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Broward Battle, a Temporary Victory

Broward County - Kratom ruled Safe

We won another victory this week when the Broward County, Florida, commissioners voted to postpone any decision on banning kratom while more information on the safety is being researched.

I feel like generally we are getting our message across to open-minded individuals, but there continue to be those who are against kratom, no matter what evidence we present them. Either they can't read or they won't read -- and the result is the same for both. This, I predict, will be a long fight and a hard one.

Past victories in Chicago, Arizona, and Oklahoma -- aided by the Botanical Legal Defense -- are encouraging, but they are no guarantee of easy future successes as we fight this issue county by county and state by state. Anytime someone proposes a major change in the status quo that affects the power players' income, we are going to have a lot of persistent lobbying, arguing, and convincing to do.

When you come to see how we and the people we know and love are being KILLED and INJURED by the products and also the incorrect information about our health that are being spread by the pharmaceutical industry, you may become as determined as I am about winning this fight.

The battle for our natural right to use kratom is only a small part of what we are fighting for. It is a very important part, though! The whole concept that governments can use force to make people do or not do things to themselves that hurt no-one else is nuts.

If we choose to use herbs, based on our own study of the benefits and dangers of the herb, that should not be any concern of the state -- as long as we accept the responsibility for our own behavior.

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