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There can be two versions of Kratom

There can be Versions of Kratom

Kratom has been dominating the news lately. The argument is whether or not to keep it a legal food supplement or move it into a scheduled category of narcotics. We don’t seem to be hearing anything in regards to a compromise. A compromise which satisfies all parties concerned.

What we’re seeing now is knee jerk reaction which is not uncommon to food supplements. Many may be unaware of how many household items have gone through this. For example, Ginko Biloba had its challenges. Most vitamin supplements that we all buy weekly at the local market have had challenges. Don’t believe what you hear, verify my last statement by going here.

There are 2 sides to every debate, in regards to Kratom it can be quite confusing. On one side, you have those who seem to be regurgitating misinformation instead of doing their own research and writing about it. On the other side, you have responsible professionals with journalistic integrity, covering a story from an unbiased stand point. This is something that we see every day. A story begins in a small town with huge viewership potential, it’s covered by a local news source which gets a call from a state or national source and the next thing you know, you have a national news story which has been aggregated through the chain, straight to your favorite mobile app. The real challenge is filtering through real, fake and copied or trimmed down news, which is made available to us, in many cases, through a Social Media post.

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Does Kratom - By Itself - Cause Seizures?

Does Kratom - By Itself - Cause Seizures?

Many of Kratom's medicinal consumers use the botanical for pain caused by one or more conditions, but some of these same people also are afflicted with epilepsy and seizures from brain injuries, such as chiari malformation. In chatting online with a group of these folks, their opinion is that Kratom does not make their condition worse and some say they have had no more seizures since they began taking Kratom.

Many Mainstream Medical Professionals Say Kratom Is Associated with or "Causes" Seizures -- So, What are We to Believe?

I will be the first to admit that the positive testimonials I have heard are the unverified personal experiences of Kratom consumers. This data was gathered from a small group of folks who have had seizures. I make no claim that this is proof of Kratom's safety and it is certainly not advice for anyone to base a decision whether they or a family member should take Kratom, especially if they have had seizures in the past.

Having said all this, I did look at several of the published, peer-reviewed studies, based on which the FDA, DEA, and others claim that Kratom causes seizures -- and I found several of these studies to be very sloppy science.

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A Modest Proposal for Ending the Opiate Addiction Epidemic

A modest proposal for ending the opiate addiction epidemic

When there is a health crisis like the epidemic of opioid drug addiction, which has even morphed in many cases into a heroin addiction epidemic, why must the solution be limited to another synthetic drug?

To the general public, especially those victims of the addiction epidemic, this looks like a "gimme" to the pharmaceutical industry. We have a perfectly acceptable, uniquely affordable and time-tested product being used right now, called Kratom. The FDA is well aware of it. I have heard from an industry insider (Michael McGuffin) that the FDA's concern with legal Kratom is its addiction potential.

No, that's not a joke!

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Let's Analyze Another Critical Article About Kratom

Lets Analyze Another Critical Article About Kratom

The American people are increasingly being treated like sheep. Reports are presented on the TV and other news media that falsely portray kratom -- the leaf of the tree Mitragyna Speciosa from Southeast Asia -- as the new replacement for Spice and Bath Salts. To those who have experienced kratom, it is nothing of the kind.

This report, from a doctor of pharmacy, is the subject of my blog today.

Where are the reports of the good that kratom is doing for millions of moderate consumers, who find it more gentle and superior to addictive prescription drugs?

Stories gleaned from DEA "fact sheet" are reported uncritically as fact -- as if everyone abuses kratom to the point of hallucinations, delirium, opioid-like effects, such as sedation, nausea, constipation, and itching. (Has anyone experienced hallucinations from their use of kratom?)

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Kava Bars of the East Coast

Kava Bars of the East Coast

Kava Bars -- the New Trend in U.S. Social Life

The emergence of Kava Bars represents, in part, the divergence of the U.S. population into tribes. We are no longer a "One Style Fits All" society.

Maybe it's a longing to go back to a simpler time of shared values and small community living -- a way to experience that dream lifestyle of a tropical island in a sea of big city stress. Yes, that's a big part of it, but far from the whole story.

Maybe the Kava bar reflects our subconscious urge to insulate ourselves from the "crazies" who bring violence into once-sacrosanct places of peace and community. Random mass murders in public spaces -- theaters, schools, military bases -- have led many Americans to shun places where stressed-out people (often using prescription anxiety meds and antidepressants) may congregate.

