kratom's Opportunity for Rehab Counselors & Clinics

Kratom Basics for New Users

The use of Kratom as a catalyst for helping addicts to alcohol and/or opiates overcome their physical and psychological withdrawal is one of the herb's many positive uses. Many are doing this every day in online Facebook and other groups with the support of their peers, most of whom have been through the process already.

It is exciting to watch a "newbie" join a group, inquire what strains and dosages are best, learn where to get free samples or to buy good quality Kratom -- and then, within a few days to take their first taste of the magic elixir that will set them free. With their new online friends sitting around, in other parts of the world, waiting to hear how they are feeling, often they message back as their withdrawal pain recedes and they realize this time, "Quitting is going to work!"

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