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We have been in business for over 7 years and have an exemplary track record for customer service, quality, and safety. Hundreds of other vendors have come and go in that time, but we are still solid as ever.

Many people assume that all kratom is the same. However, that is far from the truth. Most kratom is sourced from Indonesia, but there are some important differences. We work with harvesters and processors directly to make sure our kratom is sustainably harvested from mature leaves to ensure the highest potency available. We are absolutely committed to taking care of our customers. Unlike many kratom vendors, we are available to answer questions or take orders over the phone. 12-5 pm Pacific time, M-F.

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Vendor Questions and Answers


Q: What year did you begin?

A:We've been going strong since 2011.

Q: What was your motivation for starting your company?

A: We both (we are a family company, two brothers) had very positive life changes because of kratom and believe it's something that can really help people. We wanted to share our positive experiences as well as provide excellent customer service and transparency in a market that (especially at the time) was very murky and lacking good communication and quality control.

Q: What are your future plans for the company?

A:To keep taking care of our customers and to grow organically based on the strength of our service and products.

Q: What separates your company from others like yours?

A: We've always put communication and customer service as #1. Many other companies do not have a direct phone line and are slow to respond. We also offer reliably fast shipping. We ship same day for all orders placed before 2 PM pacific. Another thing is our product selection. When we started nearly 10 years ago, most kratom was wild and strain names actually reflected the area where it was picked. Nowadays, most kratom is actually farmed and strain names often do not as accurately reflect origin or quality. Many vendors will have a big list of strains but the potency is extremely inconsistent, even between batches of the same strain. We've opted to keep a smaller list of products but to maintain a very high level of potency and consistency. You can order any of our strains and rest assured you won't get any duds.

Q: What are your top 5 products and why?

A: 1. Red Dragon Blend We actually were the very first company to sell Red Dragon - we coined the term. It was originally an extremely strong Thai strain. Other vendors copied the name (no doubt because people were asking for it) and eventually it became a very common strain name, though without any real consistency to what it was. While the original Thai strain has been long unavailable, we've recreated it as a blend. It has the warmth and longevity of a red but with a bit of a fiery 'top note'.

2. Kalimantan Red Vein Kalimantan/Borneo kratom is ubiquitous of course, but there is nothing like a high quality Kali Red. Ours is always nice and potent.

3. Green Maeng Da Another strain name that is often slapped on any old green vein. Ours is exactly like Maeng Da should be. Slightly energizing and potent. Our Maeng Da is often used by other vendors to increase the potency of lesser strains. We keep it undiluted.

4. Super Duper Blend The name started as a joke but it has come to live up to the hype. Probably our strongest kratom product. This contains red, green, and white vein strains and is definitely more than the sum of it's parts.

5. Working Man's Maeng Da This is another one with a story! Long time kratom heads will remember (and likely miss!) the original, 'True' Maeng Da. Back in the early days, it was extremely potent and extremely expensive. We created a blend with 50% Maeng Da that was intended to maintain the aroma while keeping the cost more reasonable. While things have changed since then, the blend has proved very popular.


Q: What specials do you offer?

A: We offer occasional sales to registered customers and we also have bulk discounts. We offer competitive prices in general. We also have a referral bonus. Please contact us directly if you'd like to inquire about bulk discounts as they are not shown on the website. Here's a coupon for 10% off ! ILK2020

Q: Tell us more about your customer service?

A: We truly care about our customers and we're known for having the best customer service in the industry. We have a direct phone line and we're available to call or text 12-5 pm, M-F (and we'll usually return texts outside of business hours). We are very fast to respond and we always take care of any issues that may arise quickly. We know that getting your order reliably and on time is important and we take that very seriously. We enjoy making personal connections with our customers and are lucky to consider many of them friends..

Q: Are your cGMP certified?

A: We are a relatively small business, just 2 people handling all the sales and shipping. GMP certification is prohibitively expensive for the size of our business.

Q: Tell us about any awards or certifications your company has received?

A: We serve a smaller but extremely loyal group of customers and as such we've flown a little under the radar. I think we like it that way to be honest....

Q: Tell us your company's story?

A: Since the day we started in 2011, we've been invested in helping people overcome negative and destructive habits. Both of us have a background in herbal medicine and natural health and we were amazed when we discovered the positive impact kratom could have on people who had issues with opiates. We realized that there was an opportunity to help get the word out to people who were struggling as well as to provide a level of communication and service that was nearly impossible to find at the time. We were blessed to find and expand our loyal customer base over the years and we've been trucking along ever since. Though the kratom industry has exploded since 2011, we've preferred to stay focused on what we think is important and have stayed somewhat out of the fray. And it's worked for us - thousands of vendors have come and gone in these years and we're as steady as ever. Our simple values of communication, service, and consistently good products will never go out of style. 

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