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The Power of Kratom Supporters Working Together

The Power of Kratom Supporters Working Together

There is a lesson to be learned from the successes the American Kratom Association, together with its members and its partners, have accomplished recently. The lesson is that, by using coordinated educational campaigns to show lawmakers the benefits that Kratom is providing people in their state, we are able to keep Kratom legal almost every time. This is a simple process of presenting scientific facts and clearing up misrepresentations about this botanical. It is changing minds and the direction of our national conversation about Kratom.

This year, our work again started in Florida, where Representative Kristin Jacobs filed the same bill she was forced to withdraw last year. Ironically, a report that she requested from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) at the end of last year's session came back with some very supportive conclusions for Kratom and was provided to all the members of the Florida legislature.

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Mitragyna Speciosa -- My Little Energy Tree

Mitragyna Speciosa My Little Energy Tree

Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as Kratom, is my favorite source of energy. Better than a cup of coffee, it perks me up.

A growing number of Americans feel the same way.

Mitragyna can be made as a tea or taken in powdered form, straight down the hatch with a chaser of water, coffee, grapefruit, or tomato juice. Some people mix it in smoothies, yogurt, or applesauce to conceal the taste.

I don't care about the flavor -- it doesn't last long, but the effects last for hours.

I was raised on coffee before school, but I got to a point in my mid-thirties where coffee wasn't doing the job it used to do. This was before ADD and ADHD was a favorite diagnosis that teachers forced on overly energetic schoolkids, so I was never compelled to take their sit-still drugs. Thank God!

Coffee was unpredictable in its strength. Tea was kinda weak.

Most times -- after a brief period of increased vigilance -- coffee would leave me yawning. Other times, too much would leave me wanting to climb the walls, angry, and edgy -- not really alert hours later, but unable to sleep.

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Kratom - A Creative Solution to America's Addiction Epidemic

Kratom -- A Creative Solution to America's Addiction Epidemic

Kratom, that mysterious herb that evening news reporters urge us to fear, is actually doing a better job at ending opioid drug addiction than pricey drug rehab stays ever could. Why is there so much blind opposition to what is clearly American ingenuity at work?

The Answer Is Obvious: Money! Conventional Drug Rehab is Big Business with 40-60% Return Customers.

In the USA, painkiller addiction usually starts with a visit to the doctor. Addiction should be no surprise when we have so many painful conditions for which the medical profession has no cures. Primarily, doctors rely on pain relieving opioid drugs to ease the symptoms. Many patients manage to walk the fine line of dependence and avoid addiction, but others, for a variety of reasons, do not succeed at this tightrope act.

The widespread use of Kratom is merely a populist response to a massive problem that is not being addressed in a user-friendly fashion. We have no clear idea of how much Kratom use is medicinal and how much is recreational, but the medicinal users are more in need of a voice. They have a compelling story that is not being told -- and they stand to lose a lot, as a result, if Kratom is banned.

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Some Good News About Kratom

Some Good News About Kratom

Finally, we are beginning to grow our standing in professional groups and with individuals who have been our adversaries until recently.

Yes, I'm well aware that we have a new battle -- once again! -- in Florida. This time, the legislature is taking up the question of banning Kratom sales and use statewide. This would be a bad precedent for other states and the USA, as a whole.

We need to keep those comments and phone calls coming to the Florida House of Representatives, and keep signing petitions circulated by the Botanical Legal Defense, please! It doesn't matter where in the United States you live, please let Florida lawmakers know this is a bad course of action.

Let them know you'll never take the kids to Disney World again (even if you hadn't planned to). Be polite, but let them know this is a bad move and will hurt vacationers with chronic pain and conditions that are best treated with Kratom.

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Ian Mautner's Suicide and Kratom -- Any Connection?

Ian Mautner's Suicide and Kratom. Any Connection?

What does the suicide of Ian Mautner tell us about Kratom? Can we draw any worthwhile conclusions because one young man chooses to kill himself while under the influence of antidepressants, caffeine, Kratom, and an anti-seizure medication?

Why Blame Kratom?

Kratom is used daily by millions of Americans for chronic pain, anxiety, fatigue, depression, blood-sugar control and to produce a general feeling of well-being without impairment. If it causes suicide, why aren't we seeing more suicides? Instead, among the converts to Kratom, we hear stories of a renewed enjoyment of life, after years of wanting to die while they took antidepressants.

It is ridiculous that we are hearing Ian Mautner's story all over again! This story is a "red herring" left to distract the public from the significant issues that should be discussed concerning pharmaceutical vs. naturally-occurring remedies for depression.

