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American Kratom Association Testifies Before Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board

American Kratom Association Testifies Before Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board

Today (August 14, 2015), Executive Director of the American Kratom Association, Susan Ash, testified before the Wisconsin Controlled Substances Board, urging them to consider removing Kratom from their Schedule I list. Upon the conclusion of the meeting, no decisions had been made, but we are hopeful the board will make the right choice.

Read Susan Ash’s testimony here

Along with Susan, Wisconsin Kratom consumer Kerry Biggs also testified at the meeting to tell her experience with Kratom.

Read Kerry’s Testimony here

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Speaking the Language of Kratom Freedom

Speaking the Language of Kratom Freedom

Adolf Hitler's minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, is quoted as saying, "“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

So, when TV newscasters tell us that Kratom is a synthetic chemical and warn that, it is only a matter of time before it kills someone, they are using the same technique, whether they intend to or not.

To them and their station manager, the truth is less important than a catchy sound bite. And besides, often they are quoting from the DEA or some local drug rehab center manager, who are incorrectly stating the facts.

Besides, they may think, "The end justifies the means of achieving it." In a War Against Drugs, isn't it more important that we prevent people from using drugs, than it is to be concerned with the "unimportant" details of scientific reports?

The DEA considers Kratom a "drug" and they believe that all drugs that aren't FDA-approved are bad, so it is not important to them how they speak about substances nobody at the FDA or DEA has taken the time to open-mindedly research.

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Ending Our Unhealthy Infatuation with Big Pharma

Ending Our Unhealthy Infatuation with Big Pharma

It's Time to End Our Infatuation with Pharmaceuticals. Kratom is the place to start.

Our politicians are so enamored with Big Pharma's money and power, they fail to notice that our nation's health has been slipping in many areas to third-world quality.

Even the rich and famous are addicted to pain meds because it's more profitable to treat the symptoms than to cure diseases that were cured decades ago in farm animals.

Here's the business model of the pharmaceutical industry in a nutshell: Treat every symptom with a separate drug, while the disease continues to progress undaunted. Most of the drugs used are quietly destroying other organs and bodily systems, so the MD can start working on them with more drugs.

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An excuse for crushing Kratom

An excuse for crushing Kratom

Last year, Americans spent an estimated $374 billion on prescription drugs, up 13 percent from the year before. These drugs include OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet and others that the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for sale without regard to their potential for abuse.

Meanwhile, the “potential for abuse” was used for many years to block even a discussion of the possible medical benefits of cannabis. And now federal officials are using it again to attack another potential natural remedy, Kratom.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), which derives from a tree that grows in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, has been found to reduce pain, lessen dependence on opiates, and work as a mild stimulant in low doses.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration considers Kratom a “drug of concern.” The FDA calls it “dangerous.”

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AKA Rules of the Road to Permanent Legality

AKA Rules of the Road to Permanent Legality

The American Kratom Association was launched on Facebook and so much of our work is done there, especially while our website undergoes a major, exciting overhaul. Doing advocacy work on Facebook has its good points and its bad. Lately, we've had some "people" who are obviously Trolls, there only to create drama and waste the time of everyone who gets involved defending us and our work.

If they have already been booted out of the AKA closed group because of argumentative and other time-wasting, negative activities, they just find another Kratom audience and start talking smack about our organization and the people involved. It is near impossible to sit back and watch people we know working so hard for us all be attacked, troll or not. But sometimes we have to, to focus and get our work done.

Some people think that risking Kratom potentially being banned is worth tearing down the people doing the most work to save it. My guess is they are suspicious of the AKA since we’re still new and the idea of a non-profit working so hard to fight for something vendors make millions off of, or they are trying to "corner the market" and become the face of Kratom, the Go-to Guy or Gal.

Maybe they’re even working for the opposition, purposefully trying to distract us from our mission.

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A Warning to Vendors

A Warning to Vendors

I need to talk to Kratom vendors, large and small today. I must warn vendors and importers that the FDA in some regions has been seizing Kratom from very conscientious vendors who have merely posted a link to one of my articles on their web site.

When I call these vendors conscientious, I refer to their reading of the FDA rules and regulations and, in some cases, even hiring the top consultants to help them do their business the way the FDA will allow. This doesn't seem to be enough to please the FDA.

The problem is an extension of the FDA's efforts to restrict the freedom of speech on vendors. This makes it hard for vendors to properly educate their customers, especially newbies who can't understand why there is no dosing information, etc., on your web sites where you sell the herb. This, of course, is protecting the monopoly that has been granted to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Will Kentucky Mistake a Gift Horse for a Trojan Horse?

Kentucky mistakes a gift horse for a Trojan Horse

Appalachia (Kentucky in particular) has an addiction problem. The lack of jobs and abundance of opioids have teamed up to create the nation's highest rate of acute Hepatitis C infection. Now the state seems to be gearing up to ban Kratom.

It is the fear of terrible withdrawal experience that often leads addicts to find any way to continue using opiates rather than quit them, which many would love to do. Kratom makes it possible to quit opiates with virtually no withdrawal and at little expense.

Paradoxically, Kratom Is Nature's Solution to Kentucky's Addiction Epidemic

Kratom has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia, where it grows both wild and cultivated, to ease the withdrawal from opium and heroin. Oddly, the government of Thailand banned the Kratom trees in 1943 because Kratom was reducing the opium addiction there, thus cutting the Thai government's tax revenue.

Once again, Kratom cuts into someone's revenue and an emotional plea goes out across the airwaves, "Save our children from this foreign peril!"

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Kratom Accused of Causing Another Suicide

Kratom accused of causing another suicide

Does Kratom Cause Suicide or Prevent It?

The last time Kratom was accused of causing another young man in his 20s to commit suicide, there were other legally prescribed drugs involved. Two of them had suicide warnings, listed among the side-effects. A coroner, who reviewed the medical literature on Kratom, declared that Kratom was not at fault.

Now, Kratom is again accused, but this time, the media is rushing to pass judgement -- even before the medical examiner has completed the toxicology report.

Most of the people who are familiar with Kratom would probably laugh at the notion that this herb, which has known antidepressant activity, could be suggested as the cause of a young man's recent suicide. This is the second suicide where a mother has blamed her son's death on his addiction to Kratom -- another questionable topic I'll take up in a future blog.

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Kratom and the Future of Drug Rehab Centers

Kratom and the Future of Drug Rehabilitation Centers

The 12-Step organizations that handle -- or should I say try to handle -- alcoholics and drug addicts with an amazing lack of success are forgetting their roots. They are, as you probably know, almost universally down on Kratom -- although this is slowly beginning to change among the more open-minded business owners.

One of the most vocal anti-Kratom forces is the recovery community which mistakes former drug addicts' use of Kratom as a form of backsliding.

In drug-facilitated recovery centers and walk-in clinics, Kratom is hated for the same reason -- and yet, they place their patients on drugs like suboxone and methadone, that are much harder to quit than heroin itself.

What Kind of "Recovery" Is That?

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We're Looking For A Community Moderator

We're looking for a community moderator

Hello Kratom Lovers!!!

The Community Moderator will ensure the online community is a safe, engaging, and active place to learn and share information on Kratom. This person will navigate a web of multiple personalities and conversations to maintain a high quality experience for our Kratom Community. He/She will rely on personal experience with social networks and online communities to understand user behavior and respond appropriately. A strong predictor of success for the Community Moderator is the ability to problem solve, research useful information on Kratom and communicate clearly.

This is a full time role. We are looking for excited individuals to work.

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