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Kratom Faces a New Challenge in New Jersey

Kratom Faces a New Challenge in New Jersey

Kratom faces another new state regulation and possible ban in New Jersey. State Assemblyman Ron Dancer is slated to introduce legislation that would prohibit the sale, possession and use of Kratom.

It seems likely that Assemblyman Dancer doesn't understand the vast difference between Kratom plants that are pure and naturally occurring; and Kratom that has been adulterated with synthetic compounds (we'll call this spiked Kratom). Though relatively rare, spiked Kratom is sadly and most often marketed as "legal highs," causing all this confusion and we would like to see these taken off the market as much as he does.

When Dancer says his legislation is intended to "help prevent another drug crisis like the current heroin epidemic in Monmouth and Ocean counties," he must be referring to something other than the Kratom tree. Kratom, as we know, is sought most by people seeking it for its medicinal benefits, not a "legal high."

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The Easiest Way to End an Addiction to Opiates

The Easiest Way To End An Addiction to Opiates

Quitting Opiates, Opioids, Heroin, or even Alcohol Is Much Easier with the Herb Kratom.

Quitting any addiction -- but especially opiates -- is a greatly feared occasion. Many people put if off indefinitely, until they run out and can get no more. There is no need to postpone quitting, though, if Kratom is available.

Most of us know we should quit, but doing without pain relief is something we avoid at all costs. This can get very costly in terms of friends lost, trust in us lost, money, and loss of self-respect -- all sacrificed in hopes of avoiding the agony of withdrawal.

Then, too, it's not just the return of the original chronic pain, if that's why we started. It the pain of ripping that monkey off our back -- that's the nightmare we're avoiding.

When we look carefully at our experience on heroin or synthetic opiates, such as Oxycontin, Hydrocodone, Percocets -- the drug has often become less effective over time and is hardly a better alternative to constant pain. Toward the end, when we are firmly addicted, there is little relief left in it. It has become just a matter of avoiding the pain we know that awaits us if we run out or are cut off by our doctor.

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How Can Kratom Be a Stimulant, Sedative, and Hallucinogen, Too?

Stimulating or Sedating

How Can Kratom Be Both a Stimulant and a Sedative? And maybe even psychedelic, too?

"Most people describe the effects as stimulating and euphoric at lower doses, becoming sedative at higher doses. This is probably explained by the fact that Mitragynine stimulates the delta opioid receptors when used in small quantities, but tends to increasingly stimulate mu opioid receptors when used in larger quantities. These are the same receptors that are stimulated when using opiate drugs."

Source: http://www.mitragyna.com/en/Kratom-effects

Any truth to the rumor spread by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) that Kratom is a hallucinogen?

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What May Save Kratom

What may save Kratom

What may save Kratom from those who wish to ban it is something every one of us can do. Share it with someone who is looking for something that Kratom can do.

We need to be selective, because pushing some strange herb on people who aren't looking -- who aren't frustrated with their current situation -- will cause them to put up their invisible mental barrier and "tune you out".

There are all kinds of opportunities in today's America, where -- if we are lucky enough to have a job, we are probably working harder than ever to make up for the layoffs done to keep our business competitive in what is honestly still a very tight economy. So, there are plenty of opportunities to casually share this amazing jungle energy tonic with co-workers who complain that they're tired or their back is hurting them.

Want to know where the biggest, largely untapped opportunity for sharing Kratom is hiding? It is in the many returning veterans of Irag and Afghanistan, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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Kratom - Let's Hope North Carolina Values Freedom More than Alabama

Kratom - Let's Hope North Carolina Values Freedom More than Alabama

The folks running the show in Alabama had a very successful technique for ignoring any science we brought to the table. We should call it, "Don't confuse us with the facts!" Kratom advocates were treated like liars, called "druggies", and were assumed to be lying to preserve access to their "fix".

Promoters of the ban in Alabama SB226 said nothing about the well-researched Florida Department of Law Enforcement report on the actual impact of Kratom on Florida in terms of law enforcement and public health. The impact was essentially zero.

Those pushing this bad bill just kept hammering away at their fear-mongering points: It hits the opioid receptors; children are abusing "Kratom"(but they meant Vivazen) and staggering around, acting crazy; they claimed there was someone in the hospital dying from Kratom -- all anecdotal evidence and hearsay, which would not be given any credence in a court of law.

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