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Has Kratom been found to carry medicinal value?

Has Kratom been found to carry medicinal value?

If you’ve happened to keep up with the media’s reports on Kratom over the last year, you may have noticed one similar, recurring statement in all of them that sounds something like “Kratom has not been found to carry any medicinal value.” How could this possibly be? These news and government organizations are trying to tell me that despite the use of this plant for 100’s of years and the countless success stories that can be found on the internet today for its multiple uses, not a single person has thought to actually test Kratom out in a laboratory setting? No way I say, so I took it upon myself to figure this out. About 60 seconds later I found a site with 10 different research papers written over the last 30 years, which I’ve linked to at the bottom of this article. Reading through them, I found out quite a bit of interesting information.

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Flakka Is the Predictable Consequence of an Earlier Prohibition

Flakka Is the Predictable Consequence of an Earlier Prohibition

Seeing Flakka As the Predictable Consequence of Banning Marijuana

Please Note: This is my own personal opinion and is not an official position of the American Kratom Association.

By banning marijuana 78 years ago, consequences are showing up today in the form of really dangerous drugs like Flakka. Kratom, which is nothing like marijuana in its effects, is also threatened with a ban because of confusion in the minds of many police and lawmakers over the small possibility that some may be adulterated, with chemicals like Flakka, just to slip it by the eyes of the law.

Some, at the FDA and elsewhere, also fret that kratom is habit-forming -- Oooooh! -- just like it's dangerous relative, the coffee bean!

The confusion over the true nature of kratom has sprung up due to the repeated reference to inaccurate talking points published by the FDA and DEA and repeated by newscasters, who do no independent fact-checking to determine if they are true.

I have discussed some of the laughable exaggerations and false claims made by the FDA/DEA here.

There is a simple solution to this complex problem: Cut it off at the root. Reverse the ban on cannabis, let kratom be itself, and prosecute those who sell adulterated kratom.

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Kratom for Beauty and Health

Kratom for Beauty and Health

Almost every person, whether man or woman; has struggled with skin care issues on occasion. It can be a battle to find products that are good for your skin. Skin type, complexion, and underlying health issues must all be factored in when deciding how to care for the largest organ on the human body; our skin. Often-times hundreds of dollars are spent trying to correct issues that are never fully resolved. The solution may very well lie in a holistic alternative to the average beauty product. Kratom beauty and skin care products have been reported to benefit skin tone, complexion, muscle aches, and overall well-being.

To begin with, I have been using Kratom beauty products for over a month and I have noticed a considerable difference in my skin. The Kratom soap I purchased from Kratom Fairy Bath & Body cleared up patches of itchy, dry skin. I also noticed a difference in the muscle aches I experience because of my chronic fatigue syndrome. My skin tone has evened out a bit as well, and the only change I made was switching my soap. Angie Metzener, owner of Angie’s Astrology on Facebook had great things to say about her Kratom soap as well, “I’ve been using it on my face. It seems to be helping the dry patches and clearing any breakouts I’ve been getting.”

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The Small Vendor Import Situation

The Small Vendor Import Situation

Thoughts and Rumors On the Kratom Import Situation

The kratom community online has been under fire from several directions recently. A number of dubious anonymous and hired sources of disinformation, impossible to vett, have been thrown into the conversation surrounding the question, "What the hell is going on with imports?"

Some vendors are having no problem receiving their shipments, while others -- who think they are equally diligent at following the FDA's published rules -- are having shipments held up on seemingly political or other procedural grounds.

Could The Troubled Vendors Be Missing Some Key Fact?

One factor in the FDA's displeasure at seeing so much kratom arriving in the United States, was mentioned plainly in the most recent FDA update of Import Alert 54-15. It noted that the FDA is now watching Facebook for evidence of which importers are selling kratom for human consumption, a use of the herb that the FDA has not yet approved.

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Why Does the U.S. Allow Medical Banditry?

Why Does the U.S. Allow Medical Banditry?

Paying the Price of Freedom.

I would like to see an old custom in our country brought back: The freedom to take whatever you want into your body, so long as you're prepared to be responsible for the consequences. No more whining to the state or federal government that someone poisoned you or gave you a tummy ache. This puts the responsibility for doing some accurate research back on us. It's a big task, but I do it all the time now and my health is better than those who let the average MD do their research for them.

Obviously, businesses selling Kratom must guarantee that their product is not adulterated with other substances, or contaminated with microbial organisms. That might give the FDA something legitimate to do, or it could be guaranteed by private testing agencies.

This practice of self-responsibility -- if it was brought back -- would bring about big changes in American society. I think it would be a very good thing.